It is not difficult for the mythical Lord Wula to make a breakthrough in the small universe department of heaven at the peak of the Five Guards.

Three small six said that if you want to hit the purple snack holy land with a drop of JingXie, it must be blue star human blood.
According to Xu tui Xiao Liu’s further communication, it is really necessary to rely on Jingxue to hit the gate of Zi Xiao’s sacred land, and blue star human beings are a category for blood requirements.
More exactly, it should be Huaxia Terran.
However, Xiao Liu is not sure about this.
But in those days, the ancient heaven was able to give it people’s own blood to enter and leave the purple snack sacred land. The voucher department was born in Chinese blood.
It is not clear whether the mythical Lord Wula is Chinese blood, but it is definitely a blue star Terran.
With this three-point screening of Xu tuiji, it can be determined that this mysterious exchanger is the mythical master Ula.
It’s normal to meditate from the perspective of a bird’s-eye behind the gate of Shenxiao Mansion. This mysterious exchange will attack Kodo after peeping, including trying to rush into Shenxiao Mansion to get the seal of the Antarctic Immortal Emperor.
Even if this mysterious exchange is the mythical master Ula, then this exercise is normal, and Xu can’t afford to be angry.
After all, at that time, Xu retired as the chief priest of the Maya.
However, before he exchanged resources between the Maya and the Eldar, Xu Hui was furious.
Even if it is returned, it is not necessary to refine the seal of the Antarctic Immortal Emperor, but it also shows the importance of the seal of the Antarctic Immortal Emperor
This is six royal ones.
One of the real masters of the ancient heaven
Many people think that the ruler of heaven in the Middle Ages was the Jade Emperor, but the Jade Emperor was the head of six emperors.
The ancient heaven governs so many star fields that it can be seen from the twenty stars that the ruling area is far beyond the Milky Way.
With such a large ruling area, the six royal heads are only six royal heads, and its mastery of the handle is also extremely amazing
If this falls into the hands of the Maya, the consequences …
In other words, if Xu can’t return here, the seal of the Antarctic immortal emperor has fallen into the hands of the Mayans. Although it takes a long time to thoroughly refine, it still falls into the enemy.
At this moment, Xu retreated angrily, but it was also extraordinarily calm.
Bluestar Terran must be integrated. We can’t go like this anymore.
The enemy has not been killed at home, but has been killed at home and directly dug the grave of the ancestors of the Blue Star Terran, and some people in the Blue Star Terran Department have betrayed their own interests and betrayed the overall interests
If you go like this again, you don’t need the enemy to start work. The Blue Star Terran Department can kill itself!
That plan must be grasped.
Lei Guang, the mythological master outside Shenxiao Mansion, flickered around and looked at Shenxiao Mansion.
Although I can’t see anything, I still look and think.
Is it a refund?
Excalibur is too obvious.
So far, whether it’s the blue star Terran or the Eldar, or the Maya killing Excalibur, I’ll return the exclusive No.1 semicolon
Then the reasons for the pre-Muyamen’s death are clear.
What means did Xu retreat to be undercover among the Maya?
That’s why the pre-Mayan Ministry was established.
This is a good thing.
On the better influence on the overall situation of Blue Star.
But for a moment, the mythical Lord Ula thought of the low-level priest Kodo’s spirit to spy on him when Naif exchanged.
Before, I felt that the control of the Muyamen was lax, but now it seems that it is a retreat to explore their true identity.
In other words, Xu retired and doubted them!
That is to say, Xu tui, the undercover, has witnessed their trading process with the Maya and the Eldar.
There should be no real evidence left, but do you need evidence at the top?
No need!
Xu retired, but Shang Zhuo Cai Shaochu!
It is also possible to solve him quietly.
"Would they believe me if I said that I wanted to get more celestial seals quickly through exchange and didn’t betray the human interests of Bluestar from the root?"
As soon as I read this myth, Lord Ulla shook her head and no one would believe it.
Selfishness is not easy to evaluate.
Selfishness. Did he?
"It seems that my plan is going to advance rapidly, that is, Shang Long is a big problem …"
Whispering about the mythical Lord Ula, he suddenly made up his mind. "Why are they orthodox? So am I!
There is no need to hide after taking the small universe of heaven this time.
However, this refund can be solved or solved.
Get rid of he didn’t Huaxia resistance I grasp the plan more successfully … "
With the decision, the mythical Lord wants to send someone to stay.
But after a circle and a look at Shenxiao Mansion, he shook his head.