Fu Chen doesn’t say Yi Lee to Yi Lee’s roots, but it’s strange that Fu Chen, a eponymous figure in the flowering period, can win.

Schelling is interested in flowering period. Haha, it’s just like Fu Chen and Yi Lee. Unless Schelling can take lethal martial arts, you can’t beat flowering period.
Judging from this way of fighting, the ranking of the four major families will change dramatically this time.
Fu family is likely to become the fourth largest family, while Hua family will become the first family, and Zhongyuan City will also have an earth-shattering storm because of the changes in these two rankings.
Everyone was shocked, including those big shots who were cajoled by the Emperor Wan.
Although the decline of the Fu family from Fu Chen’s generation is inevitable, if they fall from the sky to the ground, the gap really makes people feel like dreaming.
Yesterday, it was a super-large family that could make a difference in the empire, but today it may face the danger of genocide.
Fu Haotian’s face is even more ugly. This time, the family wants to borrow six other families to see Fu Chen’s strength, and then give him some back doors to get some temporary pills to improve his strength after returning home. But this harmony directly entered the finals, and a battle decided the prosperity and decline of Fu Jia’s family, which made the god war acceptable.
Fu Haotian worked hard for decades before he realized the scenery of Fu Jiajin. How can it be ruined in one day?
His hands clenched tightly into fists, his eyes staring at the platform Fu Chen like walnuts.
Qin Yong Fu Haotian, who was sitting next to him in Leweimen, lived a life. At this time, he noticed that Fu Haotian was strange, ha ha smiled, stretched out his hand and held his hand. Suddenly, a cool air filled Fu Haotian’s body.
Fu Haotian came trembling from anger and looked at this brother with tears in his eyes.
Hao Tian, if Fu Chen is out of order, I will be happy with everything. Don’t worry, Qin Yong’s warm smile is still a ray of sunshine in the dark night, which suddenly makes Fu Haotian in despair see hope.
Two people live and die together for decades Fu Haotian is not saying a kind word, but holding tightly together.
Although Li Gang looked at the platform Yi Lee, Fu Haotian Qin Yong saw the two men’s actions, and the corners of his mouth were otherwise pumped.
Isn’t Leweimen the Great Sect of Ten Thousand Empires?
You’re the only one in the other mainland.
The boss will destroy you one day.
At this time, Li Gang’s brain turned sharply and secretly thought about letting Fu Chen bloom smoothly.
If Fu Chen lost to his son Yi Lee in the first round, then the first plan will be ruined.
If Yi Lee is allowed to throw in the towel directly, then Fu Chen is likely to give up Schelling again. What should I do if my plan is still wasted?
Yi Lee, the platform, is also asking to look at Li Gangshen and Li Gangda. He knows his father’s plan clearly, and his heart is also uncertain at this time
Fu Chen has drawn the Li family’s heir, Yi Lee, and his hatred has soared. This is the day to give me the opportunity to avenge my father.
Xie Lin, Mo Wen, you go to another platform to compete at the opening ceremony of the Qing Dynasty.
After the two went to Mo Wen, the comparison of Qinglang Taoist clan
Li Yi saw that his father hadn’t instructed him to bite the bullet and try Fu Chen first, but he secretly decided that he would never win, and everything should be family’s interests.
Fu Chen sneer at a take Bi Yuanyang sword from the object ring, and the fiery qi runs rapidly, and the momentum suddenly surges and locks Yi Lee.
Yi Lee still takes his weapon, cold jade knife, cold jade knife. The whole body is white, and the sun shines brightly. He is determined to lose both sides.
At this time, tens of thousands of people in the square are afraid to stare at the first confrontation that will change their destiny.
The atmosphere of the platform cried and became dignified. It seems that two people are already in the air.
At this tense moment, a man suddenly rushed in from the entrance of the square.
Fu Chen at heart thumped a dark call wouldn’t be so clever?
People are spying on Chu Weiguo’s actions and flying high.
Goofy these two days, day and night, Wu Bo took two rounds to monitor Chu’s every move, and today Chu Weiguo led dozens of masters to leave Chu’s house in a flurry.
Goofy Wu Bo two people secretly followed a distance and found that the more they walked, the more remote they were, and the more sensitive they were. Goofy had guessed that Chu Weiguo must have found the clue of swinging husband. Thought of this, he immediately returned to prepare to report the matter to Fu Chen.
Fu Chennai scabbard shouted slowly, I want my hand to say a few words.
When I was a referee on the side, Mo asked Fu Chen’s opponent Yi Lee to be close to the platform. After hearing this extremely discordant sentence, I almost smoked it.
What is all this and what?
This is once every three years, compared with the solemn four families. The heir of the first family in front of you can’t be solemn and serious.