Gravel splash stone directly **21 blow blown to pieces!
Boxing power is 5139 Jin!
There is a force measuring system in the mecha. When Yun Fan controls the 21 attack, the boxing force is clear at a glance!
Two consecutive punches have hit more than 50,000 Jin of terrorist forces. If this punch blows people, even the ancient fighters in the territory will be killed instantly!
It’s still close to Yuecheng, and the genetic monster is rare. Yun Fan hasn’t seen the genetic monster continue to run in the opposite direction of Yuecheng.
Strengthen your eyesight! Line of sight scanning!
Yun Fan opened the mecha auxiliary function fully see thousands of meters away from the line of sight mecha are scanning analysis to find gene monster figure.
Running for several kilometers, Yun Fan finally found a genetic monster.
The third-level genetic monster-the fire tarantula!
The fire tarantula is more than one meter high and more than three meters long. It is full of flames, and the pattern burns like a fire.
This fire tarantula hid in a rock, but it was scanned by the mecha and Yun Fan manipulated 21 to rush over quickly.
The fire tarantula saw 21 coming in and showed fear in her eyes. There is a fear of mecha in the life gene!
The fire tarantula rushed out of the rock and ran away quickly.
However, compared with the speed limit of 21 seconds and 70 seconds, the speed of the fire tarantula is too slow!
Ten people chased them before they breathed 21, and they fell from the sky and stepped on them!
The fire tarantula was trampled red-handed, and her body was crushed and fell into the ground like a flame, and her blood was very hot.
It’s like a hot flame, and blood can’t cause damage to 21 mecha!
The fire tarantula on the ground struggled for a few times and soon died. **21 trampled to death!
"The third-level gene monster is equivalent to the transformation of fighters without mecha. I can hang without any challenge!" Yun Fan heart way to kill low-level gene monster has no taste at all.
Yun Fan manipulated 21 to move on, and soon he found several more genetic monsters to hunt.
It’s too close to Yuecheng here. When you meet a few genetic monsters, they are all level one or three. There is no room to fight back and they are easily killed.
"The aircraft saw a lot of genetic monsters, many of which were level 4, level 5 and even level 6. That’s because the aircraft has a wide field of vision."
Yun Fan heart turned! "And when the speed of the aircraft is not much faster, it can stay away from the city and run on the ground like me. I don’t know how long it will take to touch the four-level genetic monster!"
"It seems that if you want to hunt high-level gene monsters to earn military and money, you have to have an aircraft to be convenient! It takes great strength to earn military merits and money. I’d better go to the Yuan mainland to learn more advanced martial arts and improve my strength first! "
Yun Fan, a low-level genetic monster, was so boring when he hunted it that he took out 21 crystals.
Yun Fan said, "Let’s go to the Yuan mainland when I’m ready!"
PS listens to friends’ opinions. The mecha level changed from ABCDEF to FEDCBA. In the previous article, the A-level mecha became the F-level mecha, the B-level mecha became the E-level, the C-level mecha became the D-level! Friends can look at the dyslexia caused by the grading in the announcement.
Chapter 39 Yunjia Village Massacre!
Dry yuan mainland!
A light flashed near Yunjia Village and Yun Fan appeared instantly.
When the crystal shuttled back and forth again, it sent him to the dry yuan mainland.
Yun Fan’s mood is surging, and the dry yuan mainland is a treasure land for him, and there are several opportunities waiting for him to get several treasures waiting for him to develop!
A bunch of yuan mainland Yun Fan suddenly felt the surging aura and comfortable than!
The earth’s aura is thin, and it is not enough to dry up the mainland. One tenth of Yun Fan’s earth has stayed for a month, and nothing has changed!
If the earth practices, I’m afraid it will take several years to rise to a small level, from the initial stage of condensation to the middle stage of condensation!
Can dry yuan mainland Yun Fan estimates that two or three months will be enough, and it will take a year or two for him to practice the peak of condensate gas!
Compared with the earth practitioners practice speed for a year or two, it is simply rapid from the early stage of Gang territory to the peak of Gang territory!
There must be a breakthrough to return to Yuan’s territory. Stay in Yuan’s mainland for a few years, and Yun Fan will become the top strong in Yuecheng!