Although there are some ideas in my heart, the three women are obedient and look into the eyes of the sky.

When they looked into the eyes of heaven, a huge stream of information suddenly entered their minds.
They all know the display mode of Lingbo micro-step training method in a flash.
When they need to be familiar with it for a while, they can completely master the Lingbo micro-step.
"You are familiar with Lingbo first. In a few days, I will go to Loki to finish the payment as soon as possible."
Tian He and three girls bid farewell to their families from hephaestus.
He’s going to find Hestia and promised Hestia that 200 million Faritha has already got it from three girls, but there are still some outstanding payments.
Hestia’s potato ball stand has been closed.
God saw Hestia, but he wasn’t in a hurry to find Hestia, so he wandered around in Euler Li.
Euler Li is also very lively at night.
In particular, there is also a happy street in Oulali, where you can see all kinds of big sisters everywhere.
After wandering around the normal streets for a while, I decided to go to Happy Street to have a look.
Happy Street is the industry of the Ishtar family, and the Ishtar family base is composed of Amazon female warriors.
And what are those Amazon women like? Look at Diona and Dione and you will know that big waves wear less.
Although God doesn’t want to meet anyone, he really wants to see it.
Just as the day was about to go to Happy Street, suddenly a short catwoman in a black robe collided with the sky.
"I’m sorry!"
Catwoman leaned over and bowed her head, apologized and never looked back.
Tianxiao walked a long way, then turned around and went into an alley.
I don’t know when he has an extra purse in his hand.
After the day, I threw my purse and weighed it, and I was satisfied with it. I looked at the golden farley inside and laughed
"Good harvest today, but go to Happy Street to buy more clothes for those big sisters."
As soon as the cat girl fell, she slipped into the alley and said angrily, "Do you want to steal money for fun?"
The day after seeing Catwoman, she chuckled, "What do you mean stealing me? I played a game of exchanging money bags."
"What exchange? You don’t even have a Farley in your purse with a pile of stones."
Catwoman was even more angry when she said this.
When she stole the purse from Tianshen just now, her hand was heavy and full.
She also made a fortune, and as a result, she was excited to hit the purse, only to find that there was a stone in it, not money.
Then she found a more tragic thing, that is, her purse disappeared.
Her first suspect is the sky.
After all, who would put stones in their wallets?
When she returned, she heard that the day was going to take her money to Happy Street for fun, but she couldn’t help it and jumped out.
"You’re the one who offered to play this purse swap game with me."
Looking at Catwoman with a smile.
"I don’t want to change it. I’ll give you your purse back now. Will you give me my purse back?"
Catwoman made a pathetic appearance.
She was a little impulsive when she jumped out just now, but now she has calmed down.
It’s not good for her to be hard on the weather.
I can steal her money from her unnoticed, saying that my skill is not bad.
At least ask her.