At this time, Shimada Hanzo finally landed and looked ugly. "Is it really okay for the referee to wake up?" Obviously, Shimada Hanzo just escaped his attack because others woke up. Xiaojie was angry.

Are you blind? Hearing this, I was upset. "When Lei Ouli woke up, Xiaojiexian had escaped your attack, okay?"
Referee "He is right, and do you think the enemy will be one-on-one with you?"? If someone else wakes up and gets hurt, that’s your problem. "
When Lei Ouli heard the excitement, "Xiaojie killed him."
Have you forgotten that this experiment is to let the other side say that it is a win to admit defeat? Qi Zhen woke up and said, "If the other person dies, Xiaojie will be eliminated."
"Say" Lei Ouli touch head a face of embarrassment.
At this moment, Xiaojie looked at Shimada Hanzo with a look of embarrassment and shouted, "Be careful, I’m going to contribute."
"Click" Xiaojie’s words are like a flash, splitting everyone one leng one leng.
The picture of the quiet room is particularly quiet, and at the same time, the word "force" is echoed in everyone’s mind.
"Look down on people less" to react. Shimada Hanzo roared out with a livid face, and then the figure ran towards Xiaojie. At the same time, a sword braved the cold light appeared on the right.
"Hey" Lei Ouli looked at Shimada Hanzo and shouted.
"Howl" sword Shimada Hanzo waved towards the hood of Xiaojie.
"Paper painting" Xiaojie revealed that his body was fluttering like paper, and it was this form that he actually escaped Shimada Hanzo’s offensive again and again.
"That’s how to kill him" shouted excitedly while watching Menchi.
Damn it, how is it possible that Shimada Hanzo looked at Xiaojie with a face of disbelief? He didn’t expect that his attack didn’t hit each other once.
He couldn’t help but be surprised. Even while watching the strange things, he was surprised that Xiaojie had such a strange thing.
In an instant, Shimada Hanzo’s left hand appeared again with a long sword, and then his hands waved at the same time. Soon, he met the sword shadow and pressed it toward Xiaojie.
"Iron" Xiaojie suddenly decided to drink a lot.
At the moment, I heard "Ding Ding" ringing a few times, and then everyone showed an incredible expression. Even the president of the psychic hunter and others were shocked-they knew clearly that Xiaojie didn’t have psychic powers! It’s unbelievable that Jacko blocked the sharp blade just because of his physical condition without moving his mind.
"Finger gun" refers to the other party’s stupidly instantaneous Xiaojie stretching his index finger to Shimada Hanzo’s shoulder.
"Poof!" A blood flower soared from Shimada Hanzo’s shoulder and was awakened by the pain for a moment. He couldn’t help crying with "Ah".
At this time, Menchi was also somewhat shocked. "How did this little brother do it? Actually, the body will block the blade. "
If you are not mistaken just now, this should be the ultimate defense formed by controlling the rapid movement of your own muscles.
I couldn’t help but look at Nitero when I heard what he said. He said it was true, but the principle of iron is to speed up blood flow and make muscles move quickly
"How is that possible?" Shimada Hanzo looked at Xiaojie with a face of shock. He didn’t expect that Xiaojie could hurt him without looking at his eyes. It’s too shocking.
Give up! You can’t hurt me. Jacko looked at Shimada Hanzo and advised him, "If you keep fighting, you will go to France to take a game."
Don’t look down on people. Shimada Hanzo roared, "I don’t believe you can keep doing what you just did."
Looking at Shimada Hanzo Xiaojie’s face rushing towards himself, he couldn’t help but flash across a hesitant expression.
Zizi! !
"Nani?" Look at the blink of an eye and flash to his front blue chop Shimada Hanzo facial expression, a rolling mess at the same time very survived this attack.
"Boom" moment behind the extremely thick wall was instantly opened a half-moon window.
"Referee, I give up." The sound is right. This sound is Shimada Hanzo. At this time, he is looking pale and sweating his arm.
Yes, he’s hurt, and he’s hurt badly! Just now, although he escaped, his arm was wiped. However, with such a gentle touch, his arm could see white bones instantly. If he hadn’t escaped quickly just now, his hand would have disappeared. It’s terrible to think about it. If Xiaojie has a killing mentality, then he aims at himself. Even if he hides quickly or less, his hand will be cut off.
"Xiaojie won the third group competition."
"Brother Raytheon, please help Shimada Hanzo heal." Xiaojie turned and shouted.
Well, I frowned when I heard Xiaojie’s words, but I finally walked over to Shimada Hanzo.
"What are you doing?" Shimada Hanzo looked at with some fear.
Ignore him, but take his hand away, then cover his hand with green light, and then turn around and walk towards Xiaojie for a minute.
Shimada Hanzo gawked at the intact hand, which he thought was absolutely incredible.
At this time, the referee’s voice sounded again, "Take a rest for 20 minutes, and then start the fourth group game after 20 minutes."
"You still hide really deep! The little hero "wonders walked over and said
"You are good." Lei Ouli made a pile of Xiaojie.
"It hurts" for a moment, and everyone was dumbfounded. Xiaojie was so piled up by Lei Ouli.
"I can’t help it, okay?" Lei Ouli got a fright.
"Now you know it hurts!" Just then the sound suddenly sounded.
Lan’s feet are still too big for you. Squat down to help Xiaojie treat his foot injury and say, "You don’t need to do this just now."
"Ha ha" Xiaojie giggled and scratched his head.
It took a long time to get up and warn, "If you mess around again, it will hurt you for a few days."
Looking at the departure, Kulapika said to Xiaojie, "Did Raytheon teach you those tricks just now?"
No, Xiaojie laughed. "My brother taught me this."
Why didn’t the former spaceship see you make a miracle? "If you make it, we might get the ball of President Nietro!" "
Although I am a brother, I can’t understand it before. Xiaojie explained, "It’s only after the guidance of Raytheon’s brother these days that I learned that Raytheon’s brother is really amazing. I told him these principles and he could make them out as soon as he could."
What’s so strange about this? It’s so strange that he looks relaxed. "His strange eyes have the ability to copy everything. If he sees them once, he can learn his moves."
So powerful, Xiaojie turned to look at Cool Lapidu and asked, "Does Cool Lapidu have a special ability to turn your eyes red?"
Special abilities? Kulapika recalled, "Does everything you see turn red count?"
All "…"