"Nothing" Ya Ya shook her head and said awkwardly.

"Don’t you have it?" Gao Yuanyuan a fiercely consciously asked in my heart.
"No," said Yaya Jiaochen. "Sister Yuanyuan … don’t ask!"
"Well," temporarily suppress curiosity. Gao Yuanyuan has decided to have a good interrogation of one party at night.
Ya ya blushed and looked out of the window, which seemed a little absent-minded
"When we come back in two days," Fang Siyi said to Ya Ya with a smile.
"Good" Ya Ya nodded as a farewell.
"Now I know that Ya Ya is not pregnant. Come on, what is it?" Gao Yuanyuan asked curiously on his way to his home after leaving.
"Nothing is that Ya Ya’s parents agreed despite their bad attitude."
"It’s hard to do?"
"Not bad," Fang Siyi said with a smile. "It’s not difficult for me."
"That’s good."
Chapter 296 Busy Spring Festival (1)
Fang Siyi’s meeting with Gao Yuanyuan’s parents is not much to say.
It was when he and Gao Yuanyuan left that the whole person fell into a smirk again.
"Are you all right?" Gao Yuanyuan some frown.
"Nothing," Fang Siyi said with a giggle. "I didn’t expect it to go so smoothly."
"Hum, I’m not married to your family and I’m already prepared." Gao Yuanyuan gave him a grumpily white look and said casually.
"aye? What do you mean, you have already prepared? " Fang Siyi was puzzled.
"Precisely … you have found it, do you know?" Gao Yuanyuan said grumpily.
"What?" Fang Siyi some overwhelmed.
"You know, because I never had a boyfriend, my family doubted whether I was a lesbian or not, and this time I brought back a boyfriend who was happy to come. Although it was love F, it proved that I was not bent."
Fang Siyi feels full of cold sweat.
I really picked it up by talking like this.
"But … ordinary families don’t want their daughters to be other people’s feelings, do they?" Fang Siyi is still puzzled.
"That I ask you is my affection for others F have a big impact? Or do I directly announce that coming out has a big impact? " Gao Yuanyuan asked.
Fang Siyi was stunned and immediately asked, "Because of this?"
"Of course!" Gao Yuanyuan said grumpily, "After all, I’ve been famous for my debut for so many years, and I’ve been depressed too much, so I’ve suffered from depression. If you hadn’t woken up, I’m afraid this world would have lost me. My family also knows that I’ve become your lover. Although I don’t support it, I don’t object to it. Besides, I’m in my thirties. I can’t have a generation without men, can I?"
Fang Siyi didn’t know what Gao Yuanyuan’s family was surprised by him, but it didn’t seem to have much unexpected feelings.
If you think about it, there should be another factor.
It’s very simple. Gao Yuanyuan has a good family background. Although he is not rich and expensive, he is not an ordinary family. It is the most normal to have at least one family.
Nowadays, it’s not nice for a daughter to make love to others, but it’s better than a daughter coming out or simply being single, right?
Although Gao Yuanyuan is not competitive in terms of age, Fang Siyi has no children to work hard at present, and it is inevitable that her mother will be expensive in the future.
This is also the reason why Fang Siyi passed smoothly.
Successfully get two Fang Siyi nature is very happy.
At least for him, there is no worries for the time being.
In another …
Not that Fang Siyi refused to open the door, but …
I don’t know what identity to go to.
After all, for the other parents, his identity is just before his daughter.
Not even an ex-boyfriend
Really relieved Fang Siyi finally returned home on the third day of New Year’s Day after bidding farewell to Gao Yuanyuan.
I paid my grandfather a visit in his later years and went straight to Zhao’s house without taking a break.
Now the Zhao family has taken on a new look.
Three big tile houses have also been built at home.
It’s a world of difference before the comparison.
For these Fang Siyi originally wanted to pay.
But it was rejected by Yingbao.
Mother Zhao said she was stupid, but for Yingbao, she didn’t want the unmarried couple to have financial ties.
Black cards are black cards. Brush them casually and buy them casually.
That’s what my girlfriend deserves.
But things at his girlfriend’s house are not easy for his boyfriend to interfere.
It’s very simple. Even if Fang Siyi doesn’t break up with her, she will really get married in the future. Think about how much the woman’s family owes the man’s family.
Isn’t this the same as selling your daughter?
Suo Yingbao decisively refused.
This was praised by Zhao Fu.
Since Fang Siyi and Ying Bao’s love affair was announced, Zhao Fu has been urging them to get married as soon as possible.
But Yingbao declined every time.
Even if Ya Ya and Gao Yuanyuan Yingbao appeared later, they didn’t want to change their minds.
For her, the first thing is to fulfill her former dream.
That is to say, to become a star that attracts much attention.
This is not just her dream.
Even in a sense, it is a common dream of her and Fang Siyi.
Only by doing this can Yingbao marry Fang Siyi with peace of mind.
It is also a test.