More than a few younger brothers also hurriedly followed.
Li Pingan went to the backyard and went back to his house, floating around and sitting on the bed with a faint expectation. According to the unified wind, it should be regarded as a hidden reward.
"Ding ~ Congratulations to the host for completing the hidden counterattack against the abyss.
Evaluation b ~
Reward jade tripod avatar
Host evaluation is in charge of the laws of heaven, but you can’t open the abyss. Are you a pig?
Reward and evaluate the jade tripod avatar symbol, which can summon the jade tripod avatar quasi-saint in its heyday.
Yu Ding’s real person, Yuxu Palace, Yuan Tianzun’s younger brother once kept the immortal sword and realized a kind of immortal sword, holding a sword to cut down the immortals like stars. "
Chapter seven hundred and six Dominate out
Li Ping felt at ease and said with great anger, "You are the pig. Is it my fault?" It’s this world that’s all wrong and the virtual source is too weak. What can I do? It’s great that I can come up with this way to hit the abyss! " At this point, Li Pingan must definitely talk about unification. It’s not my fault, it’s the fault of the world. I’m not a pig!
"Ding ~ Yang Jian hit the abyss! Ding ~ Nezha hit the abyss door. "
Li Pingan’s eyes suddenly widened, and it suddenly occurred to him that both Yang Jian and Nezha seemed to have fought in the abyss. He was a little guilty and asked, "How did they do it?"
"ding! Friendship shows that breaking the boundary can break the time barrier. "
Li Pingan smile apologetically said "that this can teach me? ! After you want to scold scold casually scold "
"Ding ~ feel the host strongly asked heart reward day strike!
Reward and evaluate that the Heaven Strike was created by the Sanqing sage who realized Pangu Heaven, or the sword method, axe method or knife method was set to strike the sky. "
It sounds very strong when the sky strikes! Li Pingan quickly said in his heart, "Get a reward!"
Yuan Shen suddenly fell into a chaos, and a bright trajectory crossed the turbulent chaos, and the light gas rose and the turbid gas fell. The trajectory in his mind became clearer and brighter, and finally he became a sharp sword and filled his mind.
After a few months, when the sun rises and the sun sets, Li Pingan, in a trance, raised his hand and raised his finger to make a sword, crossed a track and murmured, "Tianyi Sword."
A bright light flashed across the room ~ the whole room gave a shock and trembled slightly. A sword mark appeared on the wall before it was repaired in an instant.
Li Pingan suddenly woke up and unexpectedly broke the Sanqing concept and said to himself, "How strong!" The hand stretched out and the seven-star Excalibur hung on the wall suddenly flew out of the palm.
The gate creaked a dozen times. Li Pingan flew from the gate to suspend the seven-star Excalibur David Tang in the hands of Sanqingguan. When he was drawn, he felt relieved that the seven-star Excalibur in the hands of the abyss gold hoop suddenly swung out and crossed a bright track. A gap was torn in front of him. Through the gap, he could see the opposite face of horror shadow demon Huo Cang.
The gap disappears in a blink of an eye. Li Pingan’s eyes show surprise and smile. A blow from heaven can really hit the crystal wall barrier.
Li Pingan said from the center of the courtyard that "receiving the reward jade tripod avatar" appeared in front of a whirlpool, and a card slowly fell.
Li Pingan reached out and grabbed the card. The whirlpool in his hand suddenly disappeared. Before taking the card, he watched the front. It was a picture of a handsome mountain peak. An old man was at the peak. His eyes were deep and he looked at the distance. A gray hair fluttered with the wind and he carried a sword. The whole thing exuded a lonely and bleak temperament.
Li Pingan was stunned by the breath in the picture, and then woke up instantly and hurriedly put the card away.
Eternal divine realm boom ~ Seven divine realms tremble at the same time, seven great wills awaken, and suddenly the situation changes, and colorful divine light covers the whole eternal divine realm.
The gods of the eternal gods trembled and looked at the changed world with fear.
Wu Shen God domain rising tone emperor statue appeared in the temple of Wu with his eyes open, bent down and said respectfully, "Welcome to the master of Wu."
At that time, the Yangping Emperor disappeared from the Wu Temple, and an eternal silence appeared. A middle-aged man with loose hair was sitting in the void. This was the master of Wu, Xiang Yu.
Xiang Yu, the master of martial arts, smiled and said, "Yangping, come and sit!"
The rising tone emperor floated to sit cross-legged in front of the martial master.
A bonfire rises in front of Wu’s master hand with a single shot, and he reaches out and grabs it next to him.
"roar ~"
"Ow ~"
"Who is it!"
The angry and frightened beast roared
In the roar of the beast, a monster beast with the level of God King was caught out of fear and struggled.
Master Wu reached out and shot the monster beast’s head and slammed it. He threw the monster beast’s body to the rising tone and said, "I haven’t eaten anything you baked for a long time."
Emperor Yangping skillfully dismembered the monster beast, took the monster beast’s hind legs and burned them with divine fire.
Master Wu asked, "What the hell happened to Xuxu?"
Emperor Yangping sprinkled seasoning on the animal’s leg and said, "The imaginary god suddenly appeared, unified the whole imaginary god. We sent him to supervise the war, and the king of God was beheaded and sent to the Coalition forces, which was also lost."
"Oh ~" Lord Wu frowned and said, "What is the origin of this god of the wild?"
The rising tone emperor shook his head and said, "We don’t know, it’s like a sudden appearance. The abyss once crusaded and sent more than 30 demon kings, and all of them failed."
After that war, we unanimously decided to suspend the vain action. "
Master Wu asked, "What?"
Rising tone emperor dignified said, "because of the abyss this time there was a very strange female demon king, who was a demon king, but she could play the role of the demon king and the Lord of the universe played a lose-lose game."
Therefore, we decided to postpone dealing with the virtual reality and let the Tao Lord resist the abyss. "
Wu master has no intention of saying, "God king is also a worm again."
Do you know that there is a god in the emptiness? "
Emperor Yangping flatly said, "No way!"
"The news from the master of the abyss is empty. The Lord of God, Qingluan Abyss, sealed the gluttonous Lord."