The sky is bigger than the original ancient beast carrying a continent across the void.

Thousands of wild animals in Wang Yang drove the waves and waves to rush to Zhongzhou with marginal murderous and bloodthirsty breath.
"The original ancient beast!"
"Ancient giants!"
"Wild ancient orcs!"
The two kingdoms, the Great Disgust Dynasty and the Da Luo Dynasty, are not ordinary people like God, and their respective positions are huge compared with natural knowledge and not ordinary practice.
The sky and the scene in Wang Yang showed the original ancient beast and the number of exotic animals in Wang Yang on the back of the island were instantly recognized by two Okuninushi.
At the same time, those great magical powers who are behind the battle have recognized the true colors of the two ethnic groups.
A strong man who knows many secrets of the ancient times will understand the horror of these two ethnic groups. It can be said that both the ancient giants and the ancient orcs are powerful in the forefront of the heavens, and there are few ethnic forces to fight with them except the powerful forces of the celestial underworld and the Buddhist world.
What’s more, these two ethnic groups are the best at war among many ethnic groups in heaven and earth.
It is precisely because of this that Okuninushi realized that if these two ethnic groups fought in the war and helped King Dasheng to talk, the outcome of the war would be doomed. Even if the Great Disgusting Dynasty and the Da Luo Dynasty were United, it would be impossible for them to help the King Dasheng’s opponents.
And just for a moment, two tones resounded through Zhongzhou, completely smashing the hope of two Okuninushi hearts.
"My family abides by the laws of our ancestors!"
"My family abides by the laws of our ancestors!"
When the two major sounds are as old as before, they make those who hear the sounds suddenly change heaven and earth, as if they were back in Archaean times and saw two horrible ancestors.
Giants! Bitch!
The ancestors of the ancient orcs! Chaos beast! Gu!
In addition to being the ancestors of two major ethnic groups, these two ancestors were also dominated by a famous party in Archaean times, especially if chaos beast had not fallen long ago, its fierce name would not have been lost to 3,000 chaotic fiends.
And the origin of the giant’s ancestors is one of the most distinguished among the days.
Perfectly inherited all 3,000 fiends’ veins. Since its appearance, the giants have been incredibly powerful in ancient times. Conquering the heavens and claiming to be the strongest race, these two terrible and complete ethnic groups will surely support one side to win the war, even if it is weak, there will be no accidents.
Almost at the same time, the two dynasties were exporting at the same time with a dead gray face
They can already see the results. After hearing the old saying, the end of this battle is doomed.
If it was another time when the world changed greatly, the first two Okuninushi would not have thought so, but now both of them know very well that neither the Great Disgusting Dynasty nor the Da Luo Dynasty can compete with the army against the giants and the ancient orcs.
Even more, few strong people can fight against the two ethnic groups.
Chi and Gu, the two strong men, are not considered as great magical powers that can affect the fate of heaven and earth because they have not cultivated to the extreme, but they are partial to them because of their blood. Their strength will not be lost to those great magical powers at all. Once they participate in the war, it will mean that the Great Sage King has two more great magical powers and two armies with extreme terror.
This war is like fighting?
At this time, the two countries’ hearts are full of such thoughts, and they both look at each other from a distant virtual distance and see the same plans and thoughts from each other’s eyes.
Second, the purpose of the population law is to let our own troops retreat
The three dynasties’ armies fought together to create the virtual vortex. Now, if the two dynasties’ armies retreat, the virtual vortex will naturally disperse.
Unfortunately, it was recognized by the fate of heaven and earth during the Battle of Tongtian. After this war, Zhongzhou will be decided to dominate.
The two Okuninushi wanted to quit the war, but they didn’t admit it. On the contrary, because of their decree, the virtual whirlpool of soldiers who had been devouring the Great Sage country changed and moved towards the other two dynasties.
At this time, the two ethnic groups finally appeared in Zhongzhou.
Without hesitation, two ancient boundless sounds once again resounded through Zhongzhou.
For giants and ancient orcs, Chi and Gu Yin just can’t violate the high law.
Command a virtual a statue of the ancient giant fear eyes condensed into a giant torrent of terror toward the sky, Wang Yang churned head to head as huge as a mountain, and ancient animals showed more ferocious faces, and their bodies also came toward the sky.
In an instant, two torrents poured into the battlefield, and in an instant, both of them would conquer the heavens, and the terrorist groups showed their power so powerful that the forces of the heavens were frightened.
Virtual vortex!
The virtual vortex that swallowed everything appeared again, but this time it was two groups.
Moreover, unlike before, these two virtual vortices appeared in two directions respectively and swallowed up the troops belonging to the Great Disgust and the Da Luo Dynasty. Every time the two dynasties moved, they would lose millions of troops.
Seeing this scene, the eyes of the two countries immediately lost their spirits and their faces were desperate.
"The general trend has gone!"
Chapter one hundred and sixty-five Dominate seal ()
The Great Sage is a god. Except for the identity of "robber" predicted by many great magical powers, there is only one goddess who is hated by the celestial emperor. If it were not for the identity of "robber", the god might not have been born, and even if he came out of that stone body, his life would be a tragedy.
However, the fate of the other two dynasties was completely different from that of the emperor Luo. Strictly speaking, if God did not have that key identity, compared with the other two emperors, he was like an ant.
Each of the two Okuninushi is a prominent young generation among the heavens, or rather the most prominent two.
The emperor of the Great Disgusting Dynasty is the most powerful magic temple in Mundus’s direct blood, while the Lord of the State of Luo is an ancient demon and a few clan chiefs. If heaven and earth have not changed greatly, these two are destined to be the most dazzling geniuses in the whole world. Unfortunately, now it is the end of the law, and even many people who have won the ultimate magical power of the avenue are struggling to sink in the doom.
The battle of Heaven decided that Zhongzhou dominated the three dynasties, and the winner could have one. The combination of the original two kings had pushed the Great Sage to the brink of defeat, but at this time the scene was instantly subverted.
At this time, the two lords were staring at the sky in both directions.
Two huge armies are disappearing at a horrible speed. Those soldiers who have cultivated to the realm of heavenly demons and monty are struggling in this virtual whirlpool. Their resistance ability can’t even be moaned, so they just turn into fly ash and completely dissipate heaven and earth.
Despair, unwillingness, anger, resentment … These strong grievances released before the collapse of the huge army were swallowed up by two virtual whirlpools before they were completely released.
This is the fate war. If the winner can enjoy the fate alone, the loser will get nothing.
"will it be like this?"
"Non-war crimes!"
When the tide is gone and the defeat is set, there is a strong unwillingness in the eyes of the two countries besides despair. After all, victory was just around the corner a moment ago, but the horse changed into this.