I don’t know when there is a faint and slow breath in the courtyard, but there is a gap flowing in the courtyard. The whole courtyard is covered by this breath, and even if it moves in instantaneously, it will touch this breath, and then it will attract heavy and vigorous momentum like a real mountain to suppress and nullify.

As soon as the room "snapped", Wu abandoned his figure and stepped in. The yard outside was almost humble with beds, tables and chairs, futons and incense burners … If it was a mortal world inn, of course, there would be no futon incense burners, but this is a place where monks gather in the city and sit quietly and concentrate. Naturally, things need to be prepared.
I glanced at it at random, but I saw a pale golden bell hanging on the side of the bed, with a bright sky. It seemed that there was a ban. I remembered that the former guy said that Wu Fu knew that this bell was the so-called bell-calling guest. If there is any need, of course, it is impossible to go to the counter in the building every time. You need to enter a spirit into the bell.
After looking at it, Wu abandoned his eyes and suddenly jumped between his eyes for a few minutes. At once, Wu abandoned the shrine and sat in the misty sea, and a figure opened his eyes at this time.
It’s like when the vague figure is illuminated by divine light, Wu abandons his eyes and suddenly feels that everything in the room has appeared in front of him. There is no secret at the bottom of his eyes. What’s more, the roads to maintain small forbidden methods such as cleaning dust and fixing gas are also clearly reflected in Wu abandons Yuan Shen. If he has a heart, he can analyze these forbidden methods.
Just a few staple goods color small forbidden method Wu abandoned nature is not interested, but after analyzing and confirming that there is no problem in this room, Wu abandoned his eyes again, but took Yuan Shenli back to the room and strolled for several steps without looking at the bed, and went directly to some of the futon incense burners in the room.
Wu abandoned his heart full of excitement and eagerness when he sat down. He can’t help thinking that he is planning, thinking that if he succeeds, he may get benefits. It’s not to mention that he is a monk who returns to emptiness, even if he is a Taoist, the strong will be tempted. If he is exposed, I don’t know how many strong people will be robbed.
Spit it out with a deep breath and don’t ignite the so-called concentrated incense burner. The divine power of the earth suppressed it to forcibly smooth out the violent emotional fluctuations at the bottom of my heart. After half a ring, Wu abandoned my heart and completely restored calm, and there was no trace of distractions.
A palm of your hand suddenly reached out and touched a knuckles black ring, and immediately you saw the light flashing. The palm of your hand turned over, and there was a familiar thing in his palm. The palm of your hand was full of complex rune lines, fine print and black spots … There seemed to be a lot of forbidden methods, and the breath was strange …
"domain disk"
At this time, Wu abandoned what he had in his hand. He spent a full 500,000 yuan from the third floor of the Treasure House to buy the map of the sea area of Chaos, which means that apart from the three major forces, other monks can get the best map of the sea area, and it is of inestimable value not to mention that he just remembers those dangerous places or some precious resources.
But it’s a pity that Wu abandon is not an ordinary monk. Although he doesn’t look at those places at all, he will never be too sorry. The reason why he wants this sea map is that there is another place to call out the domain. Unexpectedly, Wu abandon closed his eyes and called out another thing instead of going to see it immediately.
Wu abandoned the same strange things before, and the golden light flashed.
A thin page with a perfect golden face, words, pictures and symbols seem to be just a golden page, but if you look at it for the second time, you will find that the scene you see will become different immediately. Although the golden page is still a thing, it gives people a strange feeling of all kinds of things.
"the secret book of ancient times"
It was a great opportunity for Wu to be abandoned by Wu. A barren grave left by Vientiane Sect, an ancient superpower, got a mysterious page with many secrets.
Two things are floating. At this time, Wu abandoned his heart and excited again. But this time, he did not suppress it, but immediately began to do it.
I have long been connected with the page of the ancient secret book. When Wu abandoned it, I immediately saw that the golden page in front of Wu abandoned it was quietly floating. "Whew!" A golden light shot out and fell into the compass for a moment.
For a moment, the compass actually trembled with the faint light, and suddenly it became violent. A series of ripples came out like breath, and a circle of light spots slowly came out. The speed of the light spots was visible to the naked eye, and a strange map appeared. Wu abandoned the sea, sky and island in front of him …
"Boom" a soft pull force suddenly came to take the initiative to put the defense Wu abandoned immediately feel yuan god was pulled into a strange inside.
The scene before us is changing rapidly … Compared with the vast world, Wang Yang is first a magnificent city, and the three characters of red copper casting contain the same law as a melting pot. I am very familiar with it, but now I am in Guyangcheng.
The scene changes again. It seems that there is a strong sense that Yuan Shen suddenly abandons Wu and feels like a breeze moving towards a very far distance. In the sense that it has been swept away from the vast world, Wu abandons the feeling that the body has passed over Wang Yang. The second moment is Wan Li, Wan Li, Wan Li, and 40,000 miles … The waves are surging and Wang Yang’s islands flash from time to time with monster beasts and fish schools. It is almost as if the whole world has condensed Wu’s instantaneous experience at this time.
I don’t know how long it took before Wu abandoned the Yuan God and gave birth to a sense of dizziness. At first, the scene in front of him finally became slow. First, it was a strange sea area. Compared with other places, the sea seemed darker. Looking deeper, it was like ink. There were no islands and no floating objects, and even a bird could not see it. It was as silent as death.
When this sea scene came into the Yuan God, the deep feeling suddenly became stronger than ever before.
Another pulling force was born, followed by Wu’s strong induction and went directly to the depths of the sea.