Paused, he added, "Martial Uncle said that Nezha is the reincarnation of Lingzhu to assist you."

This is a good thing.
But he’s such a non-indiscriminate killer, even in the future, it will make heaven and man accuse you of abusing demons and killing evil in vain.
Also said that I Xuanmen Yuan Shibozu, Taiyi Shishumen are full of such indiscriminate killing koo people.
Isn’t it a shame for Uncle Taiyi and my Xuanmen?
In the future, will my porch be like heaven and earth? "
Taiyi’s real Ji pointed to Lingqing and said angrily, "You young players are talking nonsense and watching being original will teach you a lesson."
Then he fought the sword and killed Lingqing.
Seeing this, Empress Shijie couldn’t help feeling angry any longer. She held the Tai ‘a sword in her hand and beheaded the real Tai-yi. She shouted, "Tai-yi, how dare you run wild on the Skull Mountain?"
Taiyi was busy with the sword, and the two men clashed with each other.
I didn’t see the clouds, pyroxene, and Empress Ji threw up the divinatory dragon and beard to hurt the real person.
The real person laughed, "How can all evil invade the right!"
There is a saying in the mouth, and a finger in the hand says, "Is it more time for this thing to fall?"
Cried the hexagrams and fell into the future.
Shijie’s angry face turned into a peach blossom sword like a snowflake
Taiyi reality can’t cope at the moment, and the heart says, "Things have to be done."
Jump out of the circle and throw the Kowloon Shenhuo cover in the middle.
In an instant, nine dragons were cremated by the gods all over the sky, and one side of the glazed fire cover came to the rocky cover.
Empress shiji missed the opportunity when she tried to escape for a while.
Sighing in my heart, I suddenly saw that there were nine doors around me, and when I turned around, I framed the Kowloon Shenhuo cover.
When I turned to look, I saw that it was Lingqing’s hand.
I was surprised to see that the Kowloon Shenhuo Hood was defeated by nine strange doors.
Then he took out a BRICS Ling and threw it at the Empress Shijie.
Empress shiji fell behind when she was hit by the golden brick, and she spit out samadhi’s true fire.
Taiyi’s real person saw the sword again and wanted to get the first hand.
Lingqing reached out and shook hands with the royal spirit whip, but I held the sword in his hand.
Mouth drink a way "ShiShu said but reason will come to high-handed crime?
Previously, Nezha’s words were inconsistent, and now Uncle Shi is bullying the younger generation with his elders, so he has to do this difficult job.
Such a nephew is really ashamed of you. "
Taiyi’s real person said with a sword in his mouth, "I will not spare you today if you dare to insult my name by rhetoric."
You can fight for a few rounds with the royal spirit whip in the hands of Ling Qing, but you still can’t see the work.
When I jumped out of the circle again, I took out the BRICS from the treasure bag and called Lingqing.
Lingqing sneered and said, "Why don’t you come to make a fool of yourself when you’re not prepared for such means?"
Then, with a wave of his robe, thousands of stars twinkled and the golden brick was collected.
This robe is exactly what the Milky Way map has transformed.
Too b real heart a panic make a sudden snatch again with a treasure file.
Ling Qing’s head flashes with a golden light, and a treasure wheel will suppress it.
He didn’t fight back, but drank and asked, "Uncle Taiyi, if you have any magic weapon, just make it."
Taiyi reality angry hum a hand, a finger, a wind, a fire, two gold wheels flying like lightning, usually calling again with two flames.
The wind and fire are intertwined, and the more they are urged, the more urgent they are, and the faster they are like shining golden light.
Seeing this, Lingqing held out a treasure mirror in her fearless hands. It was Wan Baojian who flashed the mirror light as hot wheels.
In an instant, Wan Baojian’s spiritual lines flashed a pair of identical hot wheels rushed out of the mirror and twisted together.
"ShiShu what means? If you are poor in skills, you may sit down and talk about it? "