Almost every cocoon’s external force, whether it’s hotter than the sun or the extremely cold and cloudy force, has blocked the first wave of flame burning, which consumes a lot of consumption. Naturally, it can’t be compared with the huge amount of force inside the cocoon. However, after seeing the scene, Wu abandoned the outside of the furnace, but at this time, the mask immediately revealed a mysterious smile.

His breath also became thick at this time.
"If it happens, even if the metaphysical force is not slack, it can strike the red-violet fire and the nine-ghost fire plus Buddha’s light and mysterious magic gas to burn out everything. It is also natural to consume these forces." Wu abandoned his eyes and still did not recover his heart in the melting pot, but immediately moved his thoughts
"I’ll burn it for the little master. I may not have the wonderful Buddha’s light and the mysterious magic gas, but I am many."
If Wu abandons his mask at this time, people can see that a face is full of sinister and biting colors, and there is a kind of horse that will solve the big trouble. The excitement is like an outbreak, and the red-violet busy body constantly releases the two precious and pure vitality of the Zijin Buddha Pot, which is almost exhausted. Naturally, it is impossible to be exhausted, but it is not too big a mistake to say so, because the Zijin Buddha Pot happens to have a Buddha’s light Wang Yang and a mysterious magic condensed river.
That’s what the monks in Wanmiao Temple left to the successors in the past, hoping to get the inheritors to rely on. With these resources, the reconstruction of Wanmiao Temple orthodoxy has been destroyed. If the seniors of Wanmiao Temple know that Wu abandoned this, the inheritors will take these resources out as "firewood" and constantly add them to the furnace, and the face is the vague figure in the burning furnace.
Or what Wu abandon wants to break most is that thin cocoon.
One day later, Wu abandoned his eyes and touched the scene, and suddenly there were some remarkable changes. What strange sounds sounded in his ear.
"Ka" and "Ka" are broken. What is it? The broken sound rings at this moment.
Wu abandoned the reaction after hearing the first. In his sight, it was full of red-violet fire and nine ghost fires. The outer side of the most central thin cocoon was suddenly broken by the laws of the sun and the moon. The light spot was immediately involved in the terrible fire and disappeared in an instant.
The first layer of cocoon condensed by tidal law is broken.
Before Wu abandoned his sharp eyesight, he saw that the cocoon was hot and the law of yin, cold, sun, and moon were intertwined. Together, it looked thin, but it was not as fragile as I thought. A rough count of Wu abandoned can be sure that there were five laws in the cocoon.
Before this, Wu abandoned healing for three days, the furnace kept burning day and night, and it also burned the outermost layer of cocoon. If it wasn’t for Wu abandoned sharp-eyed and afraid of finding it, Wu abandoned the Buddha’s light, Wang Yang and Xuanmo River at the expense of blood, and then it took a day to directly burn and break the outermost layer of cocoon.
"Ha ha ha ….."
Wu abandoned his words, and his look became even more excited. Didn’t it mean that the first layer of cocoon was broken and consumed one day, and four layers of cocoon were burned in four days? Linxi in the cocoon would completely fall into his hands, and the fish was at the mercy and slaughter of Wu abandoned.
The horse is about to capture a strong man who has realized the law of the avenue and returned to emptiness in the later period. Although Wu abandoned Wu Amon, it is still incredible
"This big trouble will be completely solved after four days."
Wu abandoned cheerfully looked at it for a moment and then confirmed that there was no problem. Suddenly, he withdrew his eyes and looked still excited. Even in the Zijin Buddha bowl, the speed of the Buddha’s light and the mysterious magic gas decreased sharply, which did not make Wu abandoned how distressed he was.
After sighing for a sentence, Wu abandoned his heart and gave Red-violet an idea of not stopping releasing the wonderful Buddha’s light and the mysterious magic gas. After that, Wu abandoned his mind and stopped paying attention to the scene in the melting pot. On the fourth day, of course, he wouldn’t keep staring at the melting pot, which was like refining the law of "cocoon" hanging over Linxi.
Take back your eyes. When Wu abandoned the mask and closed his eyes for four days at this time, it was enough for Wu to recover many physical injuries.
Soon, the only one in this red-violet domain is the human breath. Wu abandoned his eyes and disappeared again. There was a huge melting pot that was completely filled with two kinds of flames and burned like crazy heaven and earth. There was also a golden figure manipulating a purple and gold Buddha bowl. The figure beside it was like a corpse.
Four days later, the root couldn’t stand the blink of an eye and three and a half days passed. At this time, the pale bone mask was lifted again. Wu abandoned it four days later. After three and a half days, he woke up and turned around.
In this red-violet domain, there is naturally no other thing or scene worthy of Wu’s attention except that huge melting pot. When he woke up and turned around, Wu abandoned his eyes from the mask to the melting pot.
"Boom …"
Still more than the violent scene, it was filled with two kinds of flames, as if it were really going to burn the whole world. Wu abandoned his vision and did not regress three and a half days ago. At first glance, the central scene immediately caught his eye.
Jade-like white and light gold are very thin cocoons. When Wu abandoned his eyes, he left a layer thinner than the last layer. The law of the sun and the moon and tides condensed the "cocoon". Actually, the last layer was left to stop the red-violet fire and the nine-ghost fire for several days. It seems that the cocoon will disappear completely at any time.
Almost Wu abandoned his eyes and at the same time, the cocoon always seemed to close the fuzzy figure, but it also woke up at this time.
"Hum" a look from the inside through and out of the flame furnace class things can’t see two eyes met.
Six and a half days ago, Linxi was forced by Wu to release the hard-working and concise law force for many years to protect himself. The three super forces in the storm area, the Yishui Temple Warrior Elder, seemed to have a sense that his law force was going to be exhausted, and he woke up when the thin "cocoon" was about to be broken.
Linxi woke up in a flash, and when his eyes penetrated, he immediately realized that he was in a state of physical injury, but he was still weaker than himself, and his only protection was that the cocoon horse was about to be broken. If it was before this, someone told him that a godsworn could severely damage him and then use his means to consume his legal force, which directly threatened his life. Linxi would not believe it, but now this fact is alive in front of him.
In less than half a day, his life-saving straw will be covered with the law, and his cocoon will be broken, and his life seems to be in danger
In Linxi’s eyes, there was a kind of despair and resignation that would never happen at this time. It is hard to imagine that an elder who has grasped the law of avenue, Tianjiao, the strong, and the late war veteran should show such a desperate look when facing a godsworn.
At the same time, Linxi’s long-lost sound still comes out of the "cocoon" with a strong breath, which seems to have lost its high conceit to the extreme.
"Good means can’t even protect the seat, but don’t be too happy. As I said before the seat, the name Linxi represents the elders of the water temple. If you kill the water temple, you will send a strong man to kill you. If you don’t believe it, even if you are born with a Uber, can you escape the strong man?"
These last few words were originally Linxi’s exclamation and the last threat of doing his best. His heart had decided that Wu Abandon would never let him go, even at the risk of being chased by the strong, but to his surprise, his voice was behind, and Wu Abandoned’s answer rang, but it was not what Linxi thought.
Chapter five hundred and thirteen Road slaves (final)
"Who said I’m going to kill you? But you’re the elder of the war in the Temple of Open Water, and you’ve learned the law of the road again and again. If Brother Tianjiao just killed you, wouldn’t it be too rough? You know, I’ll spare my blood to refine your law."
Linxi didn’t expect Wu to answer after his last threat that he didn’t have to kill him. Listening to Wu’s words, it seems that he really didn’t mean to kill him.
Linxi suddenly became silent, and he was not a fool. Although he was forced to such a miserable situation by Wu Abandon, the biggest reason was that he was too underestimating his enemy. If he did not treat Wu Abandon as a little worm in the realm of deification, he would not be so afraid of the present scene as an equal opponent.
It’s a pity that the world has never been like this. If you add the lesson of Dongmu War, Linxi himself should be dead, but he didn’t expect Wu to abandon him and didn’t want to kill him, but he wouldn’t be naive enough to think that Wu would let him go.
After a long silence, Lin Xiyin came out again from behind the last cocoon.
"Are you waiting?"
I didn’t talk to Wu about any conditions. At this point, Linxi has long lost all reliance and naturally lost the qualification to talk about conditions.
Sensing the Linxi tone, Wu abandoned the mask expression without any change, and the thought in his heart did not change. Red-violet busy still kept encouraging the Zijin Buddha bowl to pour the wonderful Buddha’s light and mysterious magic gas into the furnace that day.
While continuing like this, since Wu abandoned the mask, his answer rang out.
"It’s very simple. Just let me plant one seed after another."
When Wu abandoned this sentence and it sounded in Linxi’s ears, it was nothing less than a bolt from the blue. It was almost a sense of poverty and anger. Linxi’s heart rose, making his elegance face instantly turn into red blood and a pair of eyes immediately congested. There was no other emotion except anger.
"Let Yuan God’s slaves go, and he will become his slave."
Angry scolding is like when the river water is about to gush out of Linxi’s mouth, suddenly the instant stops and Linxi forcibly swallows it back. Because he suddenly remembers his roots, he is not qualified to scold him now, but in half a day, his power will be exhausted, and the body and the yuan god will face those two terrible flames. There will be another result, that is, both the body and the yuan god and even the soul will be burned out.
After hundreds of years of practice, dignity is really not so important compared with life. Before that, the dignity of the Linxi strong man had been completely shattered by Wu Abandon, and the words just spit out outside the furnace. Wu Abandon is still sitting in the same place without any words. It seems that he is not in a hurry or afraid that Linxi will finally try his best, and he is not worried that Linxi will not agree to his request.
Wu’s silence is even more uncomfortable for Linxi. Once upon a time, he was so degraded that he had to make a choice for his life and dignity.