"The fact that even the Demon Empress didn’t object is obviously a tacit approval to prove that this is feasible."

In a short period of time, the demon race has received the will of the emperor to quickly integrate and return to the real world.
There are also rules and orders to avoid conflicts, and there are also decrees and decrees that echo from afar.
But at the moment, the emperor stepped up and came to Lingshan, and he wanted to release several great sages in the seal and bring them into the rule.
Chapter six hundred and twenty-nine Nine chaotic Xuanyuan tomb change
The golden lotus in Lingshan is in decline, and the Buddhist temple collapses into desolation.
The emperor came here to climb to the top of the mountain and saw the seal left by the Monkey King. Although the Lord was remolded from the old gentleman’s blast furnace, it was difficult to enter this place for various reasons. He had to scratch his head and wait for the arrangement of the "demon emperor"
Now, her big sleeves are twisted and intertwined, and the symbols of the five virtues are that the pagoda is crushed, there is an ancient Zhan Zhao, and there is an ancient tripod. The spread of the scroll is directly related to the inexplicable suppression of Lingshan, which has broken the seal and been opened.
All the evil spirits rushed out of the room were wiped out, and the five virtues and evils were not dragged out by several great sages in the room.
"Meeting the Emperor" A few people in Pingtian Great Sage have not yet recovered to the nature, and their memories are groggy and suffered from the bitter sea of time.
Belonging to the memory department of the demon, the demon and the sacred gun, it has been transformed into the five virtues and heavenly phoenix of the emperor today, which makes them sincerely fear.
Only when they are restored can they touch the original trace of the demon, the demon, the sacred gun, and it will turn strange and strange, and the memory of the other side will be miserable, just like this.
"Get up, now the demon race will share the real world with the Terran. Do you need to be white?"
The emperor’s mouth was full of breath, and when he raised his hand with one finger, he tore a passage and sent several great sages to the demon race.
It is not difficult for their influence to guide the demon creatures, and it is natural that there will be no conflict between the two families.
The rest is to integrate and unify the demon clan department, establish a demon court, and raise the strength. It can be said that the standard line on the other side has just got rid of the shackles on the other side, and it is essential to plan the strength of the ancient people.
Zhen Shi Jie da Zhou Huang ting
Gao Lan issued a decree to guide all living beings to accept the demon race to separate some uninhabited sea areas in the East China Sea and some mountainous areas in the south from the west desert to live in the demon race.
Without affecting their vested interests, the rejection of all beings is not great, but they are worried about their own safety, but the last hesitation after witnessing the willingness of all beings to take refuge in Zhou was also dispelled
A group of dharma bodies also took up the supervision independently, which made the town officials focus on the demon clan that kept coming, only to find that they were also in order and bound by the Great Sage and brought an important news.
The demon family department is also unified, and the demon court is established. The demon master is the emperor Wude Tianfeng, who led the rise of the demon family.
"The transvestite is really coming? 」
"If you dream, thanks to the willingness of all living beings to seek refuge in beautiful mountains and rivers, otherwise the two communities would never get along so peacefully."
Heaven has different attitudes towards such changes, and it takes some years to get used to it.
On this day, the demon court master appeared in the meeting of the Lord Zhou, which gradually calmed the public opinion, and the two ethnic groups converged on each other. The Wangs of Zhoujun County were responsible for the patrol of the supervision department. Although there were some waves every day, they gradually got on the right track.
The Great Sage of Zhongmeishan is also relieved, but she is quite worried that as soon as she enters the real world, a Ren Huang sword will fall from the sky and pierce herself.
Eye is to make her heart stable, but I don’t know if the Emperor, the Lord of the Demon Court, summoned her to give her a chance, and maybe she can stay away from the sufferings of the world and avoid the final disaster. I know that these Yuan Hong can’t help but spread their joy and quickly walk into the Demon Court Palace.
Cheep …
The merger of primitive simplicity and bronze doors brought up the last cold voice as if choosing someone to bite a giant mouth
The western regions are as deep as the deep sea and nine secluded places.
The demon king wore white hair and ornaments in the last years of ancient times, far away from the Black Emperor and the Nine Chaos Buddha, Xuan Ming, the ghost emperor’s Dojo. She was in poor condition and suffered a lot from her hands, so she directly hid in the bottom of Jiuyou and the place closest to Jiuyou source.
Suddenly, she gave birth to a creepy feeling, as if she had a pair of eyes quietly watching this scene, evil, rare, dark, depraved and deep.
"She again? The ghost never leaves! "Ananda’s brand is also a low-pitched eye, like a glimpse of the identity of the newcomers, and there is a trace of fear.
At this moment, the black fog of all layers in Jiuyou is boiling, full of light and light, and the yellow river is raging, and the poisonous fire and foul gas are bursting out from every crack, like praising, welcoming and surrounding something.
There was a magnificent, solemn and solemn scene, and the Yinde dynasty manifested and unified the nine secluded places for a full third of the vast area.
In the central hall, the ancient banner of Yinde is swaying, and the ancient tripod is surrounded by the light and rain. It is the ghost emperor who wears an imperial crown and a mysterious robe and is haunted and floating.
Nine deep and remote blessing her is a fake shore, and the whole imperial blessing power is outstanding. It is the most difficult enemy of Nine deep and remote, but at this moment, it appears to grasp the big hand at the devil king.
"If I am ill and afraid of her! "The demon king’s heart secretly hates that although the double body has been repaired these days, there is still a long way to go before it can reach the level of pseudo-other shore.
At this time, she moved the subsequent party and forced her to flee. She came to his fake other shore Dojo to drive the wolf.
Xuan Ming Ghost Emperor’s first indifferent eyes turned to Jiuluan Buddha and Black Emperor The Hunger and seemed to wait for their response.
"My Buddha is merciful and silent, clean and bitter, and the sea turns back to shore."
At this moment, however, one of them has crossed the pure land of millions of Buddhist countries, manifesting the towering big Leiyin Temple in Lingshan. On the clean plate, there is a pure white Buddha with defects and black clothes. Forty-two rounds of Buddha’s light behind her head are layered with each other, and the purple is deep and sacred. In the palm of her hand, there is a string of dark red beads containing gold pieces of reverse swastika characters, which seems to have been in the middle of nine places since long ago.
She stood there with her eyes open, as if one era overlapped with another, and the ancient meaning converged and diverged by a heavy shortcut. It seemed that if she wanted to leap into the heavens and the earth, these nine secluded places were blessed instead of weakened, which became more and more unfathomable.