People have this lover and this heart! Who else in this world can love themselves so silently and privately?

Rao is Hu Tian’s character, hard heart and indifference. At this moment, he was moved by Golden Queer after all!
What this strange woman loves to do finally touched her heart!
"I failed you, Golden Chelsea …" Hu-day slowly held out his hand and gently took Golden Chelsea into his arms.
"Good, good," Master Hui Jue whispered in the hall.
Golden finch Hu Tian’s arms stare big eyes. Am I dreaming?
After the reaction, she burst into tears!
Hu-day gently hugged her and felt her charming body trembling slightly in her arms. Her heart was full of pity and warmth. She said with relief, "Can Tuo Tianguang Temple is far away from his star field. You can’t deliver stationery. You should take care of yourself. When the time is right, I will come to pick you up and … call me husband later."
"Well …" The gnat-like response to Kim Queer felt that he was completely immersed in happiness at the moment and couldn’t extricate himself.
"Good is good, good is good, the banquet will not be reunited until it comes to an end, so Hui Jue will leave now." Hui Jue folded his hands and made a Buddhist gift to Yan Chiyun. Yan Chiyun hurriedly returned the gift to the other party, who was equal to his teacher, the old man of beasts. After learning that Hui Jue followed his feet, he ate a stuffy loss or endured it.
Hu Tian sighed and took out the nine-ring silver Buddha’s stick, Buddha’s beads and frock and returned them to Hui Jue. "I have returned all these things to you, big monk, and I have no dharma practice and no hope for the golden sparrow. Don’t be wronged over there. If someone bullies her, don’t blame me if I choose the skylight temple in the future."
"Kindness and kindness" Hui-jue looked at Hu Tian again and took the treasure and nodded, "The future of benefactor Hu is limitless. Remember that at this time, kindness and kindness must be the blessing of the universe. The poor monk has just made a calculation and made a general survey of the surrounding world, but he has not found any trace of the lucky treasure, and he knows that benefactor Hu Tian did not lie. The golden toad really belongs to the nature of heaven and earth. Please forgive the benefactor for the offense."
Hu Tian ha ha smiled. "Master, I act according to my heart, but when the eagle peaks, I say no, I am not present, and I am a master, but I can still treat the wise men equally. How can I blame you?"
"Good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good, good.
"Chantuo Tianguang Temple is a Buddhist holy place with a number of days. In the future, if you practice and walk in the universe, you will have a personal understanding of the award for the next autumn hunting conference." Yanchiyun coughed slowly.
"The 10th Prize of Fan Yang’s Autumn Hunting Conference, Lingnan Zhongyi"
"A set of black armor, the ninth prize of Zhao Ze Autumn Hunting Conference"
"Betty Chung autumn hunting conference first …"
When the rewards were distributed one by one, it was finally Hu Tian’s turn, but Yan Chiyun smiled with both hands and asked, "Hu Tian, what reward do you want?"
Hu Tianxin’s way is really true! Ever since the elder Xuan Gui came to invite him, he has already detected something wrong. He knows that the situation has gone too far, and Yan Chiyun is no longer himself.
Although the small world of the magic well of heaven and earth is temporarily stable, it is also a matter of time to collapse. Of course, this loss is not the focus. Hu Tianshen’s future friendship with Master Hui Jue is not the focus-Jin Yong.
Jin Yong is the first battle force in the Yuan Godsworn’s Pan Method Star! It’s just that the Kim family was defeated by Yanchiyun in those days, and now he knows that Jin Yong’s bad feelings are inevitable.
Of course, he didn’t forget his agreement with Hu-day, but no matter what kind of agreement in this world is based on equality between the two sides, Yan Chiyun is going to foster Hu-day into an elixir. Brother Yuan Ying, with the help of two people’s joint power, unified appearance and United animals, fell apart.
However, Jin Yong’s strong appearance has already made it impossible for this agreement to continue to be implemented. Hu Tian’s sudden strength has made it difficult for Yan Chiyun to be suspicious. This is not a generous question. If Jin Yong’s hand is really used to unite the beasts, then the unity center is bound to be Jin Yong, not Yan Chiyun. If Yan Chiyun really does this, it will be completely brain-dead and mentally retarded.
He is also white on this point.
Therefore, instead of giving Hu Tian a reward, Yan Chiyun took this opportunity to ask, "What reward do you want?"
Hu-day, of course, won’t be ignorant and replied, "My brother wants to transfer to Tianying Peak in Qingyuan Mountain, please allow the patriarch." With that, my heart is a sigh that I and Yanchi Yunhe have finally come to an end, even if they close again, they have no previous intimacy.
Yan Chi Yunlang smiled and knew that this was the best result for both sides.
But Hu-day turned and then told Yanchiyun that he and Betty Chung and Lin Hongying requested that the two men also go to Tianying Peak together.
Yan Chiyun frowned and was reluctant to let the two Yuan babies go in the future. He asked, "Betty Chung and Lin Hongying, do you think so?"
Betty Chung’s big eyes turned several times and hesitated for a long time to finally look at Lin Hongying.
Lin Hongying’s heart said that he had just joined the beasts to deal with the dark clouds and bodhi old zu. Now that the truth has come out, the disaster has passed the disintegration of the phoenix nest, which makes her disheartened. Hu-day is also the heart of his own patriarch, so he must be light and vomit, "Hong Ying should follow the pace of the patriarch."