Old Yu gave Peng Qingqiong a contemptuous expression. "Ha, ha, ha, you’re such a white brother. Your eyesight is far less than that of Sun Hao. Ha, ha, ha, ha …" Laughing, this so-called incarnation actually melted the monks’ eyelids from the feet in the hall.

Laughter echoed in the hall, but there was only a drop of red magic blood left in place.
How weird this situation is, how weird it is, and everyone feels creepy.
After half a ring, the Godsworn Qi Qi looked at the hall and sat calmly with Peng Qingqiong and Sun Hao’s eyes. This kind of situation is somewhat incomprehensible, and I don’t know whether the news of the siege of the householder is true or not. How should the summer family finish without a sense of direction?
Who is confused at this time because the Xia family is stationed in charge of the monk and it is actually a magic repair. How can people make up their minds?
At this moment, the old fish body melted, and the flying eagle stream sat cross-legged on a boulder. The old farmer and the old depression spit out one mouthful blood, opened their eyes a little flagrantly, and said in a trembling voice, "This Sun Hao is really fierce."
Sitting cross-legged beside him, Lei Zhong asked, "What’s the situation?"
"My incarnation was broken by Corleone," said the old Yu Shen. "This Corleone was really a difficult opponent with a careful mind, and he found a clue to see if our side had to change its plan." Say that finish, the old Yu told Lei Zhong in detail about the discovery of himself in the summer home yard.
"So!" Lei Zhong said with a dignified look after listening, "Then we have two ways. One is to continue to ambush Sun Hao around Xia Jia and his party; The other is to annihilate Xia Jia Jia’s master in the first place and then fight to the death with Sun Hao. "
"Sun Hao can wipe out Bai Zhengjun’s gang whose eyes are higher than the top white devil" Lao Yu said gravely, "Then they must have the ability to explore and repair what we have. I think we should destroy the monks in Feiyingjian as soon as possible and then turn around and deal with Sun Hao, so we don’t know if Sun Hao will come to the rescue of Xia Jiazhu."
"Should come" Lei Zhong has been listening to lu shan’s answer behind him and said, "I think Sun Hao has some business spirit and he should not come."
Lu shan hesitated, but didn’t say anything. This Lei Zhong has answered the words and said, "lu shan, do you want to say that we should not confront Sun Hao?"
Lu shan a full face of acne face shaking a few laugh "ray boss white lu shan meaning good Bai Gudi although arrogant but not low strength Sun Hao even is not easy to deal with"
Old Yu has a face of thoughts.
Lei Zhong smell speech hesitated to compare his strength with that of the White House.
He is nicknamed the bloody butcher, but he is known for his cunning as a fox. He seems to be bold and unrestrained, but he is not wise.
After half a ring, I made up my mind that Lei Zhong’s tall body rose from the boulder, his knife-shaped eyebrows rose, his eyes lit up, and a man’s momentum sprayed out. "The monk of the world has everything in his life, and I have to fight for it at this time to see if the fate of heaven and earth is in favor of him. Come with me and let’s destroy the monk of Liu Zhiyuan first."
Destroy the summer home is a clan. After the arrangement is completed, there is no chance to fight against Sun Hao at the same time. If you can really win the battle, the chance will be beyond imagination. If his bloody butcher represents the magic fate at this time, then Sun Hao’s suspicion is the right fate. At this time, if you can win the potential, you will even be rewarded.
Lei Zhong deployed the magic order and some scattered orders to really attack Liu Zhiyuan. After the array law was besieged by the Flying Eagle River, Liu Zhiyuan and several other array cousins urgently deployed a lot of first-level array law confrontation in situ, which is also the usual means of the array monk.
If we are faced with the scattered array method, it will often occupy a huge advantage, but in the face of the same array method, the first-level array method will be greatly reduced. After only a moment of support, the two sides will start to really engage.
Lei Zhong, overlooking the battlefield at the edge of the boulder in the distance, said to lu shan behind him, "Godsworn must contend for heaven and earth to seize Godsworn’s resources, but it is our generation’s magic to cultivate color. lu shan, I think you have a face of acne and excess blood, but this anger is the only way to cultivate my Red Devils’ blood-refining solution. So this is my bag with my Red Devils’ blood-refining solution, and you should practice it …"
Say that finish threw his bag to lu shan.
Holding a bag, Lei Zhong looked at the burly figure of Lei Zhong hill behind him. lu shan bowed down after a long time.
Lei Zhong seems to be aware of the salute to Lushan in front. Haha laughs. "lu shan, you can’t help here in the middle of refining gas. You can go to Feilong Village first and there are some little things that are good for you to fix …"
Lu shan tried to say "Brother Lei, we don’t dispute this time …" after the zit shook his face for half a ring.
Lei Zhong laughed "who I asked heaven I smile from the horizontal sword to the sky; The world Dou Yun asked me if it was difficult for me to regret it … "Laughing, a blood-red broadsword appeared. Lei Zhong jumped into the broadsword and drank a" go "broadsword. Teng took Lei Zhong’s huge body as if rolling up a blood wave and breaking it to attack and kill Liu Zhiyuan.
The monks in Xiajia Courtyard haven’t finished yet, and they have recovered from the fact that Laoyu is a hostile spy.
Xia Guohua is often exposed to information and has spies in the family. At this time, he has come to his senses and asked, "What should Brother Sun do now?"
He knew the details of Sun Hao, and this brother was naturally called to his heart. The friar attached to his summer family felt very strange when he saw that Xia Guohua called Sun Hao’s brother in the middle of refining gas in the late stage. At this time, although they thought Sun Hao was knowledgeable and wise, they still didn’t think that this hall should be Sun Hao’s master. In addition to this friar Xia Guohua, it should be Sun Hao’s brother Peng Qingqiong.
Everyone wants to discuss whether it is repair or identity. Master Peng Qingqiong is the best candidate.
But to everyone’s surprise, Peng Qingqiong casually chimed in after Xia Guohua’s words. "Yes, Fourth Brother, what should we do?" Brother Liu, they’re not really surrounded, are they? Do we need support? "
This time, Sun Hao didn’t dawdle from the futon and smiled and said, "The news of Liu’s siege is absolutely true. This message is indeed that the householder and Liu’s brother came back. The magic repair specially made this message come only in the hope that we would make mistakes in a hurry and ambush. I want to come to the magic repair. tight encirclement has been laid in the Eagle Stream, just waiting for us to enter the urn, but …"
Sun Hao laughed again. "If he wants to fight, I’ll fight, brother. We’ll go to Feiyingjian to see what the magic doors are decorated with …"
Before it’s too late, the old fish here is exposed, and the magic repair there is likely to have started Sun Hao. Don’t talk nonsense, "Brother Xia dares Sun Hao to go with him?"
Peng Qingqiong also laughed. "Let’s go to Feiyingjian and fuck his mother …"
The monks in the summer home are also full of morale at this time. It should be said that they have jumped forward and followed Sun Hao to go straight to Feiyingjian.
Xia Jia only left behind some of the monks in the early stage of gas refining to open the protection. More than a large array of monks they nest fought against the magic repair. Of course, the monks were different because of the repair. Naturally, this speed was not the same. Sun Hao did not deliberately control the speed, so soon the monks were divided into three small groups according to the speed
Sun Hao and Peng Qingqiong took the lead and left. At this time, Brother Xia was startled to find that Sun Hao, the six-story monk of gas refining, could run neck and neck with Brother Peng Qingqiong. They wanted to come. Perhaps Peng Qingqiong deliberately suppressed the speed to take care of Sun Hao, but this Sun Hao was really fierce in the middle of gas refining. His royal sword was faster than his brother in the middle of gas refining. Of course, they didn’t know the real situation. On the contrary, Sun Hao controlled the speed to take care of Peng Qingqiong’s face.
The second clique is Gu Yun Tong Li and Xia Guohua, three of whom are not slow, flying fast not far from Sun Hao and Peng Qingqiong. At this time, the Xia family monk found that the Zongmen monk is terrible. Although Gu Yun Tong Li is not as good as Sun Hao, the mid-term repair of gas refining can actually be compared with the later monks.
The rest is the Xia family monk. They huddled together with Xia Guohua at a distance, and they were also chasing behind them, while Sun Hao and Peng Qingqiong in front had already run away.
The Eagle Stream is not far from the Xiajia Courtyard, and Sun Hao has already arrived at the mouth of the Eagle Stream in half a day.
Jian shan Jia shui ye
Feiyingjian is located in the Langshan Mountains, where the peaks are strewn at random. The mountains stretch magnificently, and it is called "Thousand Peaks of the Mountain". There are three scenery of Feiyingjian, which is called the inter-mountain cloud, the seaside, the grotesque valley, the beautiful peaks, the deep valleys, the cross-flow streams and the flowing streams.
Sun Hao, the mouth of the Eagle River, gave a long cry and said, "Sun Hao dares to fight the first world war …" The sound went in far away along the Eagle River and echoed back and forth among the mountains.
With a wave of his hand, Lei Zhong broadsword in the Eagle Stream chopped Jing Wong’s head, and his eyes were still open, and tears and blood poured out. At this time, Sun Haolang came to Lei Zhong to smell speech and gave me a little excitement and roared with laughter. "The blood man Tu Leizhong is waiting for a long time …"
Chapter 19 Poisonous stiff large array
In the bloody moonlight, Sun Hao’s mind quickly flashed through the clan information of the Red Devils.
Thinking about tonight, the intestines should be straight and the rain should be cold, and the soul should be cold. The ghost in the autumn grave sings a poem of ten thousand graves and hates blood. The red devil Sect in the Millennium soil is also known as The Hunger Sect’s practice of blood and blood refining. It is strange and inexplicable that ghosts and gods are often unpredictable. The Hunger Dafa is also called the blood refining solution or the blood god solution. It is said that the ultimate drop of blood can be refined to achieve the rebirth of blood. The Hunger is often the most difficult to directly kill the magic.
This bloody man’s face is like red dates, knife light is like blood and blood, and the trapped person is obviously the main force of the Red Devils’ Sect. He is afraid of the identity and strength of the Red Devils’ Sect.
Red Blood Man Tu Red Devil Door Bai Jiabai Magic Door and the old fish Black Magic Door This time, there are already three magic doors in the five neighboring counties, and I don’t know who has offended the magic way in the summer home.
If it weren’t for the variable Sun Hao, this summer’s family would be doomed.
Everything is predetermined when you drink and peck.
Xia Jia’s life should not be unique, so Sun Hao appears at times.
Landing at the peak, Sun Hao has no scruples. When a fire sword appears in his hand, he drinks a "fire sword rotation" in his mouth. There are bursts of fireworks in the fire sword, forming a roulette head-on collision with Lei Zhong’s trapped technique.
The presence of the sword light and the knife collides with each other, as if the blood met the fire and burned
Fire sword wheel blood moon was torn apart one by one.
Many fire swords have broken through the blood moon to block the blood man Tu Leizhong.
"Good" Blood Man Tu is not surprised but rejoices. "Sun Xiong really got a lesson from Lei Mou, ha ha ha". In the laughter, his body flashed to avoid Sun Haojian’s dancing wheel and cut his mouth and said, "It’s time for the old depression to start …"
Sun Hao saw the image of an old farmer in the line of sight as soon as he moved in his heart. The monk’s face was full of deep wrinkles, and his small eyes were a little cloudy. His hands were as big as a thin fan, and every finger seemed to be too thick to bend. His skin was wrinkled a bit like bark, and his wrinkled face showed a gloomy smile. "You can have a good taste of Sun Hao’s poisonous array. I will prepare a gift with you …"
Poisonous array? Yes, Sun Hao’s heart quickly reminds me of the information of the dark devil clan.
The Dark Devil Sect, also known as the Cult Sect, is a master of corpse-raising, and all kinds of heinous methods of corpse-raising are deeply hated and condemned by the Righteous Godsworn.
Seeing this monk Sun Hao of the Dark Door suddenly got the nickname "Blood Hand Slaughter". The Red Devils don’t slaughter civilians, but they are afraid of this man’s slaughter. However, this old depression is exclusive to the Dark Devils, so-called corpse slaughter koo.
The Red Devil’s Gate and the Dark Devil’s Gate are even in cahoots with each other.
Old Yu drank heavily and Sun Hao quickly recalled that there were corpses around Sun Hao. These zombies had a face like a toad, long and pointed nails, a maw with unknown cyan liquid, red eyes and bloodthirsty desire.