On weekdays, the top of Chaishan Mountain is shrouded in clouds, and you can’t see it from the mountainside or Jinding of Laoshan Mountain.

I really didn’t know that there was a pang at the top of this firewood mountain if I hadn’t heard from my senior brother.
Ling Qing went to the top of the mountain and turned around the foot of the pestle. She found that the steep cliff was barren.
Very few irregularities are almost as smooth as a mirror.
And I don’t know how high the fog is.
Most of the firewood trees near the top of the firewood mountain are folded by more than ten people, which are thicker and harder than pure gold and iron.
That brother can cut down visible things at will.
Even he didn’t climb to the top. There must be something fishy about it.
Chapter seventy-two Red Elves
On the way around, Lingqing also climbed the treetops in all directions and took a look.
Chai Shan’s eyes were covered with gray-brown and blue-black.
There is no color except that the detective tree adds a little color to the mountain.
"So it seems that if you want to pick scented tea, you can go to the top of Gu and have a look.
I want to come to Brother Zhang to give this to myself. It must be reasonable and I will not entertain myself at will. "
After making up your mind, Lingqing’s left hand is a little waist.
Since the mountain, there has been little movement, and the decoration has naturally returned to its original size.
Turn to the white pages, bring up the natural force, and burn the spell gecko on the wall continuously.
After burning more than ten times, he was afraid that it would not be enough. He only left some necessary spells and released the rest.
"Gecko swim wall
Spell level 1 ring
Spelling consumes 1-5 points of the Force.
Standard movement during casting
Spell component language (Sei), posture, materials
Duration 1 minute/per grade
The spell describes that your fingers graze the target’s body. He can now detect the footholds of climbing points that look like smooth stones.
A drop of tree sap or a substance with the same viscosity. "
The effect of this spell is worse than spider walking, not a little bit.
"Spider line.
Spell level 2 ring
Spelling consumes 5-2 points of the Force.
Standard movement during casting
Spell component language (Risili), posture, material
Duration 1 minute/per grade
Spell description: The subject can climb and move the ceiling vertically like a spider.
A drop of asphalt and a living spider need to be swallowed by the caster. "
However, Lingqing swore that she would never make a spider perform magic until she got the spell to cast the material.
The most important thing is that you need to swallow a live spider and a drop of asphalt when making spiders operate.
These two things are not easy to find in asphalt pairs.
Even if we can find asphalt or live spiders.
Eat raw? This spirit is really unacceptable.
So I can make do with the spell of gecko swimming over the wall, and there are no other plants in Chaishan
Otherwise, he’d like to build a rattan ladder.
It’s a pity that the only plant, the firewood tree, contains too much turbidity and qi, and his spell can’t be shaken at all
Especially near the top of the mountain, these dozens of people folded their arms and he didn’t even think about it.
When the spell is ready, Lingqing picks up the waist tiger skin and pulls out a bottle from it.