This boss can recognize that the power of this robbery is second only to that of the five elements of mass extinction, and Xuan Yin Lei also saves himself some time to introduce it.

Li Yueling’s heart andao smiled indifferently. The boss has a good eye. Will you exchange the contents of this jade bottle for five LeiFu?
Yes, of course, I don’t want to be the king’s egg. The boss is obviously excited. It’s not one o’clock. He nods repeatedly. Yes, I still have a question. I don’t know if I can dispel my doubts. This boss is not stupid. After seeing Li Yueling take this bottle of mother earth, Xuan Yin robbed the thunder, he was convinced that the other party’s magical powers must be powerful and special, and immediately the fairy matched him.
Boss, but ask me.
In fact, what I want to ask is that this earth mother’s mysterious robbery is based on magical powers, seeking a higher level. Things that will be derived when the world is robbed are rare for almost ten thousand years, and when the world is robbed temporarily, in addition to being derived from the earth mother’s mysterious robbery, the five elements of robbery have been generated before chaos. Can Xianxian get the earth mother’s mysterious robbery? I wonder if there was a little bit of extinction.
Haha, boss, it’s true that you know a lot. Daniel lee was inspired and laughed
I’m flattered, but I can’t do anything about studying Lei Fa’s pulse in other magical powers. Besides, I don’t have the ability to get it even if I know many powerful sources of Lei Huo. Forgive me if I take the liberty to hope for immortality.
You might as well tell me that you are familiar with thunder, and you can listen to it.
The five elements of mass extinction are indeed derived from the same wave of Armageddon as the mother of the earth, Xuan Yin, and I also took some photos. It’s not that I’m stingy not to bring them. You’ve seen the five elements of mass extinction. If you don’t ban the law, it’s too overbearing. Once you take it, it’s possible for Li Yueling to ruin a fairy city. After answering it calmly, it’s also that the five revolving lights and colorful Leifu handed over by the boss just now are in the hands of three women.
In the future, when the five elements of the world were really wiped out, it was a pity in the eyes of the boss that they failed to rob the mine at first sight.
Seeing the three girls complete the colorful Leifu Li Yueling, the boss told me that when the three girls left but didn’t want to go to the door, the boss sounded able to do something powerful and destroy the five elements of thunder. Is it the only fairy in Taiji Fairy Star today?
Before the boss put the words, Li Yueling turned around and made a forbidden area to laugh at the boss. You already know it and you will say it. It’s rare to have a leisure time. Don’t spoil my three ladies’ fun.
Looking at the back of Li Yueling’s three daughters leaving, the boss tightened his hands with the mother earth, Xuan Yin, robbing Leiyuping, and muttered in his mouth, I turned out to be the God of Heaven’s adult to do a business.
However, it is said that after the door, the three girls’ interest has obviously not diminished, and every fairy merchant shop has not let go one by one to go in and buy some things that they agree with. However, Li Yueling has just come to check out, and thanks to Li Yueling’s net worth, it is really necessary to cry for others. After all, the three girls are also extraordinary, so how can they look at things badly?
Near the end of the street, suddenly a black light flew from the shop not far in front of Li Yueling, followed by a red humanoid light and shadow, which abruptly blocked the black road.
The four hundred and twenty-seventh Zhang Zong scum.
When I stopped, the black light and red light were all for people to see. One was a middle-aged scribe dressed in red fairy armor, and the other was a monk dressed in black magic armor.
The middle-aged scribes pointed to the magic and became angry. Today, if you don’t give me back that mysterious crystal, even if you are a heavenly king, you won’t leave.
The magic show a face of disdain smell speech is full of mass at the right hypochondrium. How dare you, a little Jin Xian, stand in my way and know who I am? Did you know that I am the big brother of the poisonous shadow? If you still want to fool around in this Tai Chi fairy star, please please me, but don’t say that you took a piece of Xuan Tianjing, and even if you smashed your shop, it’s a lift your hand to chase you away from Tai Chi fairy stars.
The magic repair this just now also want to grab back their hard-earned XuanTianJing middle-aged teachers of the law are hesitant. Who doesn’t know the name of Heaven Emperor and who doesn’t know Yuan Zong in Taiji Fairy Star?
It is said that there are three big brothers, the big brother Tuode, the big honour person. The steady cultivation is the golden fairy, the second brother, the poisonous shadow, and the big honour cultivation is the magic cultivation. Although he is ranked last, he is the most famous one. It is not because Xiaoqi likes to show off, but I don’t know which lip-synching person will avenge Xiaoqi, who will make a great tour of heaven and make Taibai Venus explode. This feat has won Xiaoqi a great name.
Taiji Xianxing is in a clan gate, that is to say, Yuan Zong is the one who controls the clan gate of Xianxing. There is no doubt about this fact. On the other hand, because Yuan Zong is famous, he came to Taiji Xianxing to take refuge. Jin Xian’s magic practitioners are seeking to join the mixed Yuan Zong.
But not everyone can enter today. If you are a master of Yuan Zong in Taiji Fairy Star, it is a very important thing, and it is also equivalent to leaning against a towering tree.
The middle-aged teachers of the law always hesitate to find XuanTianjing without sacrificing themselves, and his face is flushed with suppression. Even if he is a master of Yuan Zong, can he rob him? You will return XuanTianjing to me as soon as possible.
I don’t care about anything else.
The evil shadow brother’s magic repair smells that the other person’s tone is soft, but it is even more arrogant and full of contempt. Which eye did you see that I took what Xuan Tianjing said and slandered my evil shadow brother in vernacular? Do you mix Yuan Zong revenge?
This hat is too big for me. The middle-aged scribe was almost furious. He pointed at the magic monk and couldn’t speak for a long time. He finally recovered his breath.
Angry, you came to my store to buy goods in detail, but you stole my town store’s treasure, Xuan Tianjing, and put it in your sleeve. I applied the guiding rune, and it was thousands of miles away. I can also feel that it is hidden in your left cuff today.
You still don’t pay it back
The magic repair didn’t expect the middle-aged scribes to be so skilled, but he was also slightly one leng followed by malicious, and I took the land again
However, it’s not what you said, but it belongs to you. I think my master’s reputation like poison shadow and great honour can see you. Xuan Tianjing, I really don’t know how many generations you have saved. You’re still here. I’m so nagging. I’m such an ungrateful creature
Li Yueling caught the eye of the middle-aged scribes from the magic repair shop, and listened to the words and deeds of the brother who called the poison shadow.
Li Yueling’s expression became more and more dignified. If it weren’t for the fact that he didn’t want to expose his identity here, it would be possible to directly point the divine light to the magic repair and destroy it both physically and mentally.
Also seeing this scene, the three girls are angry in their hearts, but they are more concerned about Li Yueling’s idea. All the time, Jin Nuanyu tugged at Li Yueling’s sleeve and said that Yue Ling was mixed with Yuan Zong. After all, there are nearly 100,000 masters. It is also a law that you should not be too angry.
Cher is also an interface. She said yes. After all, there are a large number of cousins, but it is difficult to discipline them. Besides, the youngest generation in Yuan Zong has reached the seventh generation.
It’s Jin Xian’s magic repair demon who is not afraid of the total omission.
Jiang Shi-shi doesn’t know much about Yuan Zong, but she does know Li Yueling. After seeing this moment, his eyebrows are already wrinkled, and the circles are talking about where there are always scum husbands, don’t you think so?
At first, Li Yueling smiled bitterly and said, You are all worried. I’m not angry, but I think it’s really a good thing to see this scene. Let me know something at a high time. I went to the poisonous shadow guy and said, I might as well.