Looking at the hand, Gu Ji stood proudly and stood still. Lin Wang Yan’s face was unusually livid, but his heart was also turning up at this moment. He had failed to win the battle with others. Instead, every time Gu Ji blasted his gun, it would make his palm numb. I’m afraid he would have fallen into the wind if he hadn’t used Yuan Li to beat Lin.

I don’t believe that you, a waste, can surpass me in just one year. Wang Yan’s eyes are slightly reddish and growling, and then the bright golden light bursts, and in a flash, a golden platform with a size of nearly ten feet is formed in front of him.
Jintai town magic palm
As soon as the gold platform was formed, it roared and slammed the forest with a sonic boom all over the sky.
Looking at that familiar scene, it was a sneer, but it didn’t flash or avoid in the eyes of the koo’s consternation, and his fists slammed into the platform.
It was deafening when the sky rang and Lin moved his arms. At this moment, jade luster flooded, and a terrorist force surged with his fist, and then all of them poured out of the huge golden platform.
In the forest movement, it was a monster beast-like force, with a sonic boom crashing down on the golden platform, and then the fine cracks were solidified. Wang Yan and others were horrified and quickly filled with a golden platform.
As the crack spread a moment later, the golden platform was directly transformed into a golden light spot by the banquet explosion, and a figure in the golden light spot flew like a god of war, stepping on a sword awn and standing like a fierce beast, and it spread like a ripple.
How is that possible?
Those Wang clansmen who saw that Lin Dong actually blew up the golden platform with one punch were horrified and cried out. For this door, it is well-known in the Wang clan. They know only too well that Wang Yan’s strength can be exerted even if he can avoid its sharpness. How can he blow it away with Lin Dong?
Your talons in Jintai Town are not cultivated at home. Let me teach you what it means to be a real talons in Jintai Town. The jade color and luster of the body are surging, and the rolling of the glass is like the color of the God of War.
Lin moved to face upwards and laughed. The dark golden force roared and suddenly it was condensed into a party. It was almost twice as big as Wang Yan’s previous display of Jintai Town.
Jintai condensed the forest to firmly grasp the sole of the foot directly, and it was a stamping day. In many shocking eyes, it swung a huge Jintai, and an extremely eye-catching gesture severely smashed the Wang Yanhuo.
The golden platform whizzed by, and even the air was crushed by the pressure. A series of harsh sonic booms broke out in Lin Dong, which was close to the increase of terrorist forces. This golden platform seemed to have become the most terrible weapon, and even a mountain could be smashed by half.
The terrible strong breeze came at Wang Yan’s eyes like a blade, and it was at this moment that he poured thick horror. He didn’t expect Lin to practice the clutches of Jintai Town successfully, but he could also directly use it as a weapon to fight the enemy.
Hundred-weight crack day
In the face of this terrorist attack, even Wang Yan did not dare to neglect the slightest bit. The force of the body element roared like a flood, and the golden gun broke out with bright golden light. Soon, the golden gun shook into hundreds of huge golden light guns and then bombarded like a flash.
Huge golden light gun shadow filled with extremely sharp fluctuations, each gun shadow contains enough to defeat the shaping environment and achieve great strength and strong fluctuations. Obviously, this time Wang Yan also exerted a strong horizontal force
Ding ding ding.
In those several eyes, hundreds of golden guns and shadows were slammed on the golden platform, and then deafening gold and iron sounded, and then a terrible strong breeze swept like a storm, which made the sky slightly distorted at this moment.
Hundreds of golden gun shadows burst in the golden platform, but obviously Wang Yan’s counterattack is also particularly sharp. The bursting of the gun shadow also cracks the huge golden platform.
Two people offensive is fierce to hit the tongue as to see a lot of people have a boiling passion.
Give me a break.
The golden light gun shadow is broken, but the golden platform is also on the verge of bursting. Wang Yan’s eyes are cold and a powerful force is surging, and many gun shadows are hard. A fierce force fluctuation suddenly broke out in the golden platform
The golden light surged, and the crack in the golden platform finally reached its limit. Finally, it crashed and exploded by Wang Yansheng.
Jintai burst, but don’t wait for Wang Yansong to breathe a sigh of relief. A figure in Jin Guangzhong is swept like a flash.
Die for me
Seeing that figure swept to Wang Yan’s eyes, the cold mountain suddenly surged, and the gun was instantly expanded for several times, and then it was violently stabbed at that figure with vigorous force.
make a din
Lin’s figure was completely wrapped in golden light, which was completely transformed into jade luster, and this time, Lin’s right fist was faintly showing a golden dragon horn