He doesn’t know what the mysterious snake bodhi old zu is, but he feels that he can’t be afraid of his own knife in a thrilling battle.

Even if the dragon is strong, even if the soul is strong?
Dare not pounce on my enemy, dare not cut off my enemy and want you?
The broken dragon’s virtual shadow is constantly struggling, which is like a tug of war. If it can throw or tear up the black water snake, it will naturally win.
If the black water Xuan snake devours enough soul sources and grows up, it is the black water Xuan snake that wins.
As time goes by, the black water Xuan snake has not been shredded. Although it is bloody, its body has grown tenfold, and it keeps swallowing and biting the dragon’s virtual shadow.
The black water mysterious snake is like a madman who knows nothing about pain and fear. On the virtual shadow of a dragon, if it attacks and tears it, it will bite to death.
Two hours later, the black water Xuan snake has swallowed up a quarter of the dragon’s virtual shadow, and the dragon’s virtual shadow struggle has become more effective
Three hours later, there was only one head left in the virtual shadow of the dragon. Looking at Lu Chen, he seemed to pray for his master’s help.
Lu Chen looked at this scene with a cold eye. Both living spirits accompanied him in the war. He was not ready to take one side.
If the black water snake is defeated, it is also that it is not enough.
But now it seems that this crazy python is better and has completed the python Donlon’s fate.
At this time, the black water Xuan snake stretched to tens of miles in length and breadth, devouring the dragon living spirit source instead.
It stretches its body in a wanton way, and gives off a roaring and fierce breath to cover the sun.
Although it is not very strong, there is one thing that dares to swallow its heart, and it dares to pounce and swallow it when it meets any powerful enemy.
The black water Xuan snake flew around in the living spirit and landed. The huge snake head around Lu Chen was clever and crawled to spit out the snake letter. Lu Chen’s arm slipped.
"Go home"
Liu Chen was relieved to see that there was no rebellious spirit in Blackwater Xuan snake.
As he spoke, the black water Xuan snake’s living spirit rushed into the blade, and the surface of regicide was still full of cracks, but Lu Chen thought it should be repaired slowly.
He re-examined the regicide status and found that the growth rate that had reached 56% had actually returned.
I’m afraid that the transformation is always consumed because the black water Xuan snake devours the virtual shadow of the dragon.
However, Lu Chen didn’t feel bad either. He had a hunch that the growth path would become stronger after regicide recovered.
He put away the regicide and took Wang Mu all the way to the tenth hall of the reincarnation platform. Yamaraja has fallen, and now people can stop them.
Even if the soul body is the only one, it is a powerful reincarnation of life and death. Now Wang Jianyi has cut out a demon emperor.
In front of the reincarnation stage, Wang Mudun stopped and looked at Lu Chen. "What will you do if I leave?"
He knows that the living are dead. This is the rule here.
Even if the yellow family is willing to take people, they will take them out, but they can’t get in or out.
Unless you have the eternal strength to completely break the yellow wall.
"I’ll think of another way."
Liu Chen was also a little fidgety because he could feel how strong the wall in the sky was and he couldn’t break it.
Wang Mu stepped on the reincarnation platform and came again. "Didn’t you say you were going back to save your sister-in-law?"
"But it won’t help if you stay."
Liu Chennai, the king of the Tao, has not yet joined forces with himself and can’t break the wall.
He originally wanted to practice here to the enemy’s realm, and then tried to break the wall and leave the grave, or let the painting pear clothes pull himself out. I didn’t expect to get into this deadlock.