Especially the strange sight in Tongtian’s World War I made people realize that the root of God is not a puppet in front of the celestial emperor, and the old monsters have been making noise all the time in front of the hall, as if suddenly thinking of something. "Swish" together, his body trembled and his eyes showed horror at the same time.

They just remembered that the first temple was like a horse about to lose the war, and it won the most crucial fate war, that is, the battle that attracted the eyes of all creatures in the human world
Ancient giants, ancient orcs …
At the last moment, God was born to ask for help when facing the fate of failure, but it surprised them at that time. The root of the object of God’s help was not recognized by several powerful people as being related to God, but a mysterious Sect that abandoned its ancestors.
At that time, I don’t know how many strong people mocked God and asked for help at random, which was simply suicide.
However, no one expected that after God called for help, the war scene really changed dramatically. One of the two major conquering ethnic groups crossed the imaginary and the other crossed Wang Yang to wreak havoc in Zhongzhou. His two dynasties were not rivals of the two ethnic groups, and soon the fate war was over.
At that time, God sat on the virtual throne and was recognized by the fate of Zhongzhou, and the seal of dominance also flew from the depths of chaos, which caused all this to send God to Zhongzhou as the dominant position, which was the founder of the mysterious great religion.
Where will you wake up when you think of all the old monsters in these temples? In front of them, lin xi has always maintained a faint expression. It is the mysterious religion that makes you think of the consequences of offending lin xi. These old monsters in the heavens are also in your heart.
God’s face softened a little after the silence in the temple.
The opposite face is still silent. lin xi asked, "Lin Aiqing’s creation artifact I also know that if the artifact is respected, I can go to the chaotic Milky Way. But since ancient times, the three major creation artifacts have disappeared. Now it is the end of the French era. It is impossible to cast another creation artifact. How can I get one?"
Lin xi seemed to have known that God would have this question and smiled. He was ready to give a gift to God.
Landau’s "Report to the Patriarch that when he surrendered the law, he once said that if the world changed greatly, Zhongzhou should not be robbed. Even if the resources of the world were exhausted, it would be impossible to create an artifact of nature. But this time is not the same. Now, the world has merged into the popular movement and bred an unprecedented robbery. Although the Archduke of Heaven has been robbed, he still has a chance. Now, the place where he returns to the market is that place of life."
The last sentence of lin xi was almost spit out word by word, and the whole hall could hear it clearly.
"Avenue, when the cat was born, the nine great creatures, Zhongzhou … can get one."
The last word said that the whole hall fell into a dead silence.
Silence! There is no sound at all, and everyone, including some ancient monsters, is incredible. They stare at God’s lin xi with shock, horror and disbelief …
This is the idea in the minds of these powerful ministers in the temple at this time. They can’t help it. They don’t spit it out from lin xi’s mouth. Those words fall into the ears of a barren ancient strong man, which is enough to cause such an effect.
Conscious of these strong men, they thought of refutation and ridicule, but immediately they thought of spitting them out of lin xi’s mouth. These words were not lin xi’s own words but were relayed from another person.
Or another level.
If that remark is made by a pick Jin Xian or a mysterious demon, it will be refuted by everyone in an instant, and the result won’t be good if it is said by a statue of Terran Emperor.
But if that decree is so, it will be different.
A statue of a powerful minister in the temple, despite the same thoughts in his heart, can’t believe it, but strangely, one person dared to refute it as before. When there was a buffer, these strong people also reacted and clearly realized that the one behind lin xi was as powerful as helping God win the fate war; One side is the founder of the mysterious great religion; "Snatching food" from the mouth of the celestial celestial emperor and still being safe and sick …
Almost all ministers in such a mysterious mind believe that it must be a strong man of honour level.
There are only a few digits in the whole world of respecting the strong.
Heaven emperor, demon Lord, Buddha, Zulong … these are the only people who can have "respect" and call him the one who has cultivated to the extreme of the avenue and the strong can be called the great avatar.
It may be doubtful to predict a great avatar in such horror, but if the open-air machine is a strong man, even the whole world will doubt or dare to doubt it
The temple is still silent.
One breath, two breaths, three breaths … I never sat on the throne until I was almost half a pillar of incense. The temple was suddenly open, and my eyes were calm and full of eagerness.
The artifact!
Just these four words are enough to make a great avatar’s mood fluctuate. Unless he is too forgetful, it is difficult to refuse the temptation to seize the artifact of heaven and earth.
God looked at lin xi’s mouth and asked, "Did Ai Qing’s ancestors ever teach the nine great natural artifacts? At this time? I want to get one if I can? "
Three questions in a row came out of God’s mouth and sounded inside the hall.
Look at the faces of the ministers in the temple. Obviously, these three questions are also doubts in their hearts, although they have just woken up from the shock caused by lin xi’s words.
In ancient times, there were three creation artifacts born in heaven and earth.
Boat on the other side! Chaos Mountain! HarmonyOS beads!
These three artifacts were owned by the most powerful three of the 3,000 chaotic fiends. After the mysterious disappearance at the end of Archaean, these three natural artifacts disappeared together.
Now the fiend’s grave is out of the world, and the strong people all guess that the three nature artifacts should also fall into the market.
In this way, naturally, it means that even if people yearn for it, they can enter Guihui through the triple boundary wrapped in Guihui to search for the most attractive natural treasures in the world. But now lin xi’s words have shocked these ministers in the temple and rekindled hope in their hearts.
The ministers’ desire to know the answers to the three questions is even stronger than their desire to seek Tao when they practice.
Chapter one hundred and sixty-nine Dominate the temple
Taking heaven and earth is the king of artifacts
The number of heaven and earth is strong, and all creatures know that the three natural artifacts have lost their trace with the disappearance of 3,000 chaotic fiends. Even though the chaotic fiends reappear in the whole human world, people can get one.
But now, there is a mysterious person who predicts that the last law will rob the human world, and when nine natural artifacts are born, they correspond to the fate of nine continents respectively, and at the same time, it is also a chance of life in the human world.
Such a shocking prophecy forced a minister in the temple to listen attentively to the voice of the young man in linen before God.
God asked the cat!
Let the hall fall into a dead silence, and all the people are unwilling to breathe for fear of disturbing lin xi’s mouth.
By hundreds of pick Jin Xian, wild ancient strong gaze in the ordinary monk at this time is bound to be scared, but now lin xi has already realized that his avenue where there will be a little strange.
It is respectful to the God in front of him. It is not the blood of God’s noble emperor or the status of the Great Sage. Even God has just obtained the status of Zhongzhou master, which is not enough for lin xi to be willing to salute him. However, another mysterious identity of God can of course be known to the whole world except a few people.
Even the strong who have great deduction avatar know the same way.
After honoring respectfully, lin xi said as everyone expected, "It is up to you to report back to your ancestors that the artifact in Zhongzhou will only appear when it is necessary, because the prototype of the artifact is now available."
Lin xi’s voice just fell in the temple and everyone’s mind was "boom" as soon as it was about to explode, and then reacted from the stupefaction. It was all consciousness that turned its attention to the hand of sitting in the hall …
Doubt soon occupied everyone’s mind, because there was nothing in God’s hands, and only God, after hearing lin xi’s words, first frowned and then slowly stretched out and a touch of enlightenment appeared on his face.
"The prototype of the artifact is in my hand!"
After a faint whisper, God raised his hand slowly.
In an instant, a powerful force appeared in the temple to the end of the law.
"Peng Peng" a burst of noise all the ministers except lin xi, whether it’s pick Jin Xian or wild ancient strong people, even some talented exotic strong people have to bend their bodies and kneel towards the ground at this time.
That kind of coercion is like the irresistible power of heaven.
And Na Wei pressure source is nowhere else. It is God who slowly raises the palm of his hand at this time.
One thing appears from time to time, and slowly the palm of God is spinning, making all the strong people succumb to pressure, which is emanating from this thing, from this hall towards the whole Great Sage Kingdom, and finally even the whole Zhongzhou.