Objectively speaking, Gu Taian’s plan to create a system and benefit China is not to engage in dictatorship, but to reduce the influence of warlords!

The warlord power is not the same as the parliament and all kinds of balanced systems, because the local generals have a high degree of military discourse, and once the executive order is implemented, the so-called unified system will disintegrate in minutes.
The unification plan is not to form an alliance, and everyone will sit down with the same goal to discuss the big plan, but to have an absolute leader to lead everyone to rise and prosperity, and the warlord forces will inevitably be a stumbling block to this vision, because they will always consider their own interests!
The balance of interests is to find ways to restrict each other in the system of interests and China, rather than relying on a group of warlords to sit down and discuss!
That’s why Wang Zhou, they want to fight back. They can’t let go of their own interests. They really want to make their commander position, chief of staff position, their family position and faction position come true from generation to generation!
If you are old enough to retire, let the family and the generals take charge of it if you can’t be a child, so as to ensure that your personal power will become more prosperous and powerful!
If you don’t let go of the military and political layers, there will be class solidification, corruption and decline!
Governor Gu never thought that Gu Yan would take over the baton from the Governor. He knew that he could not do it himself, and he knew that no one in Gu Department could do it.
He put his life’s achievements and efforts into the vision of the rise of Chinese in the future, but in exchange for it, it is a shame to fight in Baishan today!
After an hour and a half of fighting,
There are less than 300 soldiers in Baishantou Special Operations Brigade, leaving only the wounded and bodies.
Lin Xiao’s troops regrouped at the top of the mountain, braving the bombing and strafing of enemy planes, and roared, "We will all die today, including me! ! But I still said that when I came, our soldiers made a final effort when they were territorial integrity and political unity! ! We are going to die together with ammunition in the big guy! "
"Fight to the death!"
"Die! !”
Shouted like thunder, 300 people launched a counter-attack against the mountain, but Meng Xi volunteered to follow the situation, but Lin Xiao persuaded him to wait for the support troops to arrive when he delayed hiding in the mountain with Yilianshan.
When three hundred people charged, Yang Zexun also shouted to the intercom channel, "If you can catch live, you must catch live! ! !”
"Boom! !”
The words sound just fell and the shelling suddenly sounded on the left.
Daya arrived, and his command vehicle took the words and shouted, "The rescue of Baishan head can’t come. I directly attacked Wang Zhou’s side command troops! If I can’t catch the big fish, I’ll fuck Wang Zhou’s army headquarters! He wants to move Lin Xiao to increase the bargaining chip, so I’ll tie the big guy Wang Zhou at most! "
Lin Nianlei immediately replied, "I support your tactical strategy!"
"If you move the king’s area, chaos will break out completely! Your pressure will not be small! "
"My man can die and I can die!" Lin Nianlei obstinately replied, "You let it go! I am responsible for carrying it! "
Voice down two people end the call.
Daya immediately urged the troops to "attack the local garrison! ! Bite me to death when you see a big fish! ! Now is the time to fight! "
Chapter DiErSiYiJiu Race against time
Wangyoujun Dezhou region headquarters
Yang Zexun turned to drink after hearing the sound of the external cannon and asked, "What’s the situation?"
"The chief of the general staff sent a report from the frontier reconnaissance point that our headquarters was flanked by the troops in the northeast theater of Sichuan Army, and perhaps Wang Henan personally commanded about two regiments." The communication officer immediately replied.
"… this Wang Henan again!" Yang Zexun stared at his eyes and scolded, "Isn’t his army fighting with the 555th regiment? Why did he suddenly come forward to this side? What did the frontier investigation point do before eating? "
"Chief of staff … you forget? Baishantou is under communication control over there. I … Our own reconnaissance unit won’t come back. They are detours. "The commanding officer woke up next to it.
Yang Zexun bit his teeth and immediately looked down at the sand table and frowned and said, "This Wang Henan is trying to rescue Zhao by besieging the state of Wei. We can’t let him succeed. The headquarters horse moves backward, and the two-wing troops shrink back and drag with them. At the same time, they are informed to attack the troops on Baishantou, so that they don’t panic and don’t need to go back to defense. Just speed up the attack and get Lin Xiao as soon as possible."
Everyone in the house responded in succession, and the security unit helped the staff of the headquarters to pack things.
Near the battlefield outside the headquarters of Yang Zexun.
The center of the Daya armored vehicle group took a telescope and glanced at the other side’s defense zone, then turned around and asked, "Is the communication signal restored in this place?"
"It has been restored. It says their headquarters should be nearby," the chief of staff thought. "Do you think we should speed up the attack?"
"How many people are there in the other party?" Daya asked
"More than 2,000 people in one and a half groups", the Chief of Staff replied.