"I bet you dare not spend so long without him. You are afraid of ruining your reputation as a famous teacher," Tie Guai Li urged.

"I didn’t think so. Don’t put a top hat on me," Han Zhongli denied.
"Then you can have a ten-test room." Tie Guai Li waited for this sentence and hurriedly added.
"Er … this …" Han Zhong was afraid to promise when he heard this.
Then the conversation turned to "by the way, today is a great event for Shuanglu. Don’t talk about this. Don’t talk about this."
"You …" Tie Guai Li was about to laugh at him.
Han Zhong-li saw that Tie Guai Li was not right and hurriedly added, "Oh, that long room is a smelly temper of bedbug reincarnation."
As I say, just find someone else. "
"Go to you say easy? The old gentleman and the immortals have appointed Xianyi. Who do you want me to change? " Tie Guai Li heard him say so and swept his face with a wave of his sleeve.
"Ha, ha, ha, is that long room really so difficult?" Lv Dongbin asked with a laugh.
Tie Guai Li and Han Zhong looked at each other and said, "We bet!"
"What’s the harm in trying?" Lv Dongbin laughed.
Then the immortals stopped feasting and urged Lv Dongbin to hurry up.
Lv Dongbin left when she took Lingqing.
"Hey, you said you were going to spend time with someone. I didn’t say what you were holding me for?" Away from the free and unfettered in Lingqing jilt Lv Dongbin hand asked.
"Let’s brothers work together and we will be able to do it." Lv Dongbin looked at him and laughed.
"It’s not like you haven’t heard of this long room?" Lingqing shook his head. "I don’t know how many times Tie Guai Li complained.
He really doesn’t think it is good to practice.
In this way, it is impossible to quantify the Tao in people’s hearts
You have to go through all kinds of hardships, and it is the only way to know when you have a big understanding. "
Ling Qing never felt that others had to ask for cultivation of immortality, and even less would she repeatedly turn to a Taoist who didn’t want to ask for cultivation.
He himself went through a lot of hardships and tests before he was valued by Master.
He also taught Xu Xian not to sell his way cheaply.
Naturally, I won’t touch this bad head.
"Oh, don’t say that. He is also a fairy who will help Tie Guai Li to change him as soon as possible." Lv Dongbin refused to give up.
"Besides, I haven’t done anything before all the immortals’ homes, so I’ll go back in despair. Isn’t it embarrassing?
And you’re my brother. If you don’t help me, who will? "
Ling Qingnai shook his head and asked, "What are you going to do?"
"Just come with me." Lv Dongbin took Lingqing to the city near Changfang’s seclusion to cure people of incurable diseases.
This long room is a general with great powers.
Later, the fine world of green cattle spread the plague and sold water, so that someone could give him a view of green cattle.
I saw it in the long room, but the young ox did harm and destroyed his temple.
So he was hated by Qingniu Jing and almost tortured his mother to death.
Later, Han Zhongli took away the essence of green cattle, and Tie Guai Li gave it to his old mother, his dumb wife, Zhen Niang, and the three of them to eat Changchun pills so that they could prolong their lives.
Since then, they have lived in the mountains for fear of being suspected of being monsters.
From time to time, I also play some game to the city to change some necessities.
On this day, he heard someone shouting in the street that it can cure strange diseases and dumb diseases. Be careful.
Because his wife, Zhen Niang, could not speak, the two had a lot of misunderstandings at first, although they are almost in heart now.
But if we can cure Zhen Niang’s disease and let her talk, it is also a happy event.
But he came near to see almost the same Lv Dongbin and Lingqing, but they were one leng.
Then I remembered that they were very similar to a Taoist priest he had seen before, that is, Donghua Emperor immediately turned away with a cold hum before reincarnation.