No.773 snake demon

On this night, Pi two dog and his party arrived at Baton Thani Hotel for dinner. He Xiang’s mobile phone had something to say.
Chi Hexiang saw that her face turned pale and she didn’t answer.
"Pear fragrance, who did you ask her?"
When Tian Huilixiang asked, he asked, "The boss is Akun’s eldest son Wu Shengnu. Wu Shengnu has always had a crush on Chi Hexiang. When he learned that Pava City was broken, Wu Shengnu called Chi Hexiang to inquire about her!"
Speaking of Wu Chengnu’s May Day patting his thigh, he said, "Boss, I remember that this Wu Chengnu is in a mess with my former boss! Sand can have today’s status because Wu Shengnu spent a lot of money to make it happen. Wu Shengnu is a woman who can’t move his legs when he sees women. Sandy is responsible for helping him find beautiful women. Wu Shengnu is responsible for sending guns and equipment! This person is very cunning and proficient in Yi Shu, especially the male and female can’t even recognize his father! "
"Oh, Ah Wu, this information is very important. Go back and reward you with 500 thousand!" Pi two dog said that I have a perspective eye, and you can’t escape my critical eye.
"Thank you, boss!"
Pi two dog is called Li Xiang. "You tell Chi Hexiang that you have escaped from Pava City and asked Wu Shengnu Gucheng to appoint a meeting place!"
"It’s the boss!" Tian Huili Xiang is to translate two dog dialect to Chi Hexiang, so that Chi Hexiang nodded. She made a message to meet Wu Chengnu at the Hilton Gucheng Hotel.
"Li Xiang, do you ask her if she has a photo of Wu Shengnu?"
Chi Hexiang can understand the Mandarin of China. When the boss asks for photos, he turns out the photos of Wu Shengnu from his mobile phone.
Seeing the photo of Wu Shengnu surprised two dog. This man is tall, powerful, particularly handsome and handsome.
Satiated with food and skin, two dog and his party sent a ghost to Bai Dong Frost to protect Chihe Xiangan in the hotel and door-to-door two sets of skin.
Take two flowers, one for each table. Besides, Wu Shengnu, the commander of Akun, immediately organized his hands to locate and track the position of Chi Hexiang after he connected his mobile phone.
It didn’t take long to report that "the boss Chi Hexiang Baton Thani is currently staying in a Chinese hotel!"
"Ok, I know!" Find out the exact location of Chi Hexiang, Wu Shengnu immediately contacted his best friend Sandy, who rushed to send two female killers to Baton Thani without stopping.
It took about half an hour to knock at the door of Pi two dog’s couch suite. Du Wen’s maid, Ma Pearl Krabs, was about to go to the doorskin. two dog pulled her back and said, "I’ll do it!" Looking out from the door, I found a tall woman close to the dining car. two dog clearly saw that the woman was hiding a large caliber pistol and two regular bombs!
When he saw Pi two dog, he hissed and took a chill breath. He quickly lowered his voice and called Bai Dongshuang. Bai Dongshuang received his instructions and turned it into a wind. He slipped out of the door and confiscated the female gun. Suddenly, she appeared and locked her throat and dragged it into the room.
Pi two dog found two small bombs and bullets from the female killer at the first time before kicking away. The gun was pointed at the female temple and said, "Who told you to come?"
"I won’t say you killed me!"
One punch flew to the front teeth of this female killer, and two front teeth came to Pi two dog. "I don’t have that much patience to give you a minute without talking, and I will paint your face!"
Said Pi two dog pulled out a sharp knife and gestured before the female killer.
The female killer’s face turned pale and her heart trembled. "No, I’m a sandman!"
"What does Sandy have to do with Wu Shengnu?" Two dog said that it is a woman after all. Women value their faces more than their lives.
"They are two iron alliances. If one is in trouble, the other will fight for support. It can be said that they wear a pair of pants!"
"Are you alone? Sign up! "
"Yes, it isn’t! The nickname Chen Baonan is a jade Guohua! " After saying his word, two dog suddenly felt something abnormal behind him. Turning back, he put a sudden rope down to the window with one hand and shot down a female killer. Falling from the fifth floor, a big bang broke out, just like setting off a firecracker.
Two dog’s heart trembled, and the killer exuded a need to let people see that steep gave birth to a kind of discomfort
And this killer named Chen Bao, a man and a woman, saw that Pi two dog’s power with one punch was so terrible that he became pale and speechless.
"Who are the accomplices besides her?" Pi two dog alert way
"The boss sent two people to the sand. This is Chen Baojuan. She is not a person. Even if she falls from the tenth floor, she won’t die! But it’s scary that you beat her up with one punch! " Chen Baonan eyes full of fear way
"I can see that Chen Baojuan is a demon. At present, I can drop the demon!" Pi two dog installed a comparison.
"Boss, she is one thousand snake demon mana is very strong! You are that first Daniel to beat her! "
"Chen Baonan, do you want to live?"
"Boss, you are amazing. Don’t kill me. I am willing to submit to you and work for you!" Chen Baonan plopped down on his knees
"How sure is Chen Baonan if he lets you persuade Chen Baojuan to surrender?" Skin two dog touch nose way
"To be honest, the boss is not sure that Chen Baojuan is a confidant of the sand. Unless she is defeated, she will not be sincere even if she surrenders!" Chen Baonan flatly way
"Good you get up! I’ll consider let you join us when you hand in a ballot that satisfies me! "
"Thank you, boss!" Chen Baonan was immediately excited when he heard that Pi two dog was willing to take him in, but she wondered that the beautiful woman just now came and went so fast that she was as terrible as a ghost!
If she knew Bai Dongshuang was really a ghost, I don’t know what expression she would have.
"Pear fragrance, you let Chi Hexiang drop the phone!" This is Pi two dog’s carelessness. Wu Shengnu, they can locate by mobile phone.
"It’s the boss!"
"Chen Baonan, flush your mobile phone card into the toilet and go to my card ball pass." Pi two dog saw that Chen Baonan did have the sincerity to surrender and was more at ease with her.
"Boss Chen Baojuan should sneak attack in the middle of the night! She is a snake for a while and a person for a while! "
"Don’t worry about this. Staring at her in the cold weather is to die!"
Seeing that Pi two dog said that she had no intention of backing out, she suddenly looked stupid and said, "Boss, will you subdue the demon?"
"The boss can’t subdue the demon. Who is Kun?" Tian Huili sweet over supercilious look way