Taigong Lord slowly shook his head and his face remained the same, but his bearing was still the kind of xuanji who controlled everything and saw through everything.

"The law of heaven seems to be in chaos, and it is very difficult for adults to communicate. The previous edict ordered that Tianjiao’s brother be sent into the ancient land to take out those treasures. Now that the digital brother has entered the depths of the ancient land, we will wait quietly."
It’s a gentle sound coming out of Taigong’s mouth.
Clouds when others Taigong main mouth, they all noticed that his voice contained Taoist rhyme. Their understanding was naturally a as one pleases, and they could comprehend a lot of things. Unfortunately, they were all at the peak of the road, and the strong people understood the road with their own ideas. Even if Taigong main realm was higher than them, it would also have a legal influence.
As soon as Taigong’s voice fell, another cloud and another Taichang spoke too loudly.
"Now even the whole Zhongzhou knows that the news of the beaten ancient land has been revealed. We have sent those brothers to a large number of monks and monsters, and there are even alien fighting and looting. I am afraid that it is difficult to ensure that some people in the world will complete the instructions."
Anyone who is worried can hear it.
Elder Yu Tai showed a sign of approval when he heard this.
There was also a flash of the same look in Taigong’s eyes, but the horse was collected again
Light way: "Don’t worry about the few treasures in the ancient land mentioned in the imperial edict. My brothers in Taigong are so predestined that they deserve the great disaster they have earned. After all, this world naturally won’t interfere with the cat’s nest and go against the fate of the strong."
"I believe that his clan forces should also have received similar orders. This is before the catastrophe, those adults agreed to keep a tacit understanding. Neither side dared to violate the many treasures and treasures in the beaten ancient land. It’s just that the really strong ones got the orders, so that those people can get what they want only by their chances."
"If you want those brothers to get back the treasure, it will be my Taigong circle. When the adults come, we will all have a contribution, not only to survive this big robbery, but also to live forever."
The last sentence spit out from the mouth of the Taigong Lord is not to say that it is right for several elderly elders who have reached the peak of the road, even for enlightened spiritual beings, and they also have unparalleled temptation power.
The word "longevity" has made many creatures desperate through the ages.
Chapter seven hundred and thirty Zhongzhou blood (a)
Zhongzhou mainland has been quiet for many years since the end of ancient times.
The dragon’s tail and the ancient earth immediately caused the mainland to shake, and I don’t know how many clan forces, monster beasts and aliens rushed in like crazy.
And more let zhongzhou mainland many fairy godsworn monster beast alien ecstatic is expected to be full of danger, the ancient forbidden area was unexpectedly nothing dangerous from the edge into the millions of miles is safe, nothing banned kill array.
When the news went out, the whole continent of Zhongzhou went crazy, and a large number of monks and monsters rushed there.
Despite this and doubts, I finally automatically thought of some explanations. At the beginning of the forbidden area, a group of monks and monster beasts were the most powerful in the mainland. Among them, there were many arrogant people.
Dangerous prohibitions in the forbidden area should be removed by the strong people who should first enter China Tianjiao.
With such comfort, the mainland is boiling. Every day, a large number of monks and monster beasts come to enter the country to compete for the treasures of those who died in ancient times.
A thousand Wan Li Fiona Fang in Longwei Ancient Land has changed from a lonely place for several months to a scene where fairy monks and monster beasts can be seen everywhere fighting and killing each other.
A large number of treasures and news are constantly flowing out, which will stimulate the monks’ monsters who have never got the treasures to be mad.
The news that those treasures have found their owners one by one is that mountains of corpses and bloody clothes are piled up in the ancient land, flowing into rivers and rivers, and finally merging into lakes and seas, where ghosts and ghosts are swept everywhere.
Dead mountain, sea of blood, cloud of injustice …
After a few months, the whole Longwei ancient land has completely turned into a battlefield trend.
At the end of ancient times, here was a huge battlefield, and one of the three most famous battles of that era was born.
But with the passage of time, the battlefield was sealed by a mysterious array, and the creatures disappeared. Although there were several Shaqi, they were all vented by the method of array sealing. Even though the battlefield was unsealed for many years, the ancient Shaqi still did not dissipate but disappeared mysteriously.
Now, with a large number of fairy godsworn and monster beast aliens entering this beaten ancient land to compete for treasures.
Although there are a lot of ancient treasures and inheritors in the ancient land after the fall of the powerful, the owners of those treasures can all be one.
Some people get the treasure, and some people get the inheritance, which means that there are a few tens of thousands of times that the fairy monk and the monster beast have failed, and most of them fail in this life-and-death battle, and that is … fall.
No matter whether people, animals or trees are living beings, once they die and fall, they will give birth to Shaqi.
Rich than fresh than shaqi, the living beings are born after death.
Especially those who compete for treasures, brothers and monsters, once they fail, their grievances are so strong that they go straight into the sky together.
The original ancient land has hung over here for many years, and the body discovered magic Shaqi mysteriously disappeared. Although the battlefield is still terrible, there are many dangers hidden, but the biggest danger is that the body discovered magic Shaqi has disappeared.
However, now a large number of creatures have become more and more intense and fresh after their death, and it seems that something is brewing and will break out at any time.
900 Wan Li’s land is constantly being born, and the high clouds of black and red magic clouds are constantly being born, and the freshness is even more frightening than the integration of creatures into those magic clouds.
The ancient land has been shrouded in Shaqi for many years, and the years have been gloomy. For example, with so many creatures falling today, it is even more frightening to render China as a magical land of nine secluded places.
Such a vision is shrouded, but there are still a large number of fairy godsworn monsters, monsters, and aliens coming in and fighting desperately to compete for those treasures and inheritance.
Even a rational person will lose his mind once he enters this battlefield and is rushed by that kind of atmosphere. He will be stimulated by the desire at the bottom of his heart to join in the fight for the success of the powerful earth in the army, but he will soon be besieged and killed. Even a powerful treasure can not add much combat power.
At that time, the area of beaten ancient land became the most lively and dangerous place in the whole continent of Zhongzhou, with a number of fairy godsworn and monster beast aliens rushing like crazy, but there were also a lot of people who died in death and became a wisp of ShaQi.
Weird is the top forces in mainland China, but it seems that there is no meaning.
In addition to a big move, the circle sent some tianjiao strong people to the depths of the ancient land, where the palace was as dark as a monster and a fiend, there was no more movement, as if they couldn’t see his treasures in the beaten ancient land.
Knowing that these "predators" didn’t participate immediately made his forces in mainland China excited and crazy, and some clan forces or monster beast groups were very they nest.