"It’s just the beginning. With this horrible vision, how terrible will it be if it grows in the future?"

Is the ancient burn nest shrine out of the surprise, this is very Italy than solemnly.
When they get to this step, they can naturally clearly realize that the potential of this method is terrible, so that people have a far better attitude than them
It is even said that they will lose in suspense and be bombed out at the same level, even if the ancient emperor comes, it is not enough to watch!
Since the distant mythological era, which can expand the road today? Which one can do this? Who can have such a fighting power to cross the barrier of quasi-emperor? Who can be so young and become respectable? Not even! There is no match for the able man emperor.
For a moment, their eyes changed dramatically, and a little coldness suddenly appeared, which was unbearable for those who would become successful. A confident person who could become successful would not sit idly by.
At the same time, Tuolu robbed Li Yu of convergence, showing dignified color, and he could already feel the peeping eyes from all sides.
Once he is exposed to a higher level of repair, there are signs of breaking into the high-ranking quasi-emperor, which will inevitably lead to strangulation, and even the forbidden area will be personally shot.
However, for him who is well prepared now, it is not impossible to fight, but the quantity is a problem. If there is one, maybe he can take this opportunity to do a good job.
But I’ve never suffered myself.
"Now that the branch road is broadcast and waiting to grow, the treasure raft of all beings is no longer a dream."
Li Yu gave me a smile, and she could feel the strength coming from the branch feedback growing every minute.
If there are creatures who take other branches, they will increase their strength and feel very much, and the cultivation of secret realms will result in the feedback of these creatures’ talents. They will feel their inspiration, their whimsy and their roads will be reflected and fed back to the source of the branch road, and this road will be filled with fuel to bless Li Yu.
However, he will not unilaterally exploit and plunder, and he will also give feedback. He will learn the secrets of special scriptures and realize the conjecture.
This is an equivalent exchange, giving back to all sentient beings, expanding Li Yu’s branch, and expanding all sentient beings.
With this blessing, he will practice faster and faster, and the six gods of Xumi Mountain are foreign Buddhists who are willing to bless the branch roads and the whole secret dharma body to promote feedback.
However, although he knows the advantages and disadvantages, it is urgent to upgrade, but it is not enough to stop for a short time to see another brand-new world
In the end, he went into chaos to practice alone, because the general area could not stand his magic intention, and it might split the star with a blow, which was devastating.
He wants to stop here and continue to accumulate Tao and improve his practice along his own unique road.
And in the process, Li Yu finally had the idea to try it a long time ago, which originated from the fairy temple and got good fortune.
Immortal charm! He wants to constantly squeeze and kill himself, and he wants to change his practice by this.
Chapter three hundred and ninety-four Evolution Road Brilliant Demon Flower
"This period of time is really crazy. First, the king returned to the throne of the quasi-emperor. A few years later, the mysterious man gathered from the universe, and the next day, the robbery fell to the sky of the nine quasi-emperors. Some people even made Wang Chuangfa Tuolu ascend to the throne and blessed all beings."
In the depths of the star, the quasi-emperors of the Lian Heng planet were all shocked and deeply shocked. Ten masters of their whole level appeared in a row. Who can stand?
What’s more, there is such a pioneering method as Ren Huang, which can be said to be a powerful force. It is unimaginable that no one dares to offend him except those who will become enlightened.
"The true meaning of the Golden World has not been completely revealed until today. The sublimation of the ten quasi-emperors sweeping the stars and repairing the secret realm method has given every living thing another chance. This is the great merit of Fuze Universe, and Cang Du will shelter and bless it."
More people meditate on the secret realm method, another road full of vitality and potential.
For most creatures and mortals, they are willing to try and will be the main force to spread this branch.
In less than five years, ten parties all over the world have set off a craze for practicing the secret realm method alone, not only because this road is full of potential and gives many opportunities to mediocre people, but more importantly, this road can be paralleled by the main body, and even the five secret realms can still be refined and sublimated through this road.
"This branch also has great advantages for the prospective emperor, which can speed up the sublimation of the five secret realms and strengthen resonance, and also help the integration of the five secret realms!"
When the two quasi-emperors, the old Taoist priest and the old woman, came out, this discovery suddenly pushed the single practice to the peak of the craze.
Wang Guxingyu, the man who came to Tongtian Guxingyu, was completely swept by the upsurge of Amitabha Guxingyu, not to mention those who respected the Buddha and the emperor. They were crazy believers who had already practiced the secret realm method alone.
"This is definitely a fate for me demon race! I’ve decided to take the Quadrupole Secret from today! Carry forward my centipede family! "
In Nanling Mountains, a centipede with a thousand feet tore the mountain and rushed out of the mountain. Its body was as bright and dazzling as cast by divine iron.
There are not many of them, even if they have many feet, the quadrupole secret realm also has special methods to practice. Now, the single secret realm method in Ren Huang has naturally found a breakthrough point and a transformation point!
It is inconceivable that each leg will have the power to turn the tide to the extreme if it is only repaired in the four-pole secret realm.
"Ren Huang has a big heart and no racial prejudice. Fuze Wanzu! With this method, my family needs to specialize in Sendai’s secret territory, so it can be said that it can’t be immortal!"
Many chieftains in the depths of the universe are also eager to get up, which is definitely a creative breakthrough for them. Every head practices Sendai’s secret realm, which is hard to have unexpected results.
After all, this is the law of exchange and the realization of Taoism, and the income will never be small.
"Dragon nine change! We, the dumpling snake, belong to nature, and it’s hard to say that we can turn the dragon into heaven in the future. Courtesy to Ren Huang, courtesy to the Buddha, the Buddha and the Emperor, who broadcast this way to benefit all beings. "
All around the star, the creatures of the dragon blood dumpling snake genus are even more excited, full of expectations and full of gratitude to Ren Huang.
Hualong, for them, has pursued a high goal all their lives. Now that they can see it, it may be natural to try at all costs.
"Wheel sea shakotan coast can worship Ren Huang willing to do boat crossing? If we can see the other side, there will be a fate to tap the human potential, so can the bitter sea force be transported? "
"More than that, there has been a great attempt to repair the original order. According to the personal fate method, you will be able to see one of the nine rivers when crossing the sea! Each one has a different blessing, and some people have seen the Universiade. It is said that the Zhongnai Bridge has gained a little reincarnation from the king! "
"What? ! Is there still a trace of reincarnation in Jiuhe Nai Bridge? There are so many benefits. Wouldn’t it be that Ren Huang has a little intersection? !”
"Small pattern According to the records of Taoist priests in the Spring and Autumn Period, one day ago, in the depths of the universe, there was a great sage who went out of the way to cross the Jiuhe River to see the ancient Kyushu! That’s to say that as soon as you can see the sacred land of the Chinese people, you can practice the divine vision! "
"Psst, isn’t it true that every state in Kyushu can practice a vision and a divine form? It’s really a treasure. Ren Huang really still cares that Terran will keep the best benefits! "
People are boiling in the Spring and Autumn Period, Taoist priests are pushing for records, and several terrans are crazy. In the secret land of the round sea, they have seen unimaginable luck and milestone opportunities.
Every discovery of ancient Kyushu, the nine rivers and Naiqiao in the bitter sea, shocked the world. They had never found such a miracle before, and really felt the profoundness of the secret realm law.
"The secret realm of Daogong is the most mysterious. Some people think that Ren Huang has verified that other laws govern the past and the future, and that I will die when I am alive!"
"This is not about someone seeing the five elements of the mainland, or someone seeing past lives in the towering temple."
"It seems impossible for the prospective emperor to recognize that this will enable him to bless himself in the past and practice his peak in the future, so that he can help them in the present world!"
The most mysterious Taoist temple secret realm is still being studied and excavated today. Compared with his four secret realms, it is very mysterious because it involves the past and the future.
There are also a group of people who are keen to try to refine the five elements and combine them into one, and they have actually performed a magical power similar to the saying that the five elements are divine. Although Weili is far from them, they firmly believe that it is inevitable to try to succeed.