In an instant, the sword leaps several times.

Fire, sword, chop, away from fire!
The sword is magical!
The power of the sword, Asura’s magical skills blend and condense into a sword skill.
Gu Qingshan pointed his sword.
The flame came crashing and cut into emptiness.
Dozens of tragic howls suddenly sounded.
Father cast his eyes from the clouds.
Look at all the people are qi qi.
This sword seems to have cut something!
At most, the former people can keep themselves from being eroded by the curse, but now someone has finally gone further against the curse!
"Good opportunity-"
Gu Qingshan read a whole body surges poor blue thunder mountain.
"What the hell is evil? Get out!" Gu Qingshan thundered
Seeing that hundreds of millions of Lei Guang were born in vain, they condensed into clusters of time and circled around the sword in his hand
In a flash-
Lei Guang snake is condensed into a ball of light and shadow, and a blue lotus flower is in full bloom!
This is the combination skill of Lei Shentong’s "dream-scaring" secret sword and "painting shadow", which Gu Qingshan gradually innovated after mastering the swordsmanship of Asura Shenwang.
Secret sword thunder shadow
The birth and death of light and shadow stir up emptiness
One by one, the shape was swept by Lei Guang’s sword, and he could not move.
"… ah … hateful …"
"Life …"
Count the vicious sounds and pour out in vain.
Obviously, Gu Qingshan’s swordsmanship didn’t hurt them. It was the power of dreams that made them move temporarily.
The sword is thick like a mountain, and suddenly there is a sound that "it is meaningless to curse without killing and attacking endlessly"
Gu Qingshan nodded slightly.
He also understood that all these things came from cursing and killing one and two roots.