This can’t be true Chen Feng cried

It’s true that there has been a similar case in the world, but the common feature is that they were drained of blood and died. Kemi Rui stared at his brain and said seriously that all countries in the world have realized this case and the country will call an international conference to talk about it
Is it really a zombie who has lost his way by reading the words on the page
The world can’t have this kind of thing, even if I am inclined to be a monster, but now that such a thing has happened in the world, it’s as simple as a monster. I feel an amazing conspiracy behind this incident. Kemi got up and went forward and said, it seems that the city of Elo will be dangerous soon, and even the whole world is dangerous, which can have such a great impact on the world. I suspect that there is a problem in the power world, and it is likely that the power has interfered with the human world. If so, that would be too bad. I really hope that I feel wrong.
At last Kemi sighed deeply.
The night is already deep, but Chen Feng is not sleepy at all. He stomps down the street and thinks that something strange happened recently, wondering if it is really a power world that interferes with the human world, but the old man Baidu said that they don’t want wars in all countries of the world yet for fear of causing a second incident.
Chen Feng didn’t mind seeing the scenery around him. His mind was very messy and he walked straight ahead. On the way home, Chen Feng suddenly heard a call in the path.
Is it another case that Chen Feng consciously thought of and then ran to the trail?
When Chen Feng ran into the alley, he saw a young woman lying on the ground, and the alley extended to an alley. There was no way to go, so Chen Feng walked over carefully. At this time, a sharp scream came from the alley. Chen Feng gave him a look and saw a man holding a woman and his face buried in the female neck.
Stop it, Chen Feng. Jump to block the only entrance in the alley.
The man slowly turned around and saw the man’s face clearly with the help of moonlight. Chen Feng suddenly felt that the gas was getting cold and the heavens and the earth were spinning.
Fang Chen, is that you? Chen Feng can’t believe her eyes anymore. She blurted out that her voice was shaking.
Hey, hey, it’s our Chen throwing girls’ eyes, which are white and obviously dead. When Fang Chen strode to Chen Feng and grinned, he showed two fangs.
Chen Feng can’t believe that Fang Chen has been missing for a week and now he has become like this. He can’t speak for a moment. Fang Chen laughs. Do you know that I have become a monster who is not human, ghost and ghost? I have to suck human blood to calm my pain. Do you know that?
Who did it? Chen Feng bowed his head and didn’t see Chen’s trembling voice and asked
Do you want to know? Then I’ll tell you that even if Liu Yue was killed, he was a monster, and I was his sacrifice, but it’s a pity that he left before he finished sucking my blood, and when I woke up, it became like this. Do you think I’m horrible? Fang Chen still smiled and suddenly stopped laughing. He grabbed Chen Feng by the collar and called to you, you know, it’s all your fault. How could Liu Yue die if Liu Yue didn’t die? How could I become like this because I went to find a murderer? All this is thanks to you. I want to stop sucking blood on my body.
I’ll help you, Chen Feng said painfully
Help me, the only way to help me is to kill us. Chen grabbed Chen Feng, shouted, kill me, kill me, but Chen Feng cried bitterly. Fang Chen said that I can’t die before I avenge Liu Yue. Fang Chen stepped away, but Chen Feng didn’t even stop him.
What’s going on like this? Chen Feng’s face was covered with tears. Tears fell to the ground. Chen Feng shouted wildly and then bombarded the wall with his fists. Chen Feng’s hands were already bleeding because he didn’t have super powers, but he didn’t want to stop.
Everything is beautiful, but now it has changed.
You never know. Maybe it’s true.
No matter how long the night is, the sun will still rise on the second day. The earth creature Chen Feng didn’t tell the story of Fang Chen because he was afraid that Zhang Lie could not accept the loss of Liuyue. He didn’t continue to be sad like them.
However, when Chen Feng came to Kemi Rui’s house, he found that Brett’s star-studded people looked pale and asked, What’s the matter? You look so pale.
Kemi Rui pointed to his brain and said, I invaded the police information database earlier and saw this news. I dare say that the world will face pre-disaster when this news is exposed.
What? Stop selling. Say it.
Two days ago, in the Pacific International Carrier, the top leaders of more than 100 countries in the world gathered together to discuss the bizarre murders in various countries. However, more than 100 national leaders’ departments disappeared overnight. With their disappearance, Kemi Rui could no longer calm down. He was excited that the disappearance of the head of state has brought many problems to various countries. Although each country is under the charge of a generation of heads of state, the disappearance of senior national leaders is still the biggest international event. The country has closed the news and sent troops to investigate, but all the departments are more terrible than the Hundred Curtains Triangle.
Chen Feng turned pale, and more than 100 heads of state gathered together to say that defense and reunification must be the most advanced in the world, but they disappeared overnight. With such strength, Chen Feng could think of a super organization in his mind.
I suspect that this is a super organization’s mischief. Kemi Rui said bluntly that the super organization is the most powerful power organization in the world. It is easy for them to break into the international carrier defense system and seize the national leader. This is the case, so the power of the human world war will be triggered.
Wait a minute. What do the super organizations want to take away the heads of state at this time? What do they want to choose at this time? Are those blood-sucking events really super organizations? Brett analyzed the two things together
I don’t know, and I’m not sure if it’s a super organization. As soon as Kemi Ruigang finished talking with Chen Feng, it rang. It was police officer Ma. He said that a man had sucked a human blood and now he wants Chen Feng’s expert to help him in his escape.
When police officer Ma said the young man, Chen Feng couldn’t help shaking, thinking that it wouldn’t be Chen, and several people present immediately rushed to the scene.