At this time, the three religions have not given birth to anything nasty, but they are also quite close.

Guangcheng smell speech nodded and some sighs in my heart.
Is much treasure road flyover looked at LingQing behind carrying over xianjian is constantly absorbing the battlefield pitfalls.
Eyes off a flash but also didn’t say much.
He doesn’t have the memory of Yu Lingqing and others. I wonder if he can refine the master’s secret treasure-Zhu Xianjian?
Chapter nine hundred and thirty-four Flooded armed forces
Don’t Xuan mage and others wait and see, and there are some tight in Lingqing array.
Although he is as powerful as a fairy, he is not after all.
I can’t help being besieged by several people with the same realm, but also protect the falling rock tribe behind me.
With a loud cry, Lingqing flung his whip at Li Li.
After Li Li got the message, Ling spluttered five notes.
Before the rumble, five towering peaks rose to divide the war.
This mountain is not an ordinary peak, but the true shape of the five mountains shaped by Li Li’s mountain whip.
Li Li, the commander of five mountain peaks, kept wandering around the rockfall tribe to cover the left and right wings of the rockfall tribe and the rear army.
Lingqing will attack the Nine-headed Green Lion by hiding from behind, and pick up the mixed-yuan banner from behind, and then shake it and roll it into a banner gun.
With a shake, Lingling threw an enemy to fly a green lion.
Hand royal spirit whip a jilt bang will hit the ground.
Although the transformation has not transformed ordinary animals, it has changed the middle whip.
Feeling strange, the man quickly rolled on the spot to escape from it.
The whip and spear array in the hands of Ling Qing riding a green lion will be divided and the enemy will kill the ground.
There are advances and retreats when rushing into the array
Even if the rockfall tribe has gone deep into the enemy camp at this time and is attacked on three sides, it cannot retreat at all.
Can rush towards the edge of the front with an army of bears
Anyone who takes a step back will be attacked by both Xiong Guo and Jiu Li Guo.
Li Li drives the mountains of Wuyue Mountain to push Lingqing around and kill the enemies one by one.
Gradually, the two men led the falling rock tribe, and the army of Xiong Guo tore a hole.
The army of Jiuli behind him spontaneously tied the knot behind the two men.
The two heads form a growing cone to chisel the bear army.
Li Gan felt the change of the battlefield, and Chiyou Banner shook gently behind him.
The whole army is leaning to the two sides.
It’s not just two people here. Li took pains to select seventy-two leaders. None of them is a vegetarian.
The whole army of Jiuli plunged into the army of bears like seventy-two spikes.
The two armies are generally tightly engaged with each other as two gears that fit perfectly but are constantly changing.
"Xuanyuan children accept life!" Li greedy a big drink eating iron beast also let out a roar with a leap.
The whole battlefield was shocked by this almost overlapping two giant howls.
Consciousness turned to look.
I saw the flag flying behind me and the axe in my hand holding high like a mountain, spreading a large shadow to cover half the battlefield.
Opposite Ji Xuanyuan, not to be outdone, too. The big sword in the robe flying in the sky suddenly jumped up and jumped up.
"Defense! !”
See two people rushed together Lingqing and Li Li drink at the same time.
The consciousness of the soldiers of the rockfall tribe has shrunk into a ball
Li Li hurried to set up a barrier in front of the Wuyue Mountain, while Ling Qing waved his hand and flew out of Jiuchong Qingque firmly in all directions.
Boom ! !
A powerful impact hit and flattened the peak by thousands of feet.
Nine green que also creaked back.
Squeeze the green awn like a solidified jade.
"This is the real strength of the fairy?" Lingqing felt a little ridiculous in her heart.
He has his own immortal strength.
But I didn’t expect that the aftermath of the two fairy attacks was so strong that I almost tried my best.
It’s just the aftermath of the battle. Lingqing looks around and seventy-two leaders protect him.
Except for some unlucky people, the Jiuli army is almost intact.
On the other hand, there is another long winged dragon that will blow to the aftermath of the bear army.
Li greed and Ji Xuanyuan also consciously control the combat effectiveness and fight together.
Although it’s a little windy, it’s enough to temporarily resist Li’s greed
"Not the kui is a meritorious military service called Emperor Ren Huang." Li Li sighed and waved the whip in his hand to urge the five mountains again
At the same time, five spiritual beads flew out and fell into the five mountains, which was like a beautiful jade carving.
Lingqing agreed to nod and fight with Xiong Dajun again.
Not only is Li greedy and Ji Xuanyuan fighting together.