Yuanyang Golden Ship is a magic weapon for extracting the soul of one-horned golden mang by itself. The problems in the refining process make this Yuanling and the hull one, one glory and one loss.

Refining this dragon body into the middle can just raise the power of Yuanyang Gold Hull and the power of magic weapon consciousness.
Let this simple consciousness grow and let yourself feel at ease.
After all, this Yuanyang golden boat is handy for traveling instead of walking.
Slowly turn the dragon’s flesh into clouds of essence and pump it into all parts of the hull, so that the whole golden boat can be refined slowly.
In refining and chemical engineering, I feel that this golden boat is getting closer and closer, and I also feel that the power of this Yuanyang golden boat has been well improved, and my awareness of ascension has gradually increased and a lot of it has grown.
This refining is just after the refining in January, and Gao Cai walked out of the cabin. Because of the refining, he felt that Yuanyang Golden Ship stopped again.
When I stopped, Guihai also asked for audience outside the cabin.
"What happened again?"
Out of the cabin high just strange asked
"Here we are in Luo Cha Island!"
See Gao Cai out turtle sea said with a smile seems to be vaguely looking forward to color.
Chapter one hundred and fifteen State of Luo Cha
"Luo Cha Island? What is this place? "
Hear turtle sea words Gao Cai look confused and asked.
"Luo Cha Island, also known as Luo Cha Sea City, is a place where monsters and ghosts exchange goods in the sea. Occasionally, Terran monks come. If you need anything, you can exchange rare treasures here. This is a rare opportunity. Why don’t you change some treasures?"
Turtle sea looked at the Luo Cha sea with a face of excitement, and encouraged him to go into the sea. It was boring to sail in this sea. Turtle sea naturally wanted to see this place, especially when he escaped from the Dragon Palace that day. Many treasures were lost, just to see if he could find any treasures.
"By the way, there is a Luo Cha sea country, where the male is extremely ugly, but the female is extremely beautiful and knows some spells. This sea area is also a bully and submits to the Dragon Palace. Even so, the average person will not bother. However, these Luo Cha countries are also some brave and ruthless people, and they rarely concentrate on practicing. For some high-minded people, it doesn’t mean that this Luo Cha country has a different kind of princess. By chance, after getting an ancient fairy tradition, they will concentrate on practicing and get the true fairy fruit hundreds of years ago and marry the evil couple in this sea area by Niu Mowang.
Seems to think of what turtle sea look a clot said slowly.
"Princess iron fan? ! Vigorously Niu Mowang! "
Hear turtle sea words Gao Cai is also a clot, but these two are absolutely strong, especially this Niu Mowang is not even an opponent. In the westward journey, almost all the people in heaven will make this Niu Mowang system.
It’s not good to provoke yourself at present, especially if you are trying to get the treasure of uniting the Yuan God rather than bring about troubles.
I don’t want to go to this so-called sea city to get any treasures, but it’s not good to see this turtle’s sea sample, so I will go against his wishes.
When you say, "If you have something to do, go ahead, but in two days, we will leave here and move on. If you don’t come back, I will forcibly detain you."
After that, Gao Cai ignored Guihai, let Guihai handle it by himself and enter the cabin to practice and wait for Guihai to come back.
Half a day later, suddenly there was a rumbling vibration outside the cabin, and Yuanyang Golden Ship couldn’t stop shaking and was violently hit.
Yuan Ling, the golden boat of Yuanyang, kept asking Gao Cai that Gao Cai had to wake up from the practice. His eyebrows flashed a little angry and he walked out of the cabin to see six huge silver sharks crashing towards his golden boat of Yuanyang.
Six silver sharks are as fierce as six hills. If it weren’t for Yuanyang’s good power, it would have been a wreck.
When you look angry, the bow looks behind the silver shark. There is a group of whale sharks guarding a purple palace in a row. Next to this purple palace, a team of dragon soldiers guards a huge white car.
It’s really quiet to see these people’s faces sink, but they don’t want to make trouble, but these things get to them.
Especially, these people kill people without asking, which makes Gao Cai kill suddenly and violently.
When the sword pill in his hand moved, six sword pills flew out of the golden rainbow and hit six silver sharks. He instantly killed the silver sharks, and then the sword pill picked the bodies of six silver sharks and drove them into the distance.
Seeing that six silver sharks on a hill are going to crash and drive out two lights from the purple palace and the white dragon car, they will wrap the silver shark and throw it into the distance.
Looking at flying out two beams of light, it’s cold to hum a sword pill in one hand, flying out of nine huge jin hong and hitting them in the distance. These people have angered their bottom line while they are closing their collision, but it won’t be polite.
Sword pill flying at the same time, a piece of blue lotus swaying across the sea appeared several firm but gentle blaster towards the square and swished several sword mans to kill whale sharks and dragon soldiers in the distance.