Surrounded by the nine sources of Shaqi, the object is several feet high and unknown, and its shape is like a stone tablet. It is difficult to have an ancient inscription that resembles symbols, symbols and characters.

The ancient stone tablet immediately gave a light sigh in Wu’s mouth.
Palm at random a recruit that industry fire red-violet central nine ShaQi and that around the ancient stone tablet immediately fly towards wu abandoned three people.
As soon as the stone tablet appeared, Wu abandoned all three people to feel the oncoming thick breath, which is more complex than every one. It seems that the power of avenue law should be allowed to let these breath enter the body, and the avenue can be directly understood to get great power.
Although it is very important to repair and cultivate the realm, if the power of the law of the avenue is immediately like a chicken rib, there is no place in the human world. If you want to be called the peerless tianjiao all the time, you must understand the power of the law of the avenue, otherwise it will be abandoned and forgotten by people sooner or later.
But the avenue is ethereal, even a genius can’t guarantee that he can understand some kind of avenue law, but if he wants to swallow a breath in front of him, he can immediately understand the temptation of avenue power, even if he wants to soar to the top of the road, the strong will be afraid of it and will not even think about it for a moment, so he will swallow all the breath directly.
There is nothing in the world that tempts people more than the power of the avenue.
In the face of the sudden breath of several avenues, Wu abandoned his mouth and showed a mocking smile again.
Cold hum sounded, and a dark crack appeared in front of Wu abandoned three people. Once, ShaQi Wang Yang was sucked and swallowed up, and the force came out of the crack again. This time, it was the nine roads that had great temptation.
After a breath, the cracks disappear and disappear with them, as well as the nine sources of suffocation
The ancient stone tablet in the wind appeared in front of Wu.
Eyes swept out directly and fell on the stone tablet. The inscription Wu abandoned seems to be very simple.
Ancient demon text! In ancient times, the ancestors made the characters disappear with the loss of ancient Chinese literature, and the characters also disappeared together in the long river of years.
The secret book is written by all the heavens and all the worlds, and the abandonment of Wu is instantaneous.
My eyes fell to the difficult words, but they suddenly shone brightly and went straight into the sky.
"Four big robbery in the eternal tianjiao together to break the robbery? Should it be robbed? I’m the Taoist of Nine Evil Spirits, and I need the help of the tomb of God … "
Wu abandoned his mind suddenly, if there is an ancient thunder crashing through the soul and shaking his mind.
"This is …"
Originally, I was going to have a casual look at Wu’s abandonment, as if I saw something incredible. My eyes were wide open and I don’t know how long it took, and the horror color slowly emerged.
Chapter seven hundred and fourteen The amount of robbery!
"Four big robberies!"
Even when Wu abandoned the realm of ancient stone tablets and ancient demon texts fell into his eyes, he couldn’t help but stare blankly on the spot and then exclaimed that Bao Nu and Linxi behind Wu abandoned them were both confused and obviously didn’t know the meaning represented by those four words in Wu abandoned his mouth.
If you see this world, I’m afraid no one can abandon it.
Don’t say that he once read a lot of ancient books in the Monty Sect and awakened the fiend’s memory that he was in charge of the "Taikoo Secret Book" was enough to let him know almost all the secrets of this world. If you have an opportunity to trigger Wu Abandon, you can know everything.
The ancient demon writing on the stone tablet is an opportunity.
"The most splendid literature of heaven and earth was born in the three major eras of famine and antiquity, but it was all lost in the long river of years, which led to all this."
"There are rules in heaven, one yuan, twelve meetings, and one meeting. Every time all trades pass the operating limit of six million industries, a certain amount will be robbed of all things in the world, and all the heavens and all the worlds will be robbed."
Recall in my mind comes from the so-called quantitative robbery information.
Will all things in the heavens and the earth swept through the sky, even if Wu abandoned it, you can’t take it for granted, especially if the fourth amount of robbery mentioned in the stone tablet is coming. If that’s the case, all the powerful creatures in the heavens and the earth will avoid the fairy world, and so will the strong ones.
Wu abandoned today, although this world is not famous, he himself is aware of the enemy’s momentum.
But if the real amount of robbery comes, even the powerful and powerful can avoid him, and naturally there is a great chance that they will fall into the doom.
At the thought of here, Wu abandoned his eyebrows and frowned slowly.
"Archaic, ancient and ancient times are almost six million industries apart, but there is absolutely no six million industries since the ancient times were annihilated. How can even one million industries come to the fourth robbery so soon?"
"The nine evil spirits were powerful in ancient times, and the strong have their own means. The words he left behind should not go wrong, but …?"
On second thought, I immediately felt foggy in front of me.
"It’s a pity that the source of the secret book is damaged and the secret cannot be deduced for the time being."
Thought of here, Wu abandoned and gave up to see the huge mystery that suddenly appeared in front of him. His eyes were about to fall back to the ancient stone tablet except for those ancient demon texts.
That stone tablet also contains nine evil spirits!