It’s like being stuck in a thorn, and it’s sour and swollen, which is very uncomfortable.

On hearing this name, Xiao Yan sat up straight. "Did you say what it was?"
Summer Xu "Miss Mo said it was a private matter and refused to talk to me more."
Xiao Yan "disappeared" from the table again.
Summer Xu opened his eyes slightly in consternation. Mo Wen is a top jeweler with a wide network. Xiao Yan refused so simply.
Out of reason, she wanted to persuade; She still didn’t speak out of emotion.
Manager Xiao has made a decision. What do I say? Summer Xu thought to quickly dial Mo Huanxiang’s communication. "I’m sorry, Miss Mo. Manager Xiao has no time to see you."
In the presidential suite of Beiying Mountain Villa
Mo Huanxiang asked incredulously, "Have you told him my name?"
"As I said, there are a lot of trivial matters recently. Manager Xiao’s appointment is scheduled for next month. Why don’t I make an appointment for you?"
Mo Huanxiang was unhappy. "I can’t wait that long. It’s urgent."
I have to wait for you if I can’t. Who are you? ! Summer Xu angrily thought that the sound was still sweet. "Then you can specifically say what’s the emergency? I’ll ask Manager Xiao again."
Mo Huanxiang told the truth that "I have an important person who likes to eat sashimi and I want to buy some ham for him."
Summer Xu at the other end of the communication rolled his eyes irrepressibly to buy ham. How dare you say it’s urgent?
"Sorry, ham was given to VIP tourists by the mass production department."
Mo Huanxiang said, "It’s impossible that my family is also doing business. Where can there be a situation where there is no one left?"
Stores may sell them, but manufacturers and head office warehouses will definitely keep a few samples just in case.
"Well, I’ll ask Xiao for you and call you back later." Summer Xu said with the last patience.
She didn’t intend to buy ham to disturb Xiao Yan’s reply to the communication. Call back in a few days and tell me that there is no way to solve it directly.
Summer Xu would like to completely put Mo Huanxiang behind him and think carefully, but still feel uneasy to tell Xiao Yan everything.
"Like to eat sashimi?" Xiao Yan is thoughtful. It should be Xiao Zhi.
"You don’t have to be polite to her if you don’t sell her and call again," Xiao Yan said.
Mo’s family and Xiao Zhi’s snake and rat were in collusion with each other. When Xiao Zhi’s money killed the bottom people, his family name was Mo, and Xiao Yan applauded them. If his ham entered Xiao Zhi’s mouth, it would be better to feed it to the dog.
Mo Huanxiang really waited for five days.
Not because she is stupid, but because she is too confident in her background. A scenic spot boss is rushing to get a bus. Will she come or not? I dare not despise her.
In five days, Mo Huanxiang played happily in Lingshan, ate all kinds of delicacies, walked across the bridge, turned pale with fear, drank 4+ cups of coffee in the boat on the black lake, and fed the fluffy cat and coffee on the way.
What Mo Huanxiang likes most is the magic forest. She bought five sets of clothes in the monster sewing shop and rented a super photography robot to take a group of beautiful photos for her.
After the drawing, a long article was sent to the V midpoint, and more than 50 comments were praised, which made lingshan scenic spot initially open the celebrity market.
It was not until the evening of the sixth day that Mo Huanxiang couldn’t wait for Summer Xu to communicate. She couldn’t sit still and personally said, "Did you ask about ham?"
The end of the communication was cold and slightly impatient. "Oh, I asked Manager Xiao and said there was none."
Mo Huanxiang didn’t react until now. She was perfunctory and pointed like a cat with its tail stepped on. "How is that possible! I’m going to see your boss! "
"Go" Summer Xu simply said two words and hung up the communication directly.
Mo Huanxiang was stunned for half a minute before she recovered from the shock. She was so angry that her chest fluctuated violently and tears came to her eyes.
People in the social strata are used to superficial social intercourse and have never been treated so politely. The anger burned Mo Huanxiang’s head and he couldn’t find a solution.
Break into Xiao Yan’s office directly? No, that’s rude. Mo Huanxiang can’t do that.
Mo Huanxiang was even more angry when she saw her circle of friends again. She actually cared about the people who offended her!
Deleting a circle of friends now is afraid of causing unnecessary troubles. After all, I like this hundred people. Many people will want to cause more unnecessary troubles if they delete them silently.
Mo Huanxiang couldn’t wait to smash the bracelet.
Tossing and turning until midnight, she couldn’t sleep. She was angry and wronged, and almost cried several times. She was determined to find a way to get rid of this evil spirit.
That night, Xiao Yan dragged his tired body and didn’t have the energy to get back to his warm cabin. He found a suite at random in Beiying Mountain Villa and made do with sleeping for one night.
Dough cleverly followed Xiao Yan, and Xiao Yan influenced him to become a delicate little dragon cub.
Take a shower before going to bed, and then blow dry the scales with a fan. Two short claws hold a toothbrush to brush their teeth.
Xiao Yan will do pedicure before going to bed, but there is no pedicure machine suitable for dragon’s hind legs. Douzi is so wronged on Xiao Yan’s knees that he wants Xiao Yan to pinch his feet.
After tossing until the early morning, Xiao Yan stretched himself and shook his wings.
Just close your eyes Xiao Yan heard an ethereal unreal sound.
Let Xiao Yan regret not having come to me in the first place.
Xiao Yan’s head slowly popped up a question mark.
The gibberish is roughly the same.
Let Xiao Yan regret it
Get back at him
Take it out on him!
At first, Xiao Yan was puzzled. After a while, it suddenly occurred to him that this was the temple BUFF [echo]. Xiao Yan heard his prayers.
The unknown tourist should be separated from him by a wall, so that Xiao Yan overheard his wish.
It is Xiao Yan who can’t think of who he has offended.
The sound continues and is doubly vicious.
Let Xiao Yan eat a whole bag of dog food in front of me
Let him eat my dog food.
Cut him a piece of meat like a ham and let him eat it.
The word "ham" makes Xiao Yan suddenly enlightened. Is it Mo Huanxiang who lives next door to him?
Xiao Yan was even more surprised. He remembered that Mo Huanxiang was a dignified, elegant, intellectual and generous girl. When Xiao asked if he would like to be engaged to her, Xiao Yan also expressed his willingness.
I never thought that the heart of a snake and scorpion bred such vicious thoughts just because of being neglected!
Xiao Mo’s two families are really like-minded. They are cruel, sinister and cold-hearted! Xiao Yan complained in his heart that he didn’t find himself scolded.
[Echo] Skills are closed in the brain. Xiao Yan continues to sleep. He dares to look at Mo Huanxiang and is not afraid of revenge.
The next day, Xiao Yan walked out of the suite with special composure, hoping to meet Mo Huanxiang in the corridor. Unfortunately, Mo Huanxiang didn’t show up.
Xiao Yan has work to deal with. When he got busy, he forgot all about Mo Huanxiang.
In addition to swimming in the summer, he found five agents one after another to help Luoxin open a chain store contract, and he will soon earn a lot of money to complete the aquarium.