Seconds pass by.

There are fewer and fewer dead people beside Yan Nanfei.
Because they really became dead.
Until ten people and nine people … Four people, three people, two people, one million soldiers of Yan Empire, and one Yan Nanfei!
Yan Nanfei stabbed an enemy soldier with a sword.
He knelt down with a sword on his knees.
At that moment, the rose sword broke.
At that moment, Junze Jade turned around and couldn’t bear to see it.
At that moment, the great grandfather of Dayan Empire fell dead in a sea of blood and did his last strength to shout angrily.
"Success or failure!"
At that moment, Yannan flew to the city of Julu!
"I remember you asked me what I thought of Yan Nanfei." Jun Zeyu remembered a question that was asked by the latter when he received Weiyang’s life.
Jun Zeyu was silent for a moment and said, "He is a lean man! It is difficult to meet a hero in the next hundred years! "
Chapter 17 Enemy city ()
At dusk, people quit the battlefield. The heavy snow around the clock did not interfere with the normal operation of heaven, and the night came as scheduled.
In the night, there is a beautiful image of a red robe approaching from a distance
Cher appeared outside Julu City.
When she took that hesitant step, she went from human to hell.
She saw a shocking number of murders.
Feet fuzzy, flesh and blood can’t tell whether it’s Dayan Armor or Seven-state Allied Forces.
She just walked.
She found the separated body of her brother Yan Nanfei’s body from the blood of the corpse mountain.
She heard the wandering souls of Dayan people wailing, and they all called Princess Chitose! The original unstable state collapsed with the state of mind at this moment and collapsed like a torrent of broken banks.
Cher fix state kept falling.
Until finally she vomited and fell into a pool of blood.
Jun Zeyu Weiyangsheng and Su Xiaofan appeared.
Looking at the poor guy, Jun Ze Yu Nai sighed.
The world is famous for Princess Ning Xue of Dayan Empire. It’s hard to survive in the world, and it’s even more popular. It’s said that it’s compared by Jiange’s brother with the feat of taking charge of the pavilion and herding people to sit in Yun Jian City while watching the mountains.
But who knows how much this stupid person behind Qiqi has paid?