"Nonsense! Even if the living break into the ghost door, does he still want to cross the bridge? "

Naiqiao is the only way to connect The six great divisions in the wheel of karma and the only way to forget the Chuan River.
This is the world at one end of the Forgotten River and the other end of the Forgotten River is the other side.
All living things in this world want to be reincarnated and reincarnated, and they must walk across Naiqiao to reach the other side of this world.
But the problem is that Naiqiaogen is not a bridge for the living.
Even those ghosts can’t cross Naiqiao if they don’t go to the tenth floor of hell to wash their sins after the trial of Yamaraja in the Tenth Hall.
Only those pure souls can go to Innai Bridge.
Any ghost of Naiqiao who has a little sin will sink into the Forgotten River.
Niutou certainly doesn’t like some of Pei Wende’s actions, but it’s definitely not the result he wants to see when the other person’s soul sinks into the river of forgetfulness and disappears.
"Did you tell me that?"
Smell speech horse face nai sighed again.
Because when he was talking to Niu Tau, Pei Wende had already stepped on the Nai Bridge with the body of the Dragon Lady Bodhisattva on his back.
Poof …
Unexpectedly, however, Pei Wendegen stepped into the bottomless Forgotten River by stepping on the real Nai Bridge.
From a distance, it seems that the Naiqiao root is different, and it is a virtual shadow of forgetting the Chuanhe River.
However, Pei Wende, who was insane, did not notice this.
Stepping into the Forgotten River, he once again bloomed with golden light, and his golden body timely resisted the erosion of Forgotten River.
Buddhist practitioners stress that the golden body crosses the sea of suffering and finally reaches the other shore.
Although Pei Wende hasn’t reached that level, he can’t destroy the golden body, but this situation is subtly in line with the pursuit of "crossing the bitter sea and reaching the other shore"
However, ordinary Buddhist practitioners want to escape from the world of mortals and sufferings, but Pei Wende has now stepped into the underworld.
"Still the leng wear stem? Save people! "
Angry stared at his partner, and the cow head did not hesitate to grab Pei Wende in front.
Click …
Listening to a crisp burst instantly sounded the original quiet Forgotten River, just like a broken mirror suddenly set off a stormy wave.
Immediately after the horse took a deep breath, he grabbed the cow head that was almost involved in the Forgotten River.
"You are a pretty you didn’t realize that this is his chance? !”
As if in response to the horse’s words, Pei Wende was involved in the Forgotten River. Instead of sinking, he floated up in his eyes.
"This … how is that possible?"
I can’t believe that those bull’s-eye bulls suddenly feel that they are broken at this moment.
"He is a natural person, and there is no eternal cause and effect."
Sighed a horse face slightly and saw the bull’s head still didn’t react, explained the mouth
"He should be a reincarnation of a congenital ghost like our husband, and he is the first time."
"Forgotten Sichuan River can wash his sins in this life …"
"It’s just that his practice in this life is the result of Buddhism and Dharma more than his karma, and he’s not worried that he will sink into oblivion."
At this point, the horse voice paused a little before continuing to say
"Rather, after being washed away by a sin, you can find that unclean spirit …"
"By that time, he will be able to achieve great success without the accumulation of eternal life."
When this was said, the eyes of the bull’s head got bigger.
Although there is no shortage of strong men who have become Yang gods and crossed the other shore, only they, the real Yin gods, know that these strong men are often not made in one lifetime.
Only by accumulating the cause and effect of the past can they pave the way forward, and it is possible for them to follow the path in their future life.
Or, to be more precise, there is never an end to the practice of Taoism.
Before the birth of Yang God, it was the limit for practitioners that Yuan God ascended to the position of ghosts and gods …
The innate realm of immortality before the two schools of Buddhism and Taoism can explore Shou Yuan’s limit is that several people pursue immortality …
Seeing that this venerable King Kong can reach the peak that previous people can achieve with one’s strength.
No matter whether he can break through the limit of Yang Shen in the future, several people have already reached the peak.
This may be the same as the master of his own 500-year reincarnation-Taishan Fujun.
"Who was his predecessor? Actually have such potential? "
Natural forces manifest innate ghosts and gods. Not everyone has the courage to give up their own strength again and again and break through their own limits from scratch, like the Taishan government.
At the very least, tauren has the courage to voluntarily give up his strength in his endless career, and ghosts and gods can count it with one hand.
"According to Fan Blame, it may be a earthworm?"
I couldn’t help but pick my eyebrows, but my eyes stayed for a long time, forgetting Peiwende in the river.
"Congenital ghosts and gods are born of faith, and all beings worship things and have ghosts and gods …"
"Maybe his predecessor was a Long Mai who was unwilling to be bound by the earth vein and wanted to walk like a creature!"
Chapter 41 Forget the fate of Sichuan Bodhisattva
Going …
Passionate forgetting the river and sweeping the waves, wailing like a wolf, Pei Wende echoed in his ear.
When Pei Wende’s mind returned to the body, he didn’t notice that he had stepped into an endless source river when he didn’t know it
There is no head and no tail. The river is deep and serene.
Even though the surface of the river has set off waves, it seems to be quiet since ancient times, but it is still so eye-catching …
Forget all the troubles and pains in the world, leaving the purest ray of cognition to return to the beginning, which is the high realm pursued by Buddhism-great silence
[Forgotten River? 】
Wandering in a trance, Pei Wende looked up as if he saw thousands of reincarnation creatures.
Involuntarily, the mandala enchantment, which contains the possibility of limitation, quickly appears on the surface of the enchantment of three buddhas, buddhas, thousands of arhats and several concubines.
It is like imitating the operation mechanism of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma. Every turn of the mandala boundary is a reincarnation.
People in hell, evil spirits, animals, heaven and man, Asura …
In the blink of an eye, this mandala enchantment has evolved into a six-layer enchantment with the same origin but different, depicting a scene of all beings.
All tangible and tangible life in this world is included in the three realms, six roads and all sentient beings.
-Buddha’s Light Six Wheels!