Here, it is also called interstellar battlefield, because there are several creatures fighting for resources at all times, and the whole vast and vast star world is like a huge battlefield …

The tenth volume The interstellar battlefield spirit world.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-seven Interstellar battlefield
"Two saint adults transport ship will resist the base in 20 minutes, please get ready before landing. There may be some vibration in the transport ship, but don’t worry, these are normal phenomena …"
After being sent away from the trial tower, Qin Changfeng didn’t come yet, and a soft waxy tender female voice sounded in her ear.
When I regained my sight, I saw a female officer in a straight white military uniform with a charming smile on her face. Her figure was quite convex and snowy. Her skin was 1.75 meters tall, her knees were high and her breasts were towering. A pair of military skirts with slender legs like a queen set off what is called seduction.
Key to the ear and a pair of furry long ears!
It is no exaggeration to say that it was born to arouse human male desire.
At this time, Qin Changfeng’s mind also sounded the brain sound.
"Tester No.333, the purpose of your advanced war in progress-the dark cloud star M1232, the three-armed serpent constellation in the interstellar universe, the western front line number of the planet, L2451, the victory condition of the central base, guarding the base for 4 hours until reinforcements arrive or the front battlefield wins, and the enemy retreats! If the base is broken before the trial, the tester can choose to return to the trial tower directly after the failure of the advanced war, or stay and continue the battle. Four hours after arrival, helping the imperial army win the battle can also win the advanced war! "
"The central base of L2451 belongs to Fengling Empire. Twenty-three members of the Interstellar Domain Science and Technology Alliance of the Empire rank 19th, and it is also a test tower. The Empire is currently competing for a large crystal ore vein with the Spirit clan of M1232 planet, thus showing this face-to-face battle."
"This campaign is tentatively scheduled as one of the three most important fortresses in the western front of the central base, L2451, the left-wing main of the central army, and the defensive counterattack of the western front of the central war zone."
"Warning that the campaign is insignificant in the whole large domain, a remote battlefield theory, and neither side will have starships and war weapons with strength evaluation exceeding that of generals, but this is not a fantasy world, but a real world. Try to predict that all unexpected moments may happen!"
"Warning Spirit clan war light tribe behind the master trial tower in hostile No.2 trial tower by the other party may also send testers to war! But the rank level will not exceed the rank of captain! "
"Warn the experimenter that the world identity comes from the mysterious holy land, and master the powerful personal power. The saint is greatly respected and has a considerable degree of particularity, but please try to be self-disciplined. Don’t arbitrarily damage the image of the holy land, and don’t reveal the trial tower, otherwise law enforcement will appear and severely punish!"
"It shows that this advanced warfare is extremely open. In addition to your own strength, you can try to make contributions in other aspects or win by unconventional means!"
"The more enemies you kill in the battle, the greater the contribution, and the higher the final evaluation, the higher the reward!"
"Show the world that its detailed information has been sent to the tester’s mind, please check it yourself …"
After listening to all the instructions carefully and then going through the information department of the mind again, Qin Changfeng can be regarded as having a relatively complete understanding of all aspects of this advanced war in the spiritual world and this interstellar domain.
With a deep shock, Qin Changfeng soon drew a general outline in his mind.
First of all, the whole spiritual world is divided into domains, and the principle of dividing domains will never happen. At present, Qin Changfeng knows that there are interstellar domains, ghosts and ghosts, and so on.
Qin Changfeng’s way of birth of each large domain is unknown, but it can also be guessed that it should be derived from bearing beads like the mortal world, but compared with the mortal world, the large domains of the spiritual world are all connected together. After a long period of reproduction and change, it is natural that every domain is more prosperous than the vast scene.
Each big domain has its own characteristics. For example, the interstellar domain is the master of strengthening science, technology and biochemistry, and the quotations are the masters of spirits and soul creatures, while the Yuanxiu realm is naturally the master of Xuangong practice …
Third, although the strength limit is higher than that of the mortal world, not all people are born with innate strength, even the newborn babies in Yuanxiu are as weak as those in mortal world, and there is not much difference except that they are gifted.
In fact, every powerful force in the fourth spiritual world has a trial tower shadow, most of which are the pillars of faith, the spiritual holy land way, the Fengling Empire and the No.23 trial tower example. The imperial royal family controls secular power and army, while the holy land controls God and high-end combat power.
However, the strong in quality respects the strong in the world, but the real masters in the conan the destroyer world are still the holy places. Those who want to try the holy places can easily change dynasties.
However, this violent turmoil will obviously affect the strength of the empire, so it is possible for the enemy to seize the opportunity and beat it up. Most of the time, the indigenous palm will respectfully serve the holy land, and the latter will not do anything too outrageous.
Finally, there is a preferential period equivalent to novice protection for latecomers like Trial Tower 23 in the rules of major trial towers.
For example, if the overall strength of this interstellar large-scale stroke spirit empire is put in the central battlefield, it is equivalent to the slag level being crushed to ashes.
However, the big three-armed star of the Empire allows the same level of forces to enter the exhibition struggle. Those top forces are neither allowed to compete here nor can they see this place. Their goal is the center of the big domain … That piece is shrouded in a dark nebula and mysteriously says that there is a gateway to the Kingdom!
A place like Three-Armed Star is actually a novice village, which is dedicated to the development and growth of trial towers like No.2 and No.23, which will be started later.
This is not a special case of the interstellar domain, it has such a place in a large domain, otherwise the spiritual root would not have these follow-up trials.
And this time a captain level advanced warfare is equivalent to let them experience the spirit world battle before coming.
"Two saints’ adults have the last five minutes left, and the transport ship will arrive at the base. When they come, Nana and Sister Moon Fox will be the exclusive secrets of the two adults. If you have any questions and needs, you can tell us …"
Another charming and soft voice brought Qin Changfeng back to reality. When Qin Changfeng opened his eyes, he saw the female officer like the royal sister. I don’t know when there was another girl wearing the same military uniform and combing two ponytails. The breasts reminded Qin Changfeng that she had not seen Yilinluo for a long time.
At this time, if Jade, the unlucky child, can’t wait to walk over and say "Hello Nana, my name is Ruoyu, you can just call me Brother Stone …"
"This can’t be done. Nana will be punished if she offends the saint."
"No, just say that I asked you to shout like this. Who dares to punish you?"
"Well, brother Stone …"
Looking at the girl being held hands by jade, Qin Changfeng’s three views are completely destroyed. The key is that this smelly little girl doesn’t forget to take a proud look at him.
When Qin Changfeng was about to turn his head to protect the three views, the transport ship suddenly trembled with the cabin, and a very strange buzz sounded. At the same time, the red signal light flashed wildly and was mixed with the urgent alarm.
"Damn it, how can there be a Spirit pirate ship here!"
"We can’t escape when everyone is ready to land."
"Leena and Moon Fox Lieutenant, you two take good care of the two saints, such as ensuring that they land safely. If necessary, you can parachute before waiting for rescue …"
A middle-aged male voice from the broadcasting system seems to be an urgent order from the captain of this transport ship.
Qin Changfeng looked out through the sealed window of the transport ship and saw a strange metal flying object about five meters long, similar to a U-shaped mouthpiece, rushing from the rear and flashing blue and white light at both ends of the U-shape, and then a white beam suddenly flashed out and instantly bombarded the side armor of the transport ship.
The astral clan in Qin Changfeng’s memory is really similar to the pirate ship attacking the unit, not only in appearance but also in attack mode.
It’s very fast and flexible. Even though the transport ship has rapidly turned to the rear of the orange tail flame for the first time, it has turned out two arc trajectories alive, but this golden pirate ship is as light as if it has no inertia, and it sticks to the front of the transport ship in turn.
The hard alloy shell armor of the transport ship is bombarded by that kind of light beam once, which will leave a dark shallow pit. Although a single attack seems to cause devastating damage to the transport ship, the attack speed is amazing, almost every two or three seconds.
It is certain that the transport ship will be destroyed at this speed!
The sad reminder is that this time, the theory of transshipment in the rear of the battlefield will not be transported to the enemy’s transport ship, and it will be in a passive state without weapons …
Chapter two hundred and ninety Weird ambush dark temple
In the face of the sudden crisis, it is conceivable that everyone on the transport ship was frightened, and no one expected that the rear area would be suddenly attacked.
However, Qin Changfeng and Ruoyu’s two female officers in the VIP cabin are still very combative and forced to remain calm to help the two saints wear parachute bags.
Qin Changfeng frowned slightly and refused the female second lieutenant’s kindness. "What is the possibility of a successful forced landing?"
Once the Spirit pirate ship can land on the ground, it means that the crisis base has been lifted
A female officer with long red hair hesitated for a moment and replied, "The attack of a single pirate ship is not high, and the theoretical probability of successful landing of the engine and cockpit is 70%."
"Then you don’t have to wait for the carrier to land."
Qin Changfeng could have controlled the fiend to try to get rid of the pirate ship directly, but he dismissed the idea after hearing that the success rate of forced landing exceeded 70% … It’s better to keep some mysterious cards as far as possible for the first time to participate in the fighting situation in the spirit world.
See female officers nervous awkward Qin Changfeng then smiled and said, "believe that I will be fine."
"This situation is a bit weird. What happened is that we met …" If the jade was thoughtful and murmured.
The sharp light in Qin Changfeng’s eyes also recognizes that this seems to be an accidental attack, but it is actually very unusual.
First, this is the rear of Fengling Empire’s army front. How did the enemy attack ship break through the dense radar and anti-missile front and penetrate here? You know, in his message, the brain notes that at present, the technological level of Fengling Empire and Zhanguang Tribe still maintains the master level of major planet battles, such as those powerful starships and top technologies, which have not been mastered.