Father, I was impulsive.

Lin Python took a deep breath and whispered that it was really hard for him to accept that Lin Hong had been defeated by Lin Dong. He has been climbing with Lin Xiao since childhood, and this comparison also includes each other.
Father and second brother are a little impulsive, and you are not too angry. Lincoln sighed and the eldest brother had to say something.
Third brother’s injury has healed and his strength has returned to Tianyuan’s territory. This is my family’s business and it is not appropriate to get angry.
Hearing this, Lin Zhentian’s face was relieved. He looked at Lin Xiao but suddenly he was dissatisfied and grunted. The injury could have been recovered long ago, but it happened that he was stubborn to death.
Lin Xiao nodded with a wry smile.
But anyway, it’s good to be able to cheer up. Now I have a lot of Lins’ industries, and I’m short of hands. You should also pay more attention to what idle people Lin Zhentian does.
Xiao hesitated for a moment and finally nodded his head. Today’s strength recovery is also the time for the Lins to do something.
See Lin Xiao didn’t refuse Lin Chen day this just satisfied nodded immediately hesitated a fire inflammation zhuang recently things you care more about a there, Lincoln will help you.
Lin Chen-tian’s voice fell, and Lin Python’s face just couldn’t help smoking. There are some industries near Qingyang Town, and this fire village is even more important. The annual profit simply accounts for a Lins’ fifteen or sixteen, and he has always been in charge before this fire village.
Although extremely uncomfortable in my heart, Lin Python also dare not oppose Lin Zhentian’s decision. After all, now he has just angered Lin Zhentian.
Hear to let oneself in charge of fire inflammation ZhuangLin Xiao is dazed, obviously also know the importance of this village for the lins when a little hesitation is nodded his head.
Commanded after these days, Lin Zhen’s eyes looked kindly at Lin Dong. Lin Xia’s face was still ugly. In addition, Lin Dong also performed well today. Speaking of which, he is the first family. I will let people send you the family martial arts school, and the three of you will read what you need. Just tell Grandpa to strive for a breakthrough before hunting in Qingyang Town, and then let my Lins rise and rise in Qingyang Town.
I heard that I could read the family martial arts school at will and sit there. Lin’s eyes lit up almost instantaneously.
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Shortly after the end of the clan ratio, Lin moved and they lived on the hill, which became lively. Many celebrants came one after another from noon to now. Judging from the performance of Lin moved and Lin Xiao today, they are bound to become the core of the Lins again, but their status is quite low.
And for these people who came to celebrate, Lin Xiao also commanded Liuyan to entertain them and then sent them away.
A family of four in the room once again got together for dinner. Liu Yan’s smile on her cheek has never disappeared until now. For wealth, she doesn’t really care. It is Lin Xiaolin who wants two people to live well and wants her to pay anything.
The seventh heavy nine-ring Tongbei Boxing of the dynamic quenching body is very proficient, and it’s not weaker than Lin Hong’s wild palm. This progress is quite terrible. While eating, Lin Xiao suddenly let go of the bowl chopsticks and Gherardini said
Hearing Lin Xiao’s words, Lin moved on the table and shook his hand. It seems that his cultivation speed really caused Lin Xiao a little doubt.
It was also before I went to bed last night that I suddenly broke through to the quenching body, and the seventh is more important than the back-to-back boxing. I don’t know what I am trying every day. I seem to understand them very quickly, and I immediately frowned and mused.
Lin Xiao Zheng looked at Lin Dong’s eyebrows, which were not like lying, and it was also a wrinkle. It was said that people would understand this thing very quickly. It was said that once there were many martial arts talents, they could return in a very short time when they got their hands on it.
For this Lin Xiao, it is acceptable, but the speed of Lin’s practice is a little too fast. After all, he was only the second quenching body six months ago.
Half a year even jumped five times this speed is in Qingyang town, I’m afraid even if it is put into the lam clan, it can be extremely good.
Are you sure nothing has happened in the past six months? Lin Xiao asked. Even if I really guess that Lin Dong’s body is very good at absorbing the elixir, the most important thing is that because of the limited conditions, Lin Dong has not received the elixir with high quality in the past six months.
Since there are not enough elixirs, what can be done if the absorption effect is good?
I think so, but I did meet a golden yellow solid when I went to the mountains for training two months ago. I ate it, but I didn’t seem to feel any changes in my body. Is it because of this that Lin Dong blinked and tried to remember it and then kept his face straight
Lin Xiao hesitated for a moment, but he couldn’t figure out what the golden yellow is. When he shook his head, he was not sure. Maybe, forget it. Maybe it’s your luck.
Look at this appearance, he seems to know that this matter is irrelevant, and he can stop thinking about it. Anyway, it is the best thing that Lin’s strength can rise.
Seeing Lin Xiao give up asking Lin Dong’s heart was a sigh of relief. He didn’t want to expose the mysterious stone symbol too early. If the time is right, he will tell Lin Xiao the secret.
It’s all right for you to get the first place today, but don’t be proud and you can’t slack off your practice. It will be years soon, and then the hunting activities in Qingyang Town will be attended by other forces in Qingyang Town. You can’t leave the Lins behind. Lin Xiao looked solemnly.
Lin Dongran, the triennial hunting activity in Qingyang Town, knows that this is the most lively day in Qingyang Town in three years, and even people outside Qingyang Town will come to see the excitement.
Speaking of hunting, you can afford the three major forces in Qingyang Town, the Leijia Xiejia Kuangdao Martial Arts School.
The Leijia Xiejia is regarded as the Tujia nationality in Qingyang Town, which has developed for several generations. It is said that it is the richest and the Kuangdao Martial Arts School was founded in just over ten years, but it came from behind, which made the Leijia Xiejia dare not underestimate it.
And this Kuangdao Martial Arts School is also quite famous in Qingyang Town, Fiona Fang Baili. If some caravans hire Kuangdao Martial Arts School guards, generally speaking, ordinary bandits will not come to get their hands on it.
The strongest of these three forces is to belong to the Lins. In a way, after Lin Xiao regained her strength, the Lins also held these three forces in parallel. After all, even the Lei family’s background is just holding five Tianyuan masters.
In fact, in the final analysis, it should be regarded as a test for the younger generation of various forces.
Of course, this is also another form of secret contest between the major forces.