This man’s horse-cutting knife is still a foot away from my head. He has come to my eyes on a horse, but my spear has already drawn him and also drawn his belly.

Plop! Plop!
Poof-poof, his mouth was full of blood, and he fell on his horse. At the same time, his horse was foaming at the mouth and fell to the ground.
However, my spear was also ruined. Although my power poured in, it produced great power instantly, but the wooden spear shaft could not bear my power, so it turned into wood powder when I whipped this man and his war horse.
"I wish I had a cold iron golden dragon gun here." Looking at the ground wood powder, I sighed in my heart.
A knife wind sounded in my ear.
"Young master, be careful!" At the same time, the gospel of heaven sounded behind him
I listened to the sound, and my body fell to the left. At the same time, my left hand picked up the horse-cutting knife just now and slammed it to the ground.
I cut off two hoofs of the second cavalry horse.
Psst …
When the war horse screams, the horse loses its front hoof, and the great inertia really throws this man out.
Plop down five meters behind me in front of Tianhe and Tianfu.
"Look what killed him!" I turned towards them and yelled at them.
Tianfu was first one leng, then raised his knife and cut it at the man who fell to the ground
Blood splashed all over him.
Poop, poop, poop.
Then Tianhe was hacked with his eyes closed and a knife.
I stopped talking to them because the cavalry had rushed behind me.
Gu gu zi ng!
I rolled sideways to avoid the third rider’s chop, and then my body ejected from the ground.
My body suddenly jumped up with my hands holding the horse-chopping knife. In the rapid influx, the horse-chopping knife flashed a faint golden light and cut it toward the fourth cavalry.
This man came to stab me with a spear. I saw that I suddenly jumped from the ground and Ling cut at his head, so I quickly grasped the spear shaft with both hands and threw it at one another.
His wooden spear shaft touched me with golden light, and the horse-chopping knife immediately broke into two parts, and then my head was split into two and a half.
His dead body fell off the horse, and the horse ran away with a hoof.
Knock, knock, knock …
Clash sound of weapons coming from behind
Tianhe, Tianfu, and Gao Sen are dealing with the cavalry who rushed over together at this time.
I glanced back at Yu Guangchao’s eyes and found that the cavalry had fallen from the war horse. The horseshoe seemed to be cut off by Tianfu’s knife. At this time, he was cutting the horse knife against Tianhe, Tianfu and Gao Sen’s attack.
It won’t take long for this person to die. After all, it’s not a skill practitioner’s one enemy and three activity rates.
This meeting with four cavalry is over, and five cavalry are left behind.
My left-hand horse-chopping knife chopped at the previous one, blocking the fifth ride, and at the same time, the golden light of my right elbow flashed, and my elbow directly hit his horse neck.
Psst …
The horse screamed and ran a few steps forward and plopped down. At the same time, the cavalry rolled from his horse because of great inertia.
Before he got up from the ground, my left hand horse-chopping knife whizzed out and shot at the back.
Right in his chest
Ahem …