You know, in those days, a group of swire immortals were willing to serve the Emperor, which was not because of the Emperor’s title. Seven of them were because the former Emperor was generous and tolerant, and three of them were because the former Emperor had strong strength, but he didn’t have the strength to come and go.

You said that you are the new emperor of heaven today, and we believe that you, a group of ancient Jin Xian, have the same heart with each other, but a few breathing things have already been discussed, and now it is explained by the real person of Qiqiao.
But if you want me to wait for you, you can’t serve you because it’s very simple, because it’s not the heavenly emperor in our hearts, and we don’t need to serve you because the real person of Qiqiao speaks very fast, but judging from his expression, although his words are not pleasant to hear, they seem to have room for change.
If you want to test the minds of Emperor Li Yueling, you can’t listen to the deep meaning in the words. Worse, he didn’t intend to convince a group of ancient immortals to serve themselves with his own words.
Maybe you will change your mind soon because of this. I don’t know when Li Yueling has removed the forbidden law around everyone and turned his attention to the ghost of buddha magic, who was fighting hard
Chapter three hundred and sixty-six A show emperor wei 2
At the moment, buddha magic’s Ghosts have been fighting each other. One is the immortal body of Asura, who has cultivated the supernatural power of hades, and the other is the mysterious means of combining Buddhism and magic.
When it’s really close, it’s obvious that it’s not easy for them to decide whether to win or lose in a short time.
Whether these two demons are killed or not is calculated in Li Yueling’s heart. Mo smells that he turned to the dragon and three demons behind him and sank. Then he recalled kunlun mirror to the emperor to capture buddha magic’s ghost in one fell swoop.
How dare the Dragon and the Three Demons not nod their heads? At the same time, the three guys murmured together, and it was instantaneous that they saw a bright white light flying from a distance. What else could kunlun mirror be?
Took the Tianlong Sanyao respectfully handed it to kunlun mirror Li Yueling, and the smile was even more brilliant. To be honest, it was very difficult for him to destroy buddha magic’s ghost on his own. These two strengths were not in Erlang Shenjun’s devil.
However, if kunlun mirror from Swire Lingbao helps them, they will be trapped. It’s up to Li Yueling to seize the opportunity.
Kunlun mirror is now a group of Taigu Jinxian, and it is also a great surprise. After all, they are all from that generation. The immortals know a lot about Taigu congenital Lingbao. Although kunlun mirror is weaker in power or order than Qiqiao real-life Taiji, he is much better in reality.
Who let Tai Chi map sacrifice consume too much power? And it requires extremely high strength of Shi Baoxiu. Otherwise, in that year, the seven clever real people would not have hidden such a bullish magic weapon to the extreme.
I can’t believe that a small Tai Chi fairy star actually hides two ancient congenital treasures, and it is on the same day that it seems that the pavilion just said that the chaotic magic bullet will be true, and the real person saw the eye of Li Yueling’s palm, which is quaint and chic, kunlun mirror.
Meaningful way
Smelling this, Li Yueling seems to have grasped some knife-shaped eyebrows, saying that the world of ancient congenital Lingbao is also a chaos.
As early as Archaean times, there were 10 pieces of Archaean innate Lingbao, which were not earth-shattering objects, and then came with the evolution of Archaean times.
These ten innate spiritual treasures gradually disappeared and scattered all over the world, hence the name.
The Tai Chi map in my hand was also found in the human world on the eve of the Fairy-Magic War, but Lingbao chose the master, but I finally got the essence of it, otherwise it would not be so simple to ban more than 100,000 demon soldiers and magic generals today.
Tai Chi map includes everything in the world, but now you can see that the power of Tai Chi map is just its skin, and when people in the future show it, they will choose the Lord to follow it.
The ancient innate treasure is different from everything, and there will always be a catastrophe in all worlds.
Kunlun mirror also believes that the other 16 pieces of Swire Innate Lingbao will be robbed by chaos once in HarmonyOS I.
And the price of surviving that disaster was that Pangu Emperor gave his life to die. This time, you just said that the chaos and the devil will come again. I really don’t know what kind of situation will happen in the world, let alone the purple mansion world. Even the nine underworld worlds will not be a disaster.
This time, it’s not unreasonable for you to call me as the new Emperor.
But we also need to see your true story. After all, it’s not destiny. Even when I became the Emperor of Heaven, I didn’t have a name at all. How can I wait for a letter?
I don’t know whether kunlun mirror chose my Lord or not, but I am sure that kunlun mirror can help buddha magic’s ghosts to escape from the palm of the emperor’s hand.
If I succeed, I wonder if I can win the trust of you by this.
Seven Qiao real people didn’t answer immediately, but a group of Taikoo Jin Xian gave a look as if they were reaching a consensus.
It took about a long time for the seven clever real people to turn their attention to Li Yueling’s earnest words. If he can live in the ghosts of buddha magic at one stroke, it will be enough to prove that the pavilion has the body and the emperor, but it should be the strength to add the cabinet strategy to provoke them to fight against each other in life and death. It also proves that the pavilion is resourceful and resourceful, and that Fang Tiandi has both wisdom and courage. At that time, I will be willing to honor the cabinet master and serve him to the death to report to the former emperor for his kindness.
Well, it’s a deal. At this moment, I finally got a positive reply from all the immortals in Taikoo. Li Yueling said with great heroism that I am the Emperor of Heaven.
Listening carefully to the words of the real person of Qiqiao, Li Yueling has never relaxed to spy on buddha magic’s ghost war situation, and his knowledge eventually drifted away in their war circle, and he observed the situation clearly.
At this moment, Li Yueling has already stepped up and stepped on the colorful fairy clouds holding high kunlun mirror to fly directly to the second show, and the Yuan God’s true body is fighting in the war circle.
One is Asura’s immortal body, and the other is buddha magic’s double cultivation. It’s impossible to kill them both, and to tell the truth, it’s a pity that Li Yueling didn’t show Yuan Shen’s true colors at the first time. A fairy cloud was flying on his feet at a very strange speed track, that is, it had already broken into the two-phase war circle and had not been found by buddha magic ghosts.
After all, Li Yueling, who knows many magical powers and occult methods, is far better than the two of them.
In fact, Li Yueling finally decided that kunlun mirror’s enemy was one of the biggest reasons besides his former thoughts, because he wanted to absorb buddha magic’s ghosts. After all, there was such a terrible guy. It was not really a wave, and the two of them could not talk about a big rape and a big hooligan. Both of them can be regarded as good people.
Especially the ghost holy king, his experience is quite sympathetic. Li Yueling also stayed behind to attract him in the future.
Think about it. If you can kill two spirits in the future, they will be a great help in the near future when chaos comes.
You know, Li Yueling is not the kind of person who is very meaningful and touching. He also has a certain aversion to calling people kings. It is good to manage whether he used to be a devil or a monster, an enemy or an enemy. Even if the other party used to be heinous, it is worth forgiving if he wants to change his life or is willing to really work for him.
It is also because of Li Yueling’s alternative way of thinking that in the future, buddha magic’s ghosts have both proved the opportunity of the world’s same age and harmony.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-seven A show emperor wei three
At this moment, buddha magic’s ghosts are all fighting for real fire, and it’s really shaking. Both the sun and the moon are out of phase and both of them are physically tough. In addition to offering sacrifices to each other and attacking each other, hand-to-hand combat scenes also occur from time to time, which directly leads to the consumption of the two of them to an alarming extent.