At the sight of the old man jumping out, the man heard him shout again, and his face suddenly changed. His heart cursed the fool and he was about to persuade him, but it was too late.

It seems that I have been waiting for this shout for a long time. When the hot brother Yuanying shouted, the red face of the Chijingu Lord bloomed with a smile. It has been condensing murderous look and suddenly moved like a silent snow mountain in ten thousand. Suddenly, an avalanche calmed down. Wang Yang suddenly had a tsunami.
Chijingu moved the whole people suddenly from Qiankuangcheng, and every step of stepping on the gas gave out an explosion sound. Dozens of steps were like thunder, and the noise was endless and instantly spread to the hot-tempered brother Yuan Ying.
"Wait a minute, Lord Gu, calm down."
Iron turn the old man’s face was anxious, but he didn’t dare to stop it. Not only he, but also Brother Yuan Ying didn’t dare to stop it.
A big palm of a cattail leaf fan suddenly sticks out like a burst noise, and the palm surface is twisted around the place where the flame has passed. At first glance, it will be known that it contains terrible power.
The elder of Qianbao League, who has a hot temper, is Yuan Ying’s long hair and rough appearance in the early days. He has a face of anger and can’t hide his fear. When he looks at the blink of an eye, he will see the red palm in front of him.
Avoidance can be avoided. The elder of Qianbao Alliance is also car-scrapping and has no intention of begging for mercy. It seems that he is facing a well-matched opponent instead of a Yuanying Peak Friar.
A sense of fighting rose. The friar’s eyes flashed without flashing, and he couldn’t avoid facing the red palm that was caught towards his head. When he opened his mouth, he saw a flash of light that was almost to the extreme and stabbed the main palm of Chijingu.
The speed of the streamer is so fast that even if you major in Chijingu for a while, you can’t avoid being stabbed by the streamer.
The sharp edges and scattered light reveal a shape that turns out to be a short blade with two sides. The cold light is as dazzling as the stars, and the breath is terrible.
Cold Star Blade Xuanqi, a hot-tempered monk, turned out to be a well-known monk. His weapon was recognized as soon as it appeared.
A mysterious weapon with peerless edge pricks the palm. Even the Chijingu Master, the peak of Yuanying, felt a pain at the moment, but it didn’t last long because this cold star blade pricked the Chijingu Master’s palm, but it failed to cut his palm at once.
The stalemate lasted less than a breath, so it was for a short time. The Lord of Chijingu folded up a finger and played the cold star blade very heavily.
Cold blade fierce quiver suddenly saw that the hot friar’s face soared red and he didn’t hold back his mouth, but this time he spit out a large blood fog.
With one finger, a Yuan Ying friar was injured, but the main face of Chijingu was not at all colored. After the cold star blade bounced, the palm of your hand fiercely moved again, and two horrible breath appeared to the extreme.
One red, one gold, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one gold, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red, one red
As soon as these two breaths appeared, they stretched out like a horse, and then they twisted together, and then everyone stared at them dumbfounded. The two breaths turned into a red gold giant scissors, which seemed to cut the sky like a broken one.
It’s not a broken sound of cloth and silk, but a twisted emptiness. A monk’s body suddenly broke into two parts in full view, and his expression was so frightened that he seemed to see something incredible that he would disappear in the future.
"Yi ah …"
Flesh and blood are broken and dirty, and the intestines are scattered with blood and fog all over the sky. There is also a baby carved with jade carving that makes a babble sound. The baby looks scared, but there are some vague sounds in his mouth that he can’t hear clearly at all.
But everyone knows that it is the hot friar Yuan Ying whose body was destroyed. Yuan Ying lost her sustenance. This man can’t get up any more. As soon as he got out of his body, he immediately fled.
He must escape. Yuan Ying is more important to Brother Magic Way than any panacea. If Brother Dan can swallow a Yuan Ying, his chances of entering the Yuan Ying realm will increase by 30% immediately.
Don’t underestimate this 30% and I don’t know how many people there are. This 30% is crazy to kill Yuan Ying and the bodhi old zu.
Now that the hot friar has lost his body and Yuan Ying has to escape, it seems to everyone that it is simply a bottle of rare panacea to escape.
Instantly, almost all the monks’ eyes showed hot and greedy color, staring at Yuan Ying, a hot monk who was about to escape.
By these greedy eyes staring at the hot friar Yuan Ying, I felt scalp pins and needles, and I remembered that there was another red gold valley owner waiting next to him. I went to most of them immediately, and I didn’t dare to stay for the slightest time. The purity of Yuan Ying’s body was more pure than that of the real Yuan, and in an instant, it turned into a yellow light and projected it to the extremely distant sky outside the thousand mines.
It’s a pity that the owner of Chijingu had already guessed all this. Seeing that his escape face flashed with mocking color, his body did not move at will. He always immediately saw two Chijinguang rays reappear, and two ribbons turned into general things, chasing the Yuan baby in an instant, but he was just about to use his magical powers to escape from Yuan baby in one breath and could not move.
"A baby is just used to make a furnace of baby pills."
A few thousand monks in Qiankuangcheng watched Chijingu take the initiative to slowly put away the Yuan baby’s mouth and said lightly that his head was raised as sharp as a rare sword, and his eyes fell down. There were more than a dozen elders left in Qianbaomeng’s eyes, so that more than a dozen iron-turned old people could get up with a sudden change of face.
Chapter two hundred and twenty Persecution
Open the Qianbao League, but now the largest force in the Qiankuang vein has been killed by people in pairs. This humiliation makes all the monks in Qianbao League look extremely ugly. Everyone is as humiliated as eating flies.
A pair of old eyes are full of anger, looking straight at the owner of Chijingu. His eyes are very anxious to eat people, but just after the bloody scene, he told Tieguai that he was no match for the old devil.
Yuan Ying’s peak is also one step away from the realm of deification. Although he had Yuan Ying’s post-repair, the root of the failure to hit Yuan Ying’s peak six months ago was not to stay at the peak for a long time, to have an iron hand fire demon, such a famous and fierce opponent in Chijingu, to take a deep breath and humiliate his heart and sink a way.
"Elder Zhang is at fault for offending the Valley Master, but the Valley Master has gone too far. Do you really cheat me?"
The iron-turned-old man, the leader of Qianbao League, is destined not to be weak, even though he is surrounded by four peaks of Yuanying and a ruthless old devil. If he is now in make a fool of oneself, Qianbao League will be humiliated in the future, and there are three deputy champions in the late infant period. This leader position is naturally in jeopardy.
"Ha, ha, ha ….. Tieguai Laoer, you dare to say this. You Qianbaomeng people killed the valley owner Jin Yanyi. It was polite that the valley owner didn’t uproot your Qianbaomeng immediately. Today, the valley owner put the words here and either promised me conditions or … war!"
In the last battle, the whole person of Chijingu Lord suddenly broke out of the earth to the extreme, and the momentum was as hot as fire and as sharp as gold. Suddenly, a huge knife appeared in the sky, and the virtual shadow was to be cut at any time, as if to cut the whole Qiankuang City in half.
Shocked, although I don’t want to admit that at the moment, Qianbaomeng, including the iron-turned-old monk, was shocked by the terrible momentum revealed by the Chijingu Lord, especially when I thought of the former monk who had the realm of Yuanying but still died a few times. The hot monk in the hands of Iron Hand Fire Devil was even more anxious to leave Qianbaomeng and leave this thousand mine city immediately.
"such as? Which of the two choices do you choose? "
A ten-foot-tall body, dressed in a red robe, is as commanding as the emperor, watching the life and death of the ministers killed and taken away, all in the hands of this man.
The other three old demons, the fangs, the bodhi old zu, the Scorpio castellan, and the old man with dark clouds don’t know what benefits they received from the Chijin Valley Master. At this time, they were allowed to put on a peg or two and help him plunder the array. However, a dozen Yuanying monks on the Qianbao League side could feel that besides the Chijin Valley Master, there were three outrageous thoughts locking them up and asking them to dare to make any changes. There was no doubt that they would meet the attack of the three Yuanying peak monks.
"The golden iron hand is really a lion’s mouth, and he just let the dozen people go to his red gold valley slave for a hundred years. He said that he could not promise, let alone that the Qianbao League could not promise, even if it promised the three of us."
Just as the powerful horse power of the Chijin Valley Lord oppresses all the people in Qianbao League, the three old demons look like gentle middle-aged people, and the Scorpio castellan suddenly comes up with a magical mind that the objects are naturally the fangs, the bodhi old zu and the dark clouds.
"Don’t blame Brother Jin for his big mouth. He’s dead. It’s understandable to do so."
Talking is a dark cloud. The old man is covered with black robes. The old man’s speech has always been tepid, making people feel uneasy and alert when they don’t feel sharp.
"Jie Jie ….. people don’t know if we are dead, but we don’t know what Jin Tieshou is. He wants to make a group at any time to estimate that Jin Yan Yilingen’s qualification is not bad. He is distressed and ran away to extort money from this Qianbao League at the first opportunity, but he gave us three benefits. We also tried our best to help him prey on the array, but his Jin Tieshou, if this Qianbao League is as easy to bully as it seems, then … hey!"