"Master …" Wu, although he was wet behind the ears, immediately left tears to take over the nine-ring silver mord.

"Let’s see the abbot!" All the people outside the venue immediately paid homage to the new generation head of Tianguang Temple.
Abbot Huijue added, "I realize that in the future, your abbot should listen to the suggestions of the courtyard owners to carry forward the Tianguang Temple. I have calculated that after you break through, you will go straight to the west to bypass the magic star and then go deep into the dark iron star field."
"What about you, Master?" Enlightenment this just suddenly realized that wrong.
The abbot of Huijue reached out and stroked Wu’s head and smiled slightly. "I will stay here to liberate the demon emperor and you will fight for it."
In the past, a Monty Emperor successfully sneaked into the three realms and tried to stir up a bloody battle, but was defeated by many monks while they were weak, but they failed and did not die.
Shi Huijue is a monk soaring in Mahayana, that is, Gu Niantian’s whole life is covered with demons and he works day and night to influence Buddhism. However, he does not have the magical power of Purdue to slow progress.
Now it’s time to release the demon emperor to resist the strong enemy soldiers, such as Feng Wu and others, and strive for a chance of survival.
Monty emperor has immortal power, although he has been sealed by Hui Jue for many years, he is still fierce and powerful. Hui Jue revoked the seal, and the magic emperor swallowed his thoughts unceremoniously and completely occupied his body.
However, Hui Jue’s mastery of the Tathagata’s light path has long been calculated. He took this opportunity to merge the ideas of the magic emperor in turn, which led to the final formation of buddha magic’s harmony and an evil sect master who was neither Buddha nor magic.
He is no longer Hui Jue, nor is he the Monty Emperor. He claims that Liang Yusheng is both righteous and evil.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, Buddha is a demon, Buddha comes to buddha magic, and everyone is just a human being. Emperor Huang, stop it. After three days, I kept the Tianguang Temple safe, and I never threw away all the shackles of the old days to create a new life!"
He pointed to the Emperor Xuanhuang’s attitude and proudly stood tall and straight like a sword, and his power was inviolable.
Emperor Xuan Huang snorted. How could he escape from his eyelids with the Buddha and immediately attack Liang Yusheng?
This big battle was played by the earth-shattering sun and moonlight.
After three days and three nights, Liang Yusheng, the master of evil sect, laughed wildly and vomited blood, and left. Emperor Xuan Huang was injured and took care of the overall situation of the Xuan Huang Empire. He had to go back to suppress the situation and send people to catch the remnants who successfully escaped from Tianguang Temple.
On this occasion, just after the smog dissipated, the four major machine families suddenly announced the formation of a United front against the Xuan and Huang empires.
On the other hand, it reveals the identity of Fang Qixian, the former general of the Xuanhuang Empire, and reveals the real reason for the collapse of the former real iron empire.
It suddenly became an uproar.
Behind the scenes, the three clans are all hidden in the depths for several years, and it is frightening to have so much energy.
Several forces turned over old scores and pondered the three clans behind the scenes.
Section 4 Restoration of the Wizard Gate Traitor
Emperor Xuan Huang’s diversion was secretly preparing for the June of the same year, when his major forces of repairing the truth and sects built the army and pulled out a large number of outstanding talents and horses to be magnificent again.
In July of the same year, he brazenly launched three wars to firmly stabilize the situation on the three fronts of Heishui and Yan Xuantie Xingyu, and then changed his strategy to defend more and attack less.
After some changes, the fix-true world ushered in a short and gentle period.
In September of the same year, Hu Tian successfully transformed Qihaiyuan point into a mixed cave and heaven point, and suppressed it with a golden wing gun.
In December of the same year, he knew his way around the sea and transformed his point of Yintang. First, Tianbao Tian dun moved the mirror to suppress "The Secret Tactics". The effect was far beyond his expectation. He recovered from his injury and his fighting power was vigorous, but he climbed the peak of distraction again.
"Chaos Stone has more than enough, but don’t be busy practicing or go out to make the people’s hearts stable." Hu Tianxin’s own team, Junma clan, has brought him more and more help, and naturally he can’t give up.
He broke out and immediately alarmed the whole ethnic group.
Jin Yong tearfully said, "Chief, you are finally out."
Meng Gang smiled and said nothing. He was always confident that Hu Tian could survive the difficulties. Now it seems that it is true.
All the people saluted one after another, and the excitement and joy were beyond words.
Hu Tian’s healing in these years, their hearts seem to have lost their foundation and backer. Generally, Luojia people are trapped in the sandbar of fate and hold back for a long time. There are also rumors that have all kinds of bad speculations about Hu Tian.
Now that Hu-day is back in charge, the morale of the whole ethnic group will be uplifted and the previous panic will be swept away.
"It’s great that you’re out, chief of the fathers. Honestly, we’re going to be moldy and worried here. You’re an old avatar. Take us home." Hajj is a wizard.
Witches are born warriors, and their bodies are the blood of fighting. These years, they are confined to sandbanks and flying boats, which drives them crazy.
"The real strong should be able to withstand loneliness. Although the environment here is monotonous, it is absolutely perfect to rest." Hu-day smiled noncommittally at this discussion.
Aside Li Junjie carefully said, "Chief of the fathers, you may not know that a lot of great things have happened in your closed fix true boundary …"
There is a Tongtianbao mirror in Junma clan, which was originally buried by Hu Tian in Long Mei tree for coordinate positioning. Later, when Hu Tian closed, Li Junjie counted the door owner and dug up this treasure mirror to exchange materials for the clan’s livelihood. Naturally, there are also intelligence jade slips sold in this mirror-empty city, so he knows the external situation like the back of his hand.
His brief words in a hurry made Hu Tian quickly understand the whole situation.
"It’s reasonable for me to take the cat out of the cat, the Great Sage, the Emperor Xuan Huang, to react like this, but my son realized that the fate of the giant was not weakened to a certain extent, and he would naturally turn the tables on him." Hu Tian pondered and then said, "Only this plan needs to be secretly developed and quietly noted."
There is also a Tongtianbao mirror in Tianguang Temple, which will naturally be taken with you when you escape. Therefore, Hu Tian will be able to shuttle to Golden Queer in a blink of an eye.
He still needs experience when he is uncut, and he is still far from being independent at this time.
"Now it is time for us to secretly develop and expand our ethnic groups. I am pregnant with the Great Sage and should also practice meditation. For a long time, the Junma clan has been under siege. It is a pity that it is a waste of time to have such a good rest opportunity. If I jump out to realize the escort, I will be able to calculate it by Emperor Xuan Huang."
Hu Tianyin slowly spoke like the wind, and everyone nodded frequently. Some people in the witch family were restless, and many people muttered that they were disappointed with Hu Tianyin’s decision.
Hu-day will gradually frowned at these scenes.
Finally, people in the Wu clan can’t stand fuels. "Hu-day clan, you have recuperated well, but we Wu clan can’t stand it. You really have to go out and play or your body will rust, so you can let us out."
"unbridled and fierce!" MengGang smell speech immediately face cloth frost cold drink a way "what wu clan, terran here is a gentleman horse gens patriarch ordered the whole ethnic group to abide by what you dare to question the patriarch’s command? Get out of here! "
Wu door suddenly a commotion.
Meng Lie’s face was cut in public, and he immediately became red-faced and angry. He stared at Meng Gang with two big eyes and glared at him. "Meng Gang honestly, I have endured you for a long time. I don’t care about you, but why should we recognize him?" ! Your line is simply a disgrace to the sorcerers! "
"Meng Lie, you are ungrateful!" Meng Gang was about to start work when his anger rose, but Hu Tian stretched out his hand and stopped him.
"Let him talk about it." Hu-day looked indifferent and couldn’t see the joys and sorrows. He would have seen that some people in Wumen were rebellious and the more depressed they were, the greater the rebound would be in the future.
MengLie took a look at hu-day cold hum a head high proudly, "we magic witch gens have stood and died warriors didn’t bend down and slave! They didn’t exist this day when I was fierce, but now I have to grovel in front of the older generation and younger generation. What is the reason? I want to go out for a walk. What’s the big deal? Why want to sell the heads of the family? Hey, hey, heads of the family. This position is for people to lift up. It’s not appropriate for you to be the head of the family regardless of the wishes of the people. "
"MengLie you shut up! How can today’s world be compared with the Yuan and Gu Dynasties? It is an iron fact that the Terran is powerful, and the old grievances have long since vanished, which means liberation and integration. This is the way for me to live as a witch! " Meng Gang came here with few words, but at this time he earnestly persuaded Meng Lie.
Meng Lie’s nose spewed out a heavy breath and snorted. "You just forgot me, but I can’t forget that my father was a dead Terran hand and my mother was tortured by Terran. Even after ten million years, I will remember the scene when I was six years old and I was crying with my mother’s broken body …"
Speaking of which, he turned to the witch behind him with a jerk of his arms. "Do I happen less often?" You are all magical witches. Think about it yourself. Eliminate such hatred. There are blood and heads of enemies. "