Soon the captain felt that the control room had become stable and he had a star barrier. As soon as he was relieved, he saw the young man flash over and attack from the front!

The captain shouted, "I declare you guilty!" "
His hand lit up with a rank coat of arms
It’s a balance with feathers and a heart.
There is a number 6 at the base of the balance.
This is the rank coat of arms of the adjudicator. The number 6 stands for the rank of captain!
Immediately blunt come over silver-haired youth chest appeared a word "sin".
The captain rolled to avoid the opponent’s attack and shouted at the same time. At the same time, the silver-haired young man made a move. At that time, several illusory chains were stretched out on the ground to lock his feet.
The captain was relieved and quickly raised his hands and folded his chest "in prison!"
There is an unreal black wall around the young man with silver hair, which rises like a prison wall. In the blink of an eye, the young man with silver hair is thrown into prison like a criminal.
This is the ability of the adjudicator’s rank 5′ judge’. When the’ judge’ declares the opponent’s’ guilty’ and marks the’ sinner’, he can forcibly control the forcible blockade.
I managed to control the captain’s breath, but I heard a voice calling, "Boss, help me!"
When the captain looked at it at once, he saw his companion’s fortress rank. He kept sticking to the force field method and moved around, while another figure was constantly attacking him.
It turned out to be an identical young man with silver broken hair.
What’s going on?
Are they twins?
The captain was puzzled, but he rushed over to help him. He took a short metal stick from his waist, shook it, stretched it, and a gun tip popped up at the front end, which immediately turned into a war gun.
He poured a little blue color on the tip of the star-studded war gun and headed for another silver-haired youth, but at this moment his eyes suddenly became dark. A thick black fog appeared on the ground of the control room, and a semi-transparent figure floated out in the black fog.
This figure is faintly visible with armored hands, a long knife, pale eyes and Charlie black as if an evil spirit had hacked at the captain with a knife.
The captain’s horizontal gun was a seemingly shadowy long knife, but his gun split out several points. The captain of Mars dared not show his carelessness. When the star pike swung a little, he first set the semi-transparent long knife, and then clicked on the shadow chest, and then he saw that the shadow vanished like smoke.
But at this time, more shadows floated out of the black fog. They were either knives and axes or those with bows and arrows. The shadows with knives and axes roared and flocked to the bows and arrows. They fell behind the bows and arrows and knew how to cooperate like an army.
The captain’s cold hum broke out, and the pike outlined a mighty gun shadow. Suddenly, a little blue fire floated, and the shadows of the knives and axes were strangled on those arrows. When they entered the range of his star, they were annihilated. Occasionally, one or two of them crossed the star, but they broke the barrier.
It’s these shadows that die, and one batch will appear again, and another batch seems to be exhausted.
Moreover, the captain also saw some shadows attacking the prison he just released. The prison has been attacked by the silver-haired youth in the crack of the tunnel. After a while, the prison was destroyed and the sinner regained his freedom.
These shadows are fog ghosts released by the’ fog ghost array’. Their attack power is not high, but they can be continuously generated as long as the sun keeps dark particles.
In the control room, the two "Tianyang" are naturally "phantoms" and Tianyang himself has made the "fog ghost amulet" out of the control room.
Through communication, he knew all about the war situation inside although he was outside the room.
"It turns out that the captain is the arbiter."
Tianyang has also dealt with such sublimators. The war bishops’ meeting, the ancient cloud storm female general Fei Mei, they are all adjudicators.
Of course, it is relative that the arbiter among the sublimators also belongs to a less number of ranks.
However, compared with the ranks of God of War and Hunters, the number of adjudicators is really not much, but it is much more than the glory and abyss.
Because there are adjudicators in Qingtianbao, when I was in Nightcrawler, I had a certain understanding of this rank through the materials of the Ministry
There is nothing remarkable about the decider when he is in a low rank. They are better at assisting without positive fighting force, which is similar to that of the mediator, but after the rank 5, the decider will have a qualitative change.
A judge in rank 5 can pronounce a single target as a sinner. After the judge pronounced the sentence, the target will get the status of a sinner, and the state beneficial to the target will be weakened, which is the characteristic of judges.
In addition, the judge may
Arresting a’ sinner’ can be sentenced to jail. The former will forcibly control the target, while the latter will build a prison to block the target.
At the beginning, Fei Mei, the female general of the underground storm in the deserted town, was "imprisoned" to block the magic tree in Nidhogg. At that level, Fei Mei seemed to have been able to exercise the ability of "judge" without saying it.
And with the promotion of rank, whether it is’ arrest’ or’ imprisonment’ will be significantly enhanced.
Rank 6 of the decider is the’ executioner’. At this stage, their ability is no longer to control the target, but to execute the target. In other words, the decider will gain productive offensive ability at the’ executioner’ stage.
According to the data of Qingtianbao, the condemned person can upgrade the status of "sinner" to "death row". When the target is marked as "death row", the target will be in a state of "damage expansion".
In this state, minor injuries will become serious injuries, and serious injuries will become fatal injuries.
It can be said that the characteristics of "the condemned person" are very strong because the state of "injury expansion" is shared with peers, that is to say, to be marked as "death row", the state of being injured by anyone will occur.
In the data, it is only described that this ability will forcibly control the target and then carry out a powerful attack, but it is not clear what kind of weather it is
The information of the adjudicator’s rank 7 is confidential, and it will be known from the reading of the solar limit method at that time.
Now he knows that the captain inside is a "condemned man" and he can’t help but be glad that the "Ling Ling" card in the "Confused Domino" just now controlled the strength of the average woman to let her swallow a gun and commit suicide.
Then make’ black whether’ make’ galaxy flashing’ kill that rank 5 elder.
Now that there is one arbiter and one fortress left in the control room, the difficulty is much reduced.
"If not worried about destroying the control room …"
Tianyang shrugged his shoulders. If he wasn’t worried about destroying the control room, he would have directly rewarded the captain inside with a few thunderstorms. But now the captain should not have found that his skin is losing its luster and his body organs are getting old at an incredible speed.
That’s because the sun had already released the "bitter hand" to the captain when he made the "flash" and the "phantom" exhausted the fog and ghost’s interference and delayed until the captain himself died of old age.
Bottom of cabin
In a room, a man wearing a long trench coat and dark trousers but a pair of red leather shoes is staring out of the window as if in a daze.
When the sun suddenly attacked the control room, he immediately felt the breath of the stars and could not help frowning slightly.
He took out a pistol with an unusually long barrel, wiped his waist with the other hand, and pulled out a dark red whip, which shook off the ground and popped up several flames.
He went to the door, lifted his foot and kicked the door.
He went out with a gun and a whip and walked to the cabin exit with a straight face.
When he passed a room, his eyes suddenly became dark. He couldn’t see anything, felt nothing, lost his sense of direction and even couldn’t hear his own heartbeat …
Chapter 113 unlucky
Suddenly in this environment, the man in a long trench coat and red shoes didn’t panic. There were no such dangerous situations in his career, and once, he was calm and his reaction quickly fell into the darkness. In an instant, he burst into stars.
Strangely, even though he has burst into stars, he still can’t see anything. If it is sublimated, he will probably wonder if he has burst into stars.
But he didn’t. He was like a machine without feelings and full of confidence in himself. Even if he couldn’t see anything or feel anything, he still turned the star into a grudge according to his past experience and covered his body.
At the same time, he raised his gun and waved his whip.
He didn’t feel as if the whole person had become angry, but in his mind, he drew a picture of himself with a firm will, making the long-barrelled pistol connect in several directions, and drew a picture of another whip dancing, which not only protected himself but also tried to attack the surrounding area and tried to force out the enemy who did not know where to hide.
In a few seconds, the feeling of the hole disappeared
He saw the cabin again, and a full moon appeared on the other side of the passage.
There was a black shadow on the moon disk that was disappearing, as if there had just been an eclipse of the moon, and this kind of sky was disappearing.
On that round of the moon, he saw a unique beauty. Her eyes and face did not tell the beauty of the world. She was light and cool as a fairy.
In her hand, there is a sword with a gray-blue halo. The sword points to the tip of the sword, and a little light shines on the ground. Those brilliance splashes on the ground like rain powder, so that men can see that there is a firm but gentle trace on the ground, which spreads from thin to thick in their own direction.
Only then did he feel a pain in his left chest, and when he looked at it, he saw that there was quarrelling and dissipation, and the clothes were broken and bloody, and the blood was desperately coming out, just like forgetting to tighten the faucet, and the water came out with a bang.
In the passage, the strange moon disappeared, and the cold and beautiful woman approached him with strange and fine steps. Even so, he calmly raised his long-barreled pistol and pointed to the ground instead of pointing at the woman.
Continuous fire
His gun was so powerful that it just blew a hole in the ground. Just as the woman stepped on the foot, she fell. He didn’t stop and crashed into a nearby room and rushed to the window.