Xu Taotao and Zhou Zhu looked at each other in peace and sat out and began to pretend.

As soon as Ling Mi announced the start of the meeting here, Director Zhu slammed the porcelain jar in his hand on the conference table.
The heart is a shake immediately.
Listen to the factory director Zhu like a mortar loud voice roar the whole meeting room trembled.
"You! Look at yourselves! Give me a lift with your head buried! "
Xu Taotao obediently raised his head with the factory leaders.
In the quiet meeting room, I heard the factory director Zhu continue to shout at the top of his voice. "Do you know what made me so angry today? ! Because I am unhappy! I’ll be angry! I feel wronged! "
"The news that the capital has just arrived was yesterday that the Friendship Hotel in our capital hosted a chef of foreign guests’ families, and it took all foreign guests half an hour to collect their stomachs. For half an hour, the Friendship Hotel pulled an order for 20 thousand yuan from our country!"
"Friendship Hotel, relying on a plate of braised beef to levy the stomach of international friends, easily pulled foreign exchange for our country!"
"What about us! Has such a large factory earned a penny of foreign exchange for the country? Listen carefully to those people who pouted at the beginning and disagreed with me! Friendship Hotel! A plate of braised beef! "
"What concept? We can’t catch up with flattery! I will feel ashamed when I hear the words! "
Chapter one hundred and fifty-seven The researcher is here.
"There are three researchers outside the factory director!"
Ling secret excitedly walked into the factory director Zhu’s office "saying that the application minister from our factory specially sent a jeep to give technical guidance to our R&D department to wait outside!" Please go out and have a look! "
Director Zhu took off his reading glasses and looked at Ling’s secret image like a fool.
"What a researcher! I didn’t apply for a researcher at all! "
Ling secret face excited live "what? You didn’t apply for the factory director? What do those three researchers mean by swearing? "
Director Zhu has got up and walked up to him and gave him a dirty look.
"It’s okay to use your head to cheat and dare to come to our slaughterhouse. How silly! Just go and see! "
Three male researchers looked disdainful, each carrying a small suitcase in his hand. They were all well-dressed scholars and looked at their age. They claimed to be researchers at the Capital Institute of Chemical Technology.
Director Zhu didn’t take it seriously, but these three people really took out their work certificates and letters of introduction, and there was a business chapter on their faces.
Director Zhu was dumbfounded with a letter of introduction in his hand. "It’s really sent to a researcher at our meat joint factory!"
He stared blankly for a moment and then enthusiastically said to the three researchers, "Come in if you don’t entertain three people!" I didn’t expect the organization to be quite happy, so I sent my helpers. With you, Jamlom, our R&D department is even more powerful! "
Aside Xu Taotao nodded with a smile and introduced himself to three researchers with Ping.
"Good three teachers! I’m Xu Taotao, director of production and R&D department of western province meat joint factory. He is the right-hand man of our department. Welcome three teachers! "
Flat a face of enthusiasm bow "three teachers! Just let me know if there’s anything later! "
However, the enthusiasm and excitement of the two people are in stark contrast to the fact that the three researchers gave them a reserved and arrogant look.
Don’t bother to say a word.
Xu Taotao & Ping ""
Why do you think the three teachers are a little contemptuous of them?
Pingxiaoshan said, "Maybe the three teachers are just tired from traveling by boat. Let’s arrange accommodation for the three teachers quickly."
Xu Taotao nodded. She is not afraid of three researchers and arrogant technicians. It’s okay to be arrogant again if there is a true story.
She didn’t put the attitude of the three researchers at ease and turned to discuss with the director Zhu the arrangement of a pair of three researchers.
Three researchers were assigned to a single dormitory, which is half as big as Xu Taotao’s.
After all, three people living in one room have been wronged, but the room in the factory is really tight now and they can’t make room for it.
In the face of the displeasure of the three researchers, Director Zhu made a wink at Ling Mi and walked away with Xu Taotao leisurely.
Ling secret took the three suitcases and smiled. "Please also ask three researchers to understand that our slaughterhouse is really unable to vacate other rooms at present."
However, the factory director said that we can’t treat the three researchers badly as soon as we vacate the dormitory, and we will arrange for you to stay. Now, please ask the three of us to be patient a little. "
Xu Taotao was absolutely surprised by the arrival of these three researchers, and some work really needed to be done by professionals.
Come on, she’s going to apply face to face with director Zhu. I didn’t expect the old man to move so fast, which brought people here.
Xu Taotao, three researchers, was brought in by the factory director Zhu, who also specially kowtowed to the leaders.
"The director want to say you wily? Want to is one step faster than the za these fledgling guys!
Our R&D department is just short of researchers, so you got it right away.
We will never let you down if you attach importance to the R&D department! "
Who knows that factory director Zhu is not happy to spit out a breath from his nostrils.