In the evening, the Duke’s Mansion was already crowded with people.

Yang Yuntian’s banquet, Yuan Ye, was also famous all over the city. Those who were not invited to celebrate with the city felt ashamed instead.
On that night, the Duke’s Mansion was resplendent and noisy, and the outer hall of the Duke’s Mansion was a public place on weekdays, while the middle hall was a place to entertain guests, and the back was a rest room.
In the spacious and bright hall, there are not many seats at the moment, but there are only sixteen seats, and each of them is a very important person.
Shen Shao’s star is not as vast as Xuan Ji’s world, and Shen Shao’s star is not as divided into ordinary people’s world as Xuan Ji’s world. Shen Shao’s star cultivates ordinary people to mix together, and the main force of Shen Shao’s star in the city is divided into many experts in Yufan City.
At the moment, except for Yang Yuntian, the duke, four top-level Yu Fancheng, with one exception, they are all masters. Of course, the master of the ancient fairy level is still a top master in those big powers, such as the war emperor Tiansheng in Midtown.
Yang Yuntian, the duke, sat in the main seat, Yuan Ye sat in the guest seat, followed by the green woman, Xiao Xiao, who was the master of the late ancient fairy, but her strength was in the sky, which surprised Yuan Ye. After all, her strength was respected, and Xiao Yun was just a woman, but she was so close to herself that she could occasionally appreciate the beauty. Although she didn’t look as beautiful as Duanmu Yunji, Duanmu Yun compared her temperament, and even Duanmu Yunji didn’t need to say anything. This beauty was fuller than Duanmu Yunji, but Rui Xi compared it.
Opposite the small place is the master of the ghost god. It seems to be very acceptable to sit in the small place. Besides, it is such an occasion, but it is very obvious that she is sitting in the small place, that is, she has admitted that she is lower than the small position. Later, she will eat Yuan Ye tofu. Now Yuan Ye, the woman in red, knows that this little girl’s name is Mo Xiaoli, but she is a little good friend. Later, she will be a famous aristocrat in Yufan City.
In the center of the 16th hall, there are ten women wearing extremely thin shirts dancing in a special way. The ten women are almost visible in their thin shirts, and their ten beautiful women dance full of beauty. The spectators cheer these ten people from time to time, but Yang Yuntian specially comes to dance as a dancer, and it is rare to see a city noble.
Of course, I am also very indifferent to these performances. Compared with that little beauty, I seem to have taken care of such things long ago, while the little girl in red, Mo Xiaoli, pursed her lips and seemed to be very resistant to this kind of performance, especially when I saw those handsome men around me staring at the performance at this time, I was even more disgusted with Mo Xiaoli’s sudden face expression of Yuan Ye, the guest seat.
Yuan Ye is also enjoying the performance, but the indifferent expression is obviously different from that of other men. Mo Xiaoli winked at Yuan Ye and turned her head to look at him. I wonder if Yuan Ye was induced to look at him at this time.
Yuan Ye lifted the cup.
Cut a small stare and turn your head directly.
Sweat Yuan Ye smiled hard and had fun. It’s not that Yuan Ye faced these almost naked dances, but danced like this. He saw too many Shen Shao stars. After all, it was a little mysterious world. Yuan Ye saw a lot of attractive dances in the mysterious world. In fact, this kind of dance has no art at all. It’s just that people who didn’t mean to show their skin and seduce men. When they were trying to protect themselves, they were accidentally taken advantage of by Yuan Ye, which could cause Yuan Ye. If you really throw yourself, he would be angry with a sense of disgust.
It’s like Xiao Xiao is trying to protect himself. Yuan Ye feels great. Standing naked in front of him is also a feeling of bullying her. But when Mo Xiaoli is curious to see his younger brother, Yuan Ye feels immediately protected by being inoculated with tofu.
Wait until the ten nearly female retired.
The master of the castellan’s mansion came slowly and looked around the crowd. He said that the Jinshan crisis in Lin Nan was lifted by Lord Yuan Ye. It was really my feather that the city was a major event for the people in several surrounding cities. Today, the castellan’s adult gave a banquet for Lord Yuan Ye to celebrate the city, and it happened that Le Sheng’s little adult was also here. We played a song for the castellan’s little adult, and we also had a little fun for the people.
Well, as soon as the master finished speaking, many people howled. Le Sheng played the guzheng with one hand, which was simply divine. With this title of Le Sheng, his position was higher than that of ordinary ghosts and gods. He has long been known for a long time. Ordinary people didn’t have a chance to listen to the half-string sound. I have also heard that today’s ears are blessed. Haha, a stout man with a big ear and a full mouth was the first to howl.
Suddenly a castellan’s mansion was full of excitement, and even the guards behind the nobles were all full of joy.
Yuan Ye is one leng and can’t help but look at that little glance again. With its beautiful status, it’s even higher than that of the ghost gods. It’s absolutely impossible for the mysterious polar world to be absolutely powerful. No matter other conveniences, the idiot is still an anti-you with no strength. Even if other negative days are still the first, people look down on Yuan Ye. They know that Shen Zao’s star is not as strict as the mysterious polar world. But with other things, Yuan Ye really can’t accept it at the moment.
I’d like to hear Yuan Ye smile on her lips.
After a slight hesitation, I immediately apologized. I’m sorry that I was injured when I was in Lin Nanshan. Now my back wound has not healed. I’m afraid it’s inconvenient to play. But my good sister Xiao Li plays exactly as I do, and she doesn’t have a charm. Everyone plays a song.
Yang Yuntian, the duke, quickly laughed. It’s good that the young adults are really injured. The master is too reckless. I wonder if Lord Mo Xiaoli would like to play a song.
Lord Mo Xiaoli, you can’t refuse any more. We have already heard that you have done your best. It’s a beautiful chord. It’s also a heavenly sound. Suddenly people are booing again.
Yeah, well, I’ll just play a song, hee hee, Mo Xiaoli smiles and leave directly. In fact, she was prepared for such an occasion in her heart, and all her friends were present. These people will certainly not miss this opportunity, and they don’t think it’s appropriate to play a song, Mo Xiaoli.
Soon Mo Xiaoli brought a seat in the center of the guzheng. Mo Xiaoli made it easy for the central authorities to gently put the guzheng. At first glance, it was a very old treasure.
Jade hand gently plays the string guzheng sound, imitating the sound of nature, and the faint and clear sound reverberates in a hall. Everyone in the hall feels as if they have entered the world of string sound, completely immersed in it and forgotten the surrounding.
Even Yuan Ye has never heard such wonderful music, which has been around for three days. Although I have heard it, I always praise it. Today, when I hear it, I know that it is really beautiful.
Drink a glass of wine gently. Yuan Ye closes his eyes and appreciates it. He is amazed that he has never heard this wonderful music even in Xuanji Star. This little Shenqi Star is superior to others.
However, Yuan Ye never thought that all the things like music, sculpture and dance were highly ignored by people, which in turn hindered these industry exhibitions. Although there are more Xuanji stars than Shenji stars, the level of Xuanji stars, music, architecture and so on is not yet Shenji stars.
Even if you don’t have a little strength to spell this beautiful voice alone in Shenqi Star, you can be respected and worshipped, while in Xuanji Star, you just sit on Maggie’s position, which is far from the same level, but you can’t compete with Shenqi Star.
A song is still enjoyed by everyone. The 3.6 million pores of the human body are not smooth and wonderful. It took a long time for everyone to wake up from the sluggishness and shout loudly. Yuan Ye also applauded.
But now that little look at him.
Why Yuan Ye is one leng?
Let’s see if you just pretended not to look at those Maggie. I didn’t expect you to appreciate it. There was an accident in your little tone
People are praising her beauty and beautiful voice, and men often pretend to be indifferent in front of her. These things are actually trying to attract her attention, but they were taken advantage of by Yuan Ye. Just now, Yuan Ye was indifferent to those Maggie, but instead, she looked at her raising a glass of wine to her. It was natural that Yuan Ye was deliberately attracting her attention, but now Yuan Ye is focusing on Mo Xiaoli playing. Now Yuan Ye is not deliberately attracting her attention, but is really not a little lost in her mind.
Yuan Ye’s supercilious look can’t be turned over. On the other side of this big beauty, those nobles are not young girls, and they have long been unable to praise Mo Xiaoli.
Hee hee, I’m far worse than the young lady. I’m not even one tenth of him. Mo Xiaoli is smiling and in a good mood. In this world, if you are not strong and respected, you will be respected if you are excellent in other aspects.
Others are also a little sorry to admit that Xiao Xiao, who is known as Le Sheng Mei, has long been resounding through a famous star. Mo Xiaoli followed Xiao Xiao, but at the same time, Mo Xiaoli can play this sound. These people can’t help but think about what realm Xiao Guzheng can play.
After the banquet, it was already late at night, and Yang Yuntian, the duke of the banquet, was a little confused, and Yuan Ye, the protagonist of the banquet, was toasted better. Moreover, he had been in a high position for many years, so he had seen a lot of booze, but he was slightly drunk.
Lord Yang, you have a secret room here. I want to close it for a period of time. I don’t know if it will disturb Yuan Ye. I’m still sober when I bend over Yang Yuntian.
Don’t bother, don’t bother Yang Yuntian, waving your hand again and again. It’s also a hindrance for Lord Yuan Ye not to go to the rest day first and then close it.
It’s all the same. Let’s close it now. I’m sorry to disturb Lord Yang for too long.
Yang Yuntian waved some dizzy ways. If you really want to be locked up now, it’s not good to say more. You take Mr. Yang into the chamber of secrets.
Two beautiful maids came softly and saluted the adults.
The sound is as comfortable as a kitten.
This "Shen Shao" star is nothing ordinary people practice the world. It is also very common for this duke to practice the secret room. The two maids are obviously not ordinary maids, and they look extremely numerous. Plus, they practice something that makes people feel a little absent. Yuan Ye smiled and then stepped into the back.
After two maids led Yuan Ye directly into the chamber of secrets, there were two rows of candles on both sides of the chamber of secrets, which were stimulated by alcohol. Two docile maids helped Yuan Ye with some confusion. The average person could not resist the charm of this scene. Yuan Ye shook his head and looked at the two maids. Okay, take a rest. Don’t bother me on the retreat day.
Is adult two maid slightly disappointed light said, and then a look at the Yuan Ye then gently move lotus step away from the chamber of secrets and Yuan Yeren is cross legs sitting in a seat.
With the help of Lei Lingzhu’s strength, I should be able to make a big leap. After all, it is to restore my strength, not to practice simply. Yuan Ye is very convinced.