At this time, Nan Yunqing said to Yin Qingyue, "Look at the magical power of the unicorn. Its realm should not recognize what the blazing white brilliance is, but it probably won’t touch it by instinct. The energy of the blazing white light in Central China will be exhausted long ago, and the Kirin’s own jumping out of the circle will aggravate this process. At most, one day later, the blazing white light will dissipate by itself and you can safely attack. "

YanQijīngYue finally heard a good news and immediately j and ng god sent a shock to spread the news.
Stick to it for another day no matter what!
However, at this moment, who knows that the unicorn in the second floor of the main hall has set its sights on the altar, and there is not much aura left.
At first, the bottle of Purple Se and the pills in it were obviously very attractive, but after the aura dissipated, even you Qilin didn’t notice its existence. However, when I came back this time, I caught a child and patted it on the Buddhist sutra. As a result, it was shaken off. The green flute and fairy symbols were all shaken out of sight, but the purple Se medicine bottle just rolled in front of it, so it had to pay attention.
Blood-red eyes gradually revealed a glimpse of Se, and greed and cruelty began to float from the inside …
This waste Dan, which can make people give birth to a mysterious Taoist base, has no effect on others, but it is a great tonic for its mysterious unicorn.
No one knows whether it really has a clear mind, but it does act.
A roll of black gas. The medicine bottle and the Dan medicine in it all flew up and fell into its mouth.
It didn’t even chew. In fact, the vial is too small for it. I don’t think it’s enough to put it between my teeth. I really can’t chew it …
After swallowing it, it gave a comfortable whisper and then saw that the speed of black gas swimming around it obviously began to get faster. Even the scales seem to be thicker and harder.
You Qilin directly closed her eyes and began to take a nap on the ground, as if she completely forgot the people outside.
They are never in the same class as it. Even if there are many people, they are still not in the same class. How can it care about them?
It is lying down. On the second floor of the main hall, there are still many people standing there. All those people are standing everywhere with their heads down and their eyes glazed over. It looks very strange …
I don’t know how long it took for you Kirin to open his eyes again, stand up, shake his neck and then whisper, as if he was satisfied with his present state.
The next moment, it is jumping out. Strong incomparably blunt go out!
People outside have been quite jǐng, but they didn’t expect that the avatar was stronger when you Kirin came out in less than an hour! Even if the law of the Big Five arrived in time, it still hurt some people and captured dozens of people!
This result surprised everyone. They can’t help but think: won’t this unicorn get stronger and stronger if they wait any longer?
Fortunately, Nan Yunqing was here, and she quickly judged that Youqilin must have eaten the raw Jidan. Only in this way can it become stronger.
They finally got a little peace of mind, and then they just waited for the Kirin to attack next time.
In this day, the initiative is not in their hands. Only when the incandescent energy disappears completely today is the moment for them to counterattack!
In the following time, you Qilin really attacked several times and almost got something every time! And everyone watched it become more and more arrogant and arrogant. Obviously, they thought they were holding their lifeblood and they were going to be mad at it!
This beast is so clever that it is no less than people!
But the day is finally over!
After waiting for so long, everyone can’t stand it anymore. Just wait for Yin Qingyue to give the order and they will rush away, even those who don’t have a knot are no exception!
In fact, there is nothing to say, and everything has been arranged in this day!
"attack! ! !”
YanQingYue finally very few Japanese to shout out such a sound and then see all the laws in the sky have released Guanghua all kinds of attacks towards the second floor of the main hall! Even those individuals who have the means of ranged attack failed to resist attacking the second floor of the main hall!
Almost instantly, the second floor and even the first floor of the main hall disappeared. At that moment, they all heard the sound of the Kirin’s roar in the thunder, which was really very Japanese!
Then the black gas gushed out from the side of the floating city, and everyone saw that Kirin had escaped from there awkwardly. At that time, many people were already laughing.
Soon, however, they couldn’t laugh, because there were not only Kirin but also more than 200 monks …
Those monks were all controlled by Youqilin in the battle with Youqilin. There is no doubt that they are all dead. But even if they die, they will be restless, but they will turn against their own stuff …
Who else can laugh at that?
They drove away the unicorn, but instead of chasing it, they sent people swaggering into the ruins to look for those treasures.
This beast is a rather arrogant guy. In fact, Yin Qingyue was also worried that it would simply ignore everyone and fly away. At this time, she deliberately provoked it with tricks.
The unicorn in the distant sky has already discovered that Yin Qingyue is the only conductor. At this time, he turned around and looked at Yin Qingyue unblinkingly with his red eyes.
You will be killed by me. You Qilin only conveyed such a meaning to him.
Yin Qingyue smiled contemptuously at the left corner of her mouth, then raised her neck and nodded silently to her throat: bite here.
As the head of a family, it can be said that it is abnormal for him to make such an action, but since it is to stimulate a supreme existence, why not stimulate it harder?
Thank you for your presence, which allows me to give full play to my talents. Even if I die, I have no regrets.
Come on …
You Kirin didn’t come but didn’t escape completely. It flew directly to the five smaller floating cities below with people …
At this time, Yin Qingyue couldn’t help but smile at the people around her and said, "The five floating cities that were finally saved are going to be destroyed because of it."
Others are not so convenient that they can’t even laugh with a wry smile.
At this time, Nan Yunqing and Xiao Wen were no longer with him, but flew into the ruins below to find treasures. Arguably, it is also true that the two of them can come to the Tibetan market anyway and find such a big secret. It can be said that Nan Yunqing has the greatest contribution! And at this time, she also has a very legitimate reason to see if there is any residual incandescent energy.
The dust from the ruins is falling and looks gray, but I don’t care so much about finding treasures.
Fortunately, Nan Yunqing and Xiao Wen have 90,000 followers around him. This little guy is still a clean-loving main body. The energy of the fire system surges outward, and Nan Yunqing and Xiao Wen are wrapped in it. No matter how small the dust is, don’t even want to come in!
The altar has long been smashed, and there is no treasure in its original position. People can only look for it further away, and they are still worried that those treasures will not have been swallowed by the unicorn …
At this time of Nan Yunqing, there is still a little look for the trace of blazing white energy, and it is also clearly looking for treasures.
Xiao asked, seeing it most vividly, and couldn’t help asking, "What are you looking for, Miss Nan?"
"That green flute."
"Er … before that incandescent energy really completely gone?"
"Well, in fact, when I put my hand in, I already got the biggest gain from coming to this world. I know something about it. Don’t worry, it won’t happen again. "
"That’s good." Xiao asked relieved.
"ah! I found it! Ha ha … "
Suddenly there was a cry in the distance. When Xiao Wen and Nan Yunqing looked, they saw a golden light flashing over there. The other party should have found a Buddhist classic.
Nan Yunqing and Xiao Wenquan are not interested in that thing. The only thing they are interested in at this time is the flute!
There are not many people who come to look for the treasure. They still have a great chance to find it!