The water around the island is covered with a layer of array method, which can isolate the spiritual exploration. It is precisely because of this array method that Xu Rencai did not find out to take out the submarine cave.

Xu Ren’s spirit-eating worm can directly bite a small hole in the law barrier, but after the spirit-eating worm gets in, his special connection is not broken, which is why he can find the water cave with the help of the spirit-eating worm.
Xu Ren’s mind turns to crack the water array method.
The water array here is very special. It is difficult for ordinary people to break it, but Xu Ren is not ordinary people, so this array can’t stop him naturally.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and sixty Contradictions
North Xuanzhou is an important place for Xu Ren, and he is not willing to give up North Xuanzhou until he dies.
That’s why he doesn’t allow accidents in North Xuanzhou, not even a little accident.
Once the inferno combined with the fierce Yang dynasty is also a key place for Xu Ren to study. He doesn’t want to wait for the inferno attack in the West Hezhou and worry about the fierce Yang dynasty behind him.
It turns out that it is necessary for Xu Ren to conduct a carpet search of the spirit-eating insects after his caution, or did Xu Ren find traces that the six magic sects had missed?
Xu Renxu’s spirit shield locks the surrounding and waters before entering the water to crack the array that hinders them.
It’s not a problem that Wei Yan’s strength breaks this law, but Xu Ren didn’t let him do it. Because of this, it’s hard for him to beat Wei Yan, a master at this level.
After a slight fluctuation, Xu Ren has successfully cracked the law here, and then Xu Ren felt that there was a magic gas released from the law.
Xu Ren is very familiar with this magic gas, which comes from the magic domain.
Xu Ren walked against the water and went straight into the cave.
The cave is very deep, and the deeper you go, the heavier the magic gas becomes.
When Xu Ren went deep into it for about 100 feet, who gradually became shallow? Xu Ren and others also surfaced directly and finally went straight to land.
To Xu Ren’s surprise, although it is deep in the cave, it is not a dark cave. The stone wall of the cave is inlaid with blue stones, just like a group of flickering jack-o’-lantern.
"This place is really scary."
Shen Tengyun frown this place reminds him of the palace where the giant mushroom met in the ancient battlefield in the north. There are also some similarities here.
"Look at your little ambition. A man is so timid."
Zhu yuque glanced at Shen tengyun and said
"All right, don’t make any noise. I suspect that there is a sending law here, but it hasn’t been started yet. But when the time comes, this law will definitely be started, which will be a huge disaster for us in North Xuanzhou. Therefore, we have to completely destroy this sending law."
Xu Ren stopped Zhu Yuqiu and Zhu Zhu ridiculed Shen Tengyun. Now it is not a question of who is brave and who is timid. When they need to send the law here, it will completely destroy the invasion of demons.
"How stingy"
Zhu Yu finch Zhu Zhu muttered a sentence but there was only this sentence.
Xu Ren ignored Zhu Yu finch Zhu Zhu, and his figure flashed towards the depths of the cave.
When Xu Ren rushed to the depths of the cave, several black arrows were suddenly shot around him.
"Be careful with the arrows. Don’t attack those arrows. They are poisonous."
Xu Renjing knew without looking that these arrows were poisonous and all were special poisons, and those poisons were specially treated, which could directly hurt people or form a unique attack by colliding and releasing gas.
"I like highly toxic."
Dongyan said there were several vines around, which directly formed a giant cocoon of vines and wrapped all the monks.
Shen Tengyun robust also power inside and woven a layer of vines.
Whether it’s Dongyan or Shen Tengyun, the vines they gave birth to are not ordinary vines. Those vines are very tough. Generally, the attack roots are broken and the defense is broken. Those arrow attacks are not weak, but they are nailed in the vine cover.
However, the poison contained in the arrows of the nail vine cover will soon be swallowed by the outermost vines, and those that are not swallowed will be purified by the vines and directly become poison.
Xu Ren released his mind, and his mind was restrained outside, but not here, so he could clearly perceive the situation ahead.
In this way, Brother Xu Renzhong has been walking in the tunnel for two hours.
The vines are already overwhelmed, but fortunately, they have now gone out of the cave and entered a bigger one.
There is a high platform in this Fiona Fang, and there is a pool around it, which is full of bright red liquid. Xu Ren knows what those bright red liquids are without looking, because there are bursts of blood gas in the pool.
"Are these all human blood?"
Dongyan immediately became gloomy after smelling the blood.
"It should be, but this blood pool has an array method to protect the blood from coagulation. The blood here has accumulated for at least a hundred years, even hundreds of years."
Xu Ren also frowned, even if this blood pool has been around for hundreds of years, if it’s all human, it’s worth hundreds of plans.
"These demons are really evil."
Even Wei Yan, who supervised the bloody scene, couldn’t help being angry.
"The high platform should be a sending array method, and the scale should be still very large. This blood pool should be a kind of traction to ensure the right time to start the operation of the six magic sects. It seems that we have to check other places well."
Xu Ren is also the first time to see such a scene. Although Xian Zun has many experiences in dealing with demons in his memory, he has never seen such a way.
"I’ll destroy this place."
Wei Yan is really angry and wants to destroy this place directly.
"The elder can’t be here, and he may have deployed our brute force to destroy it, fearing that we will also be implicated. So I’ll do these things first, find the loopholes in the array and then try to crack them."
Xu Ren didn’t let Wei Yan do it. It’s not that he didn’t believe in Wei Yan’s ability. Actually, Wei Yan’s strength could destroy the island in an instant, but then he didn’t know what the consequences would be. Xu Ren didn’t want to let the monks around him have an accident, so he needed to think of the safest and least unexpected method.
"I know you have more ghosts, so you can think of some way."
Wei Yan still believes that if Xu Ren fights, one hundred Xu Ren is not enough for him to fight, but he can’t beat Xu Ren than the one hundred in mind.