Large tracts of Xiayun suddenly appeared in Xiandi Mansion and then rushed at it unusually quickly.

Days ago, they just escaped, but they were stunned when they didn’t keep their feet steady.
Song Lao Dao kept shaking his mouth, and he suddenly felt that he had no strength, uneven road and even weaker, and he had slumped to the ground.
"The dragon is in its place … how can it be impossible …" Song Laodao felt that he could surprise himself with one thing tonight for hundreds of years.
Wu Yan, the king of Dan, and the other six-battle-locked fairy array are still trapped in a cage surrounded by their own cloth. At this moment, seven people have given up fighting at the same time, and their eyes are unblinkingly looking at the direction of the fairy emperor’s mansion. The six reformed fairy beasts have climbed the ground in order, and their huge bodies are constantly trembling, and there is no such fierce appearance just now.
Dan Wang’s clothes are torn, and I don’t know how many big holes he has. His strength has been locked in the fairy array for six battles, but the six people are also having a hard time being beaten by Dan Wang’s strange attacks, and several people have been injured.
"Ha-ha" The image of Dan Wang Hao laughed. "The dragon is back. Ha-ha. It’s rare to see the scene in ten thousand years. The old man actually met the royal beast. The royal beast pitied you. After thousands of years of hard work, someone else finally made a wedding dress. Long Mai actually gave birth to the dragon. Come on!"
King Dan clapped his hands and laughed at the same time, without the image of the old-timer of the celestial world, just like a child seeing something very interesting.
All the people in Hehuanzong are confused about what King Dan is laughing at.
The two Luo Tianxian in the Six Battle Lock Fairy Array are a face of pig liver color.
The return of the dragon is not good news for all those who covet the immortal throne, especially for the royal beast immortal king.
The dragon’s return to the celestial world has only appeared once.
The man who was put back is the kind-hearted immortal emperor.
Boss Li was so tense that he knew that he had been stared at by the dragon, which was a feeling of almost being destroyed.
"Roar …" Hovering around the fairy emperor mansion, the dragon looked up at Long Ming, and then his tail swung straight at the fixed boss Li Da.
Boss Li suddenly felt that heaven and earth were dark and his asshole was jumping tightly.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-two The stars change color.
The streamer flashes and pours
Those who suddenly appeared in the colorful glow of Xiandi Mansion rushed straight towards the celestial dragon, while the dragon spread its huge head and aimed at Boss Li in the sky.
A strange color and scene suddenly appeared in the sky, and even if it is thousands of years away from the sky, you can clearly see the vision tonight.
The dragon returns to its place, and the whole celestial people seem to hear that Long Ming, which is a sound that completely rings their hearts.
After several repairs, the immortal felt that the heartstring was violently touched.
It is said that when the dragon returned to its original position for the first time, the sky was in a state of turmoil, and the whole celestial world was filled with a strange aura, which was a peaceful atmosphere that all people in the celestial world yearned for.
Now the stars are brighter than the sky, and a huge star array rotates rapidly, and the whole celestial ground shakes for three points. The original hidden underground aura of the celestial world is triggered by a medium and emerges.
There has never been such a rich aura in the whole celestial world. Those immortal people or immortals who are not cultivated are stunned but are delighted to feel and absorb these suddenly increased aura.
The bubbles in the pregnant fairy lake rolled and the lake churned, and the number of reverse channels stopped rotating in an instant, just stopping there strangely, with huge eddies and ferocious faces like the autumn wind at the lake showing that they had never been seen clearly.
Comrade Lao Qiu’s eyes widened, and his hand fell, just hitting his instep without knowing it.
Poor old comrade Qiu has no idea what happened.
The fairy forbidden area is absolutely forbidden, and several fairy beasts roared at the same time in the far north of the Yin Valley. The leaves that resonated together shook the towering trees.
Somewhere in the celestial world, in a huge invisible floating palace.
A middle-aged man is closing his eyes and meditating. He is crawling at his feet like a dragon fairy beast.
The quiet fairy beast suddenly shivered, raised its drooping eyelids warily and shrank back constantly.
"Roar ….." A grumpy angry roar came from this fairy beast’s mouth.
Middle-aged people’s faces changed greatly, and their pleasant expressions were instantly replaced by panic and anger.
"Click click ~ ~" is a little crunchy.
The middle-aged man slowly turned his stiff head, the magic weapon that transcended the Nine Immortals and took his own energy to refine-the Heaven Palace actually cracked several gaps in this moment.
Several zigzag cracks in the wall of the Palace of Heaven show the middle-aged man that great changes have taken place in the sky.
To some extent, the Palace of Heaven and the Long Mai of Heaven are staggered, because it was taken from the aura of Long Mai when refining the Palace of Heaven.
And heaven palace has changed so much that it can be said that Long Mai has been completely destroyed.
Outside, four people came in in a hurry, with bright eyes, and Xiu reached the level of Xian Jun one by one.
"My Lord …" One of them worried.
The middle-aged man was livid and stretched out his hand to stop the other party from receiving the words.
"I have my own opinion. Go to your palace. The Palace of Heaven is still no match for Nine palace map in the morning."
The four men who came in looked at each other and hesitated, so they retreated with their fuels. "I know, my Lord."
Wait until four people went out, and the middle-aged man showed a contemptuous smile "which old friend is Long Mai who can destroy the sky?" After thousands of years of comfort, it’s time to get out. "
Li big boss at the moment is bitter could not say.
Facing the first fairy beast in the celestial world, the dragon in the celestial world can’t stand it anymore, let alone face it directly.
Li Chengzhu had no doubt that if he was hit by a dragon like this without moving, he might not even know a little minced meat.
That is an absolute destructive force.
Even if the dust is destroyed by the dragon, it can no longer be called dust
The colorful glow in the sky finally hit the dragon body and was driven by the high-speed flying body of the dragon. Those colorful glow immediately accompanied the dragon and attacked the boss Li Da.
It’s outrageous to have a lot of aura, but boss Li doesn’t feel the slightest excitement
Li Chengzhu wants to move, even if the bleeding light protects the gods, even if the later repairs are directly reversed to the original half, it is better than waiting for death here.
But big boss Li completely accepted it.
When Li Chengzhu made up his mind to secretly carry out the lotus flower protector method, he suddenly found himself unable to mobilize the aura.
Not only the aura in the air can’t be mobilized, but even the aura of hiding your body can’t be mobilized.