Now Whitewater can see the fourth place, but it may be really difficult to get over this. It’s better to say that Whitewater is about to get through some meridians, but it’s necessary to practice vigorous qi. This can be said to have a little clue. "I wonder if the white tiger can practice vigorous qi?" The problem is that the thirteen Pacific insurance companies practice the golden bell jar horizontally, which is just a secret book. Everything has to be explored by Whitewater.

"It’s still a good secret of this world …" Sighing with emotion, this whitewater feels a little nai.
Mu Ronghua hasn’t come for more than half a year this time, but Bai Lang has grown a little taller in half a year, and even Hu has a little bit of fibrous roots here-yes, he has grown up, but the fourth is still stuck, but there is no way to get through the meridians, and black tiger boxing has made a lot of progress in martial arts-it’s just black tiger boxing. Are you still practicing to the old age?
On this day, the ghost head in the chest appeared again, and I knew that the penis was coming, so I went into my room and waited.
By the time he opened his eyes again, people were already in the palace. This time, everyone was here again. Three men and two women still hung up a white mouth and asked, "Who asked the monk Ci En how to handle it?" Ma Rulong took a look at Bai Lang. "Master Ci ‘en died of illness. Shaolin said so-he is a young monk who has not yet started Shaolin. It is not worth cheating me."
Whitewater didn’t continue to talk, but it seems that he doesn’t know the people here. Mu Ronghua smiled again. "Hey, I said that it’s appropriate for you to wear armor … it’s not suitable for you." Whitewater also smiled. "I think it’s hard to say even if you dress like that."
"I’m afraid I can give it to you after I go out. I also please Brother Ma. He also collects the secrets for you here-but I personally suggest that it is better to exchange them here if you have the ability."
Whitewater is secretly thought, "now how do they believe this exchange so much? It is estimated that the sweetness has been eaten and I haven’t felt anything unusual until now … I also don’t care about the future trouble, I will be strong and live first! " Ma Yinglong also saw whitewater hands "ah? I remember Brother Bai, didn’t you exchange a pair of water mill purple and gold maces? Why did you forget to bring it? "
White waves can make fun. He can’t always say that he has lost this thing, can he? Isn’t that a joke? I can say that I was careless and thought about what to do when I came. I forgot to bring the Zijin mace. "I told you, Teacher Bai was really boxing." Mu Ronghua said that at this time, the sound of the screen also sounded. "The first restriction to enter the world camp is to be determined-live for ten days."
Chapter ninety-two Approach
"Live for ten days?" White waves just thought of here, and then they were shrouded in a burst of white light, and then their bodies became lighter. When they solidified again, they showed that there was an ordinary dirt road in front of everyone. There were Woods on both sides, and a city could be faintly seen in the distance at one end, but at the other end, they didn’t know where to go. "What camp is it like to join?" That longed for nine show said
"It’s hard to say what if there are three camps?" Whitewater don’t talk but Ma Yinglong said "the total advanced city look at intelligence is also a good hum live ten days? I think if you stay in the wild, you may not be able to live for a day. "
Whitewater understands this situation very well. Since it is said that you were born for ten days, there will definitely be something fatal in these ten days. Maybe it will be a Mawei directly. "It’s serious business to enter the city." Mu Ronghua also said that everyone will use their flying skills to run towards the city
Bai Lang found that his own lightness skill was not bad. Mu Ronghua also raised his eyebrows. "Brother Bai, you have made great progress in martial arts. This lightness skill practice is not bad!" Ma Yinglong also agreed with the sentence "Flying Skill must be practiced well! Whether it is hitting people or running, it is the first important martial art! "
"But isn’t lightness skill a standard for a rogue?" A soft voice sounded and three men all looked at Mu Jiuxiu … The little girl’s eyes flowed but she smiled. "It was a show!" Whitewater said 1
There are soldiers at the gate of the city. At first glance, these ranks are all exhausted. "It doesn’t seem to be me?" He thought MuRongHua has gone to talk at this time "to the second world now … I found that there seems to be no language barrier? These people in front of us also look similar to us … Maybe this is somewhere on his continent? " Whitewater thinks it’s better not to explain it by any parallel world theory first.
First of all, this kind of thing is more reasonable to explain in different parts of the same world, because according to Ma Yinglong, those heavenly people can almost see the sky, and their great power is the ability to move people thousands of miles away, even far away from Wan Li … to travel around the world? Well, this point is that Ma Yinglong is also vague, and it is unclear whether these "gods" have such ability. "Summer insects can’t speak ice, that’s the truth," thought Whitewater.
In the sight of these people, none of them are born with Xuan achievements. Even the elders in the door naturally won’t tell them more about the real masters-because there is no need for MuRongHua to come back at this time. "No problem, there’s nothing special in this girder city. Let’s go in." Whitewater found that this door payment was actually silver and copper coins. "I remember that my hand was Dayan Tongbao? How can it become such a treasure of heaven and earth? "
This ghost head represents this kind of "adventure", which is really terrible. I don’t want to think about it and concentrate on the upcoming events. After entering the city, there is nothing unusual. Even if the city has a population of more than 100,000, it is seen by Whitewater. Two straight roads divide the city into four pieces, and there are many businesses in each piece. "Where is it not more developed than where I am?" Whitewater casually strolled around the street, looking at the street houses, people’s clothes and various businesses.
There is no difference in technology, but the style is a little different. Mu Jiuxiu took Qin Lianer to see all kinds of jewelry clothes and rouge gouache. A group of people found an inn and stayed in Ma Yinglong’s room. Everyone exchanged views. Qin Lianer carefully touched out a few people who bought rouge gouache. "It is possible here, but I have never seen these herbs before."
"What do you mean, can?" Whitewater asked Qin Yulian to shrink a "can be blended into drugs"
The three men also looked at each other. "Then Miss Qin, I’m afraid you have to go to the pharmacy a few more times to see if there is anything to identify a drug … I doubt it?" Ma Yinglong said, and then he took a look at Bai Lang and Mu Ronghua. "I still can’t confirm where we are." Mu Ronghua said that Bai Lang said, "The words here seem to be similar to Dayan’s words, but the strokes are slightly different-they can almost be variants, but the meaning is the same …"
Ma Yinglong rubbed his nose MuRongHua mu nine show is also their ponder to whitewater is also with a sigh "dress is almost the same and what strange clothes we where is this? Is this really the case in his continent? "
Ma Yinglong seems to have heard the idea of whitewater. He said, "Maybe it’s not Dongsheng Shenzhou … because the language there is similar to ours, but the clothes are different and so are the coins." Ma Yinglong turned over a small but very beautiful shell and appeared in the palm of his hand. "This is Dongsheng Shenzhou’s constant treasure, which is money."
The Guantao Pavilion in the East China Sea is the island in the sea, even the closest to Dongsheng Shenzhou Zongmen No.1.
"In now also don’t talk about this limit lived ten days? Even what great things will happen … "Whitewater said, but everyone can also be on high alert to recuperate and prepare for possible changes in the body.
Whitewater just asked Ma Yinglong and Mu Ronghua for advice on martial arts. These two people are also very willing to give directions. "Teacher Bai, your strength is much better than your martial arts. So your problem is that you have cultivated a body that can be counted as earth and horizontal, but you can’t give full play to your full power. Your boxing skills are too poor. Only when you are surprised in this world can you innovate and create your own martial arts. However, I’m afraid you are not such a genius. Forgive me for telling the truth," Ma Yinglong said-his martial arts is the highest among these people.
MuRongHua also nodded. "Sure enough, the noble younger brother is well informed …" White thought. "Now, white younger brother, you practice this black tiger boxing, and I have seen it as a passable martial arts." Ma Yinglong looked at White Wave and smiled. "Don’t be confused by this name. This martial arts is really suitable for you. I heard Mu Younger Brother say that it is also appropriate for you to practice this martial arts with a tiger ShaQi and a horizontal kungfu. If you can achieve something, even you don’t admire Younger Brother.
Whitewater well a "I am stronger than brother mu? !”
Chapter ninety-three Variation
Whitewater power is indeed stronger than Mu Ronghua’s, which is not too much for Ma Yinglong. It is even stronger than Mu Jiuxiu’s Qin Lianer. After all, this is the thirteen Pacific Insurance’s horizontal practice of golden bell jar power. It is a first-class and first-class practice of gas refining. Where is the magic of Bodhidharma? It is also his luck that Whitewater can get such magic-this jade fish is never simple …
It’s just that the white sea can’t be transported-this practice is not bad at all, but the luck defense method is full of mistakes and omissions. Only in the fourth place can this vigorous and spontaneous operation of the protector show that this magical skill is really about attacking opponents? White water kung fu is really shallow and tight-young people’s powerful martial arts are not so …
Whitewater is to increase the strength of this force. It’s almost from the martial arts novels that I haven’t understood it yet-it’s unreasonable that he should have developed the strength of splitting gas at the moment. He is almost ready to solidify a black and white tiger and can’t split gas.
Being taken lightly by Mu Ronghua is also a bad kung fu, which has no future compared with the real martial arts of this famous sect … If you continue to mix this little broken rudder, Whitewater will almost know this. His eyebrows move. "Isn’t it a younger brother?"
Mu Ronghua was joking at this time. "Is this brother a thing?" White waves make a haha "and the lid in the lid is worthless, hahahahahaha"
At this time, several people in Fengyun Mutation Field all felt a strange smell when Whitewater felt it-he had never felt that it was filthy and corrupt before, but it always seemed to get into his nostrils-and he didn’t smell it, but it was just like feeling this disgusting smell.
"What the hell is this?" Whitewater’s face was rather ugly, and Ma Rulong directly said two words, "Yin!"
Whitewater pushed the door and went out to the second floor of their inn. He went out along the corridor and looked at the city square. A gray cage covered the city. However, the whole city people acted as if they didn’t know anything. It didn’t take long for this bad luck to fade and finally disappear …
"It’s no wonder that the unlucky place to live for ten days must have that evil spirit." Mu Ronghua said so. His voice just fell and it was a rush of gas. It was like a flame and a breath like acid and alkali. I felt that my body, skin and meridians were ablated
"There was? There are monsters here? " It is Ma Yinglong who has lost his head this time. "Is this the demon?" Whitewater’s position also saw that there was a puff of black smoke outside the city, but strangely enough, the dough figurine still seemed to be invisible.
"What’s going on?" Bai Lang was not ashamed to ask, "Those who can’t breathe meridians can’t see, that is, those who practice meridians can see martial arts talents." Mu Ronghua answered Bai Lang’s question, "Is this monster strong?" Whitewater is tender. Mu Jiuxiu glanced at him, "Better than all the games."
"We are reliable you resisted who let you practice is horizontal practice kung fu? Don’t give me a sudden disappearance this time, Brother Bai? " Mu Jiuxiu said to Whitewater and smiling, it seems that he is not very nervous. Ma Rulong is also a little discolored, but after seeing that need, he also restored calm.
"Living for ten days means that these things will attack us? But hey? " Whitewater is a newcomer. If you don’t understand, you have to ask, "Because we martial arts people are full of blood … it’s a big supplement for such evil monsters." The explanation is that Qin Lianer, the king of medicine, Gu Di, has a speech on nutrition.
Whitewater thought for a while, and felt that eating the monster could probably make up for it. Maybe this is also an opportunity.
Everyone is saying that they all went back to their rooms for pranayama-it is conceivable that most of this change will come when the sun goes down. Before the night falls, everyone came to the first floor and waited for something to happen while eating and drinking. "There is still sun be the spirit at the beginning of the night. I think it will probably wait until the middle of the night …" Mu Ronghua wrote with chopsticks dipped in the wine table.
Xiao Er yawned and asked for the door panel, but Ma Yinglong lost a small piece of silver. "I’d like to have a drink. Xiao Er shopkeeper, you can go to rest. This money is to pay for the lamp oil …" Xiao Er shopkeeper is estimated to have seen this kind of thing more often, and they left after another round of drinks.
Whitewater seems to be a little drunk, too. They sit at the table and occasionally eat some food and drink a cup of wine, but the lights are nothing special. They still occasionally explode a little bit. The night in snuff is getting deeper and deeper. Xiao Er once came to see it once in the second watch, but he didn’t continue to come later.
It’s midnight outside …