The wolf demon swept away his eyes with a cold magic gas and wanted to erode the chain. However, this time, the previous wind magic gas was harsh and squeaky, and the black thunder chain tied to the body seemed to be getting tighter and tighter.

This change always makes the wolf demon’s face change dramatically, but after all, he is also an unusual character. Immediately, his eyes are cold, and he can see that the golden magic wing behind him suddenly falls off with golden stripes. As the golden stripes fall off, the wolf demon’s body turns out to be an extremely shocking speed.
in a grand fashion
In a short span of ten minutes, the wolf demon will have a huge body, and behind it, the magic gas will sweep across the world from a distance.
As the wolf demon expands his body, the huge black thunder chain tied to his body is also crunching, obviously not.
Tiantang Xinlian and others looked at this scene with more and more dignified eyes. Lin moved to urge Zufuli to be greatly strengthened after their law, but even if this is the case, it is obviously not easy to suppress this wolf demon, and at this time, they are obviously giving any help. Everything still depends on Lin’s own business.
Come on, Lin. Tang Xinlian’s eyes looked at the figure in the light, and the jade hand could not help but hold it tightly. Although she started from Bai Lin, her strength was always perfect, even though she was pregnant with two great ancestors, but at this time, he obviously moved the two great ancestors completely.
Lin’s face, expression, palm, clap again, and the two-color dragon roared again and then rushed into the law.
If you can look at it carefully, you will find that Lin’s arms are already stirred up with the veins standing out. Obviously, at this time, he is also doing his best to urge the two great ancestors.
Along with the forest movement, the two ancestors were driven crazy. On that day, the black thunder chains in the huge array were also constantly whistling, and the black Lei Long was entangled with the thousand trolls.
The wolf demon grabbed the giant hand and the magic gas surged, directly tearing off a huge black thunder chain. Soon, his huge eyes slammed into a light beam in the distance. At this time, he finally realized that those black thunder chains that bothered him were coming from there.
Find something to die for
The wolf demon will roar and just want to launch an offensive, but in that big array, more and more black thunder chains are rushing to bind it and it can’t move.
It will be to see who can last longer.
Wolf magic will anger laughed immediately its magic wing a shock that body black ray chain suddenly inching apart.
And when the chain broke, there were many black thunder chains entangled again, which formed a strange rigidity.
But looking at that speed, it is obvious that the speed of chain collapse far exceeds the speed of winding
It’s not enough. An elder is worried that Daolin’s perfect strength in this mysterious environment has obviously prompted so many black thunder chains, and once the wolf demon is freed from the bondage, this large array will also face collapse.
The other elders are also worried and nodded, but they can help.
Tang Xinlian bit her red lips and stared at Fang’s figure, which was concealed by the majestic black ray.
He can’t last long, and it’s been a long time. An elder suddenly sighed
The horse is about to dry up.
Everyone looked at those black thunder chains that are getting slower and slower from the large array, and their hearts sank slightly. It is obviously ridiculous to let Lin move a mysterious environment to compete with an alien general. Even if they help, it is still not a simple matter.
Yuan Li has dried up again
At the bottom of the beam, Lin moved around and gathered the majestic force. His face was very pale. Soon he looked up at the roaring troll in the sky and smiled. His eyes were slowly closed.
Completely dried up
An elder looked at the chain that always stopped channeling black thunder and immediately smiled bitterly. It seems that this time it will fail.
Tang Xinlian’s teeth clenched her lips a moment later, she took a deep breath and her eyes became sharp again. The jade hand clenched the fire phoenix gun and sank, and the elders were ready to fight.
Although their means have been exhausted, no matter what, this wolf demon will not be allowed to destroy other battlefields, or that link will make them completely defeated after all.
Many elders smell speech is also heavy should way
Tang Xinlian glanced at the bottom of the light beam again and immediately turned around. However, just as she was about to announce a thorough command, her pupil suddenly shrank and suddenly turned, and her eyes looked at the end of the light beam with thick indecision.
The exhausted force there turned out to be at an extreme speed of terror, and the degree of boldness was even higher than before.
And in that force, she was aware of the birth of a really dead wave.
Around some inflammation temple strong also found this scene at this time, and immediately could not help but take a drag on the air conditioning. In the eyes, there was also a vibration color coming to the repressed surprise, and the deep voice could not help but be in the middle.
He was in the shock dead xuan condition Chapter one thousand and twenty-nine Town chalk pressure.
The majestic force is as amazing as the tide, and the bottom of the light beam is diffuse, but in the majestic force, there is a faint black gas mixed with a unique fluctuation.
In the middle school, Tang Xinlian and others all looked at this scene with eyes shaking. They all walked through this step, but they knew exactly what happened.