Wu said, "I am most afraid of fire, or I need two people to work hard."

Tudexingjun said, "As the saying goes, water can overcome fire, so why not invite Shuidexingjun to surrender him?"
Is it "so good to say that I am unfamiliar with Shuide Xingjun?"
Tudexing Jun said, "Since it’s natural that we can’t shirk our Great Sage and go for a visit?"
Wu Xi said, "This is the best!"
Nezha said, "If you two go, I can go back and tell the Jade Emperor."
Wu embraced the fuels and said, "Thank you three times too much." Nezha didn’t care about Wu either. He took Wu in his heart and said coldly, "The Jade Emperor has a purpose that cannot be violated" and went away.
Enlightenment heart way, I don’t know the depth of things. Being a man is far from being a Tudexingjun.
Tudexing Junwu came to Beitianmen and happened to meet Duowentian Wang Duowen Tianwang. When Tudexing Junwu came with Sun Wu, he asked, "Where is Xingjun, but Sun Wu, the demon king of Huaguoshan?"
Enlightenment laughed "exactly! I’m not a demon now. I’m protecting Tang Priest from being killed on his way to the Western Heaven to seek help from Shui Dexing. "
I heard more about the heavenly king, "Shui Dexing Jun will invite you to Wuhao Palace". When I realized that the two of them had traveled far away, I heard the heavenly king mumbling, "Hum, you said it wasn’t a demon, didn’t you?"
It’s really difficult for the DPRK people to do things when they arrive at the gate of the Palace of Gods in the Ministry of Water Affairs of Wuhao Palace. He doesn’t talk, and everything is left to Tudexing Jun.
Tudexingjun said that in a short time after his arrival, Shuidexingjun came out with his crown tied and welcomed him into the palace. "Is it so difficult for Fang demon to surrender?" Wu Dao said, "That demon is not very powerful. It is a fan that can fan out fire, so he came to ask Shui Dexing to surrender him."
Shui Dexing Jun said, "I’m not afraid of fire, so I’ll go with you!"
Wu Shuide went out of Beitianmen and went straight to the Lotus Cave to call a "monster gate!" " Hearing Sun Dasheng’s voice, the door demon hurried to report, "Your Majesty, the monkey is here again!"
Yinjiao laughed when he heard this. "This Sun Wu really has some doorways. I don’t know who to invite this time!" Jinjiao said, "It’s just what you and I want if he doesn’t invite reinforcements himself."
Yinjiao nodded and said, "I’ll give him a husband. Don’t let the world know that my mysterious magic weapon is powerful!"
Yinjiao made an insight into Shui Dexing Jun’s way: "Can’t you be an old man at such an old age and not support yourself at home?" Shui Dexing Jun said, "Dare you dare to resist Tianwei and let me catch you!"
Silver horn secretly hit the purple, gold and red gourd mouth behind his hands and said, "If something happens, it’s my sword that won’t cut off the famous ghost. Who’s your name?"
"I’m Shui De-"Shui De Xing Jun didn’t finish his words, but he disappeared in one place. He had already been sucked into the purple-gold-red gourd, and the silver horn king showed his magic weapon. Haha laughed. "How dare you lie about this?"
Wu pulled up Tudexingjun and went into shock and asked, "What was that and why did you take people away?" Tude said with a sad face, "The Great Sage asked me where I know?"
Wu was so anxious that he rubbed his hands. "This monster is so big. Is this so good? If you can’t cross this mountain, you can go to the Western Heaven? " Tudexing Jundao said, "I have to find the God of Heaven, the God of Science, and my ability."
Just talking, I saw Nezha leading a few people to realize this. Take a closer look. These people are old acquaintances. It turns out that Nezha reported back to the Jade Emperor that there are powerful monsters, and then the four heavenly teachers, Huo De Mu De and two star kings, were all scene figures. They first realized that they were polite and then came to the Lotus Cave.
I heard that the monster grabbed Shuidexingjun with a magic weapon, and several people were shocked and realized that "the monster was so good that he was overcast when he didn’t pick up summer-planting when he spoke."
Fire Dexing Jun’s temper is the most violent. He saw that the people at the mouth of the cave threw several fireballs directly at the entrance of the cave. The entrance of the cave was filled with fire to realize that the fire was secretly compared with the fire. Dexing Jun’s own fire-fighting avatar was not much different from that of Zhu Rong.
Listen to the hole and drink "!"
When people came out of the cave, they saw a blazing fire coming out of the cave. Yinjiao Cave laughed. "Is my fire worse than yours?"
Wu and others hurried to hide from the fire. When Dexing Jun saw the fire, he was frightened to disgrace. He thought that the fire avatar had great experience, but it was difficult to control the fan to make a fire.
After a while, the fire died down. King Yinjiao jumped out of the cave and shouted, "It’s interesting to have many people this time."
This natural person answered Zhang Daoling’s hand and twisted a seal to drink a "disease!" Seeing the silver horn king’s head drop a glittering silver horn, he reacted very quickly. Hey hey smiled, "How dare I fight?"
As soon as he flickered into the earth, he didn’t see it again. When he came out again, it was ten feet away, and Zhang Daoling produced another symbol. Suddenly, in the gale, he rolled the silver horn with several sharp swords.
Yinjiao drinks a "beer!" In an instant, the wind dispersed all over the sky and returned to the Qing world
Zhang Daoling was astounded that he claimed to know the Tao Te Ching’s 5,000 mantras in a subtle way. It was only after he realized this that he created a number of runes, Dan, and Yun Zhuan, and the Taoist priest led the magical powers. Out of this, he was unexpectedly exposed by people who taught his ancestors to cast spells!
The third volume The road is long Chapter 252 Guanyin
Silver Angle showed his figure to stand half laugh wildly "you this spell is from the tao te ching? When it comes to reading classics, you are far behind me. Haha! "
When Mu Dexing saw that the demon was rampant, he forgot not to be taboo and shouted, "Don’t talk wildly!" When his sleeve robe shook, a blue silk appeared, and I don’t know if it was made of material, and it wound around the silver corner.
Silver horn frowned, but he couldn’t see through it, so he stepped aside. I didn’t know that this moss was like having eyes and chasing after silver horn. Silver horn would be entangled if he avoided seeing it several times.
Everyone’s face is lit up. If you can catch the silver horn, you can save Shui Dexing from it.
At this time, I heard an old voice in the distance slowly saying, "Who dares to bully my son?"
A joy in Wu’s heart turned out to be the Kyubi no Youko fox. This time it’s really interesting to watch!