"I know we saw it here through the road monitor department."

At the other end, Director Lin Shenhe also responded to Wang Lei with a serious face. When he spoke, his eyes did not focus on the video from Wang Lei in the building, but turned to another computer in the office. The explosion happened half a minute ago and was captured by the five "multi-line" images by the road camera.
The slow-motion playback picture shows that the five people made a protective reaction in the gap of about three seconds before the explosion.
The tallest man in the lens suddenly swelled by a third and became taller and rougher.
And the slender woman suddenly had something similar to a magic wand in an online game in her hand, and then the camera caught the explosion and produced an instant. These five people suddenly had a light green mask visible to the naked eye.
Then the dust and fire from the explosion covered up everything, and all five people went missing after the explosion.
Although it was a short shot of less than half a second, the picture was taken by a high-speed camera and then slowly played frame by frame, which clearly told the official that there was a "superhuman" in the west sea city just as the Americans had just warned.
Lin Shenhe, with a special message, heard the news from the microphone as shocking as the picture he saw with his eyes.
"The line is broken, director Lin! My eyes see not only these people around me … "
Wang Lei walked to the outer door of the letter building with his mobile phone while talking, and then used a big column as a shelter. First, he looked up to see if the ceiling was installed with ceiling decorations that might "accidentally loosen", and then he turned his head back to the street and glanced around quickly.
"The people I see with my eyes are all broken except those who are" seriously injured "and those who look intact or slightly injured!"
"Are they all broken?"
At the other end of the phone, Lin Shenhe made a cold war.
He said calmly, "How many people do you estimate?"
When he said this, Lin Shenhe turned his eyes to another dedicated line in the room, where all the people here are talking through the dedicated line to Zhongnanhai, where the "big bosses" are also paying attention to what happened here. It is very likely that the top leaders of the United States and France are also paying attention to it simultaneously.
"All the people who can walk freely don’t look badly hurt …"
Wang Leibian said, "watching" it again. Suddenly, his ears heard the head board crack slightly. For Wang Lei, it was like hearing a starting gun. His legs muscles suddenly collapsed on his toes, and his body jumped to the right for half a meter.
"Pa" a loud noise, a ceiling lamp fell from the ceiling because of "loose screws", wiping the body and hitting Wang Lei’s feet heavily.
This loud noise startled Lin Shenhe across the street. Fortunately, he saw Wang Lei’s safety from the surveillance screen.
"Call me, I finally escaped from the robbery today."
On the phone, Wang Lei heaved a sigh of relief, and then he pulled the topic back to its original position. "People who were seriously injured in the car on the road were all well, but those who looked’ close to unscathed’ and’ lucky’ were cut off! The specific number I saw alone exceeded one hundred … "
Wang Lei said, looking at Bai Yan Bai Ye with regret in the letter building. He had a good impression on Bai Yan, but this beautiful policewoman’s body line is now broken like her cousin.
Chapter 1 Evacuation
The road stinks, except for the dead and the injured, the most is that human beings "make" and "yellow and white things" emit "fragrance"
The source of the explosion was the septic tank with five mysterious superhuman feet, which accumulated a lot of biogas over time, and then exploded "I don’t know". After the explosion, the chain reaction caused the pipeline connecting 300 meters to detonate together.
The police who came from nearby blocked both sides of the street, while the medical staff were busy treating the wounded. Some police officers who received orders from the higher authorities, Wang Lei "identified" the bystanders or wanted to leave the "disconnected" and then took them away in the name of "assisting in the investigation"
Including Wang Lei’s "recognition" in nearby shops, plus a policeman and Bai Ye Bai Yan sisters, together with Wang Lei’s own statistics, the total number of "disconnected people" reached more than 113.
With so many people who are about to die by accident, the "disconnection" knows that the director of Qinglin Shenhe is also suffering from a terrible headache. However, in this extraordinary period, his mind is not about the more than 100 disconnection, but about killing the five mysterious "superhuman" as soon as possible.
Just now, from the United States and France, the intelligence table shows that all disasters are caused by these mysterious superhuman beings. If they don’t die, their central disasters will continue to happen. The previous septic tank and sewage pipe explosions were just "the weakest" and "stomach dishes"
Head there is an emergency evacuation of the city. Although the evacuation order has not yet arrived, the "pre-evacuation" preparation order has been reached to the troops around Xihai City. At this time, the troops have received instructions to raise the battle level to the first level of combat readiness.
The five mysterious haunters officials have now temporarily named them "The Unidentified Five" and have instructed them to find out their traces at all costs.
In the previous shocking explosion, the five people disappeared in the dust and smoke produced by the explosion, but they were not completely out of official control. Xihai is a developed coastal provincial capital city, and cameras were installed at almost all intersections and streets. Although the "Unidentified Five" was temporarily out of official sight due to the dust produced by the explosion, it was recaptured in less than a minute by installing cameras in other directions-about one kilometer away from the explosion site.
It is obviously not possible for human beings on this planet to "transfer" the situation of vehicles to thousands of meters in less than one minute. This discovery has completely eliminated the remaining doubts about the intelligence of the United States and France
Shortly after the EMP impact, the police rushed to the scene, where they found the bodies of three murdered policemen. With the hint in the "Prophet" painting and Wang Lei’s eyes to see the "line", the officials easily locked the murderer into the mysterious five people and marked them as "extremely dangerous" because of their "criminal suspicion"
However, the official surveillance of the five people lasted less than two minutes. After leaving the scene of the explosion, the five people pretended to be "ordinary people" and walked for a while. After they felt that they were under surveillance, they installed cameras around them, and the mysterious forces broke down one after another.
Losing control of the whereabouts of these five people makes the layer more nervous and vigilant.
Half an hour after the explosion, several big leaders joined hands to send instructions to Lin Shenhe that he could directly mobilize national resources to participate in the suppression of this mysterious five-person operation. At the same time, a military figure was sent to assist Lin Shenhe, mainly responsible for coordinating the joint operation of the ninth army.
Since the first EMP disaster in the first year, not only foreign countries, but also China has become "restless", and all kinds of strange "supernatural" events or "unspeakable" and "mysterious events" have occurred from time to time in various places, causing considerable damage and casualties.
The "ninth place" responsible for dealing with these things is that this background has been constantly increased, and the budget has been strengthened, and the strength has been expanded. It is an expert in this field to cover up these events to the public. The official has even spared no effort to set up a special column called "Approaching Science" to explain the "materialistic science" in paranormal.
And the actual truth is clear to a few people.
Director Lin Shenhe is not the only one with a headache.
Two and a half hours after the EMP shock, the leaders of Xihai Municipal Party Committee received instructions from the level to organize the evacuation of the city, and an hour before that, the traffic police department had blocked all the traffic arteries entering Xihai City according to the level instructions.
At this time, there is no need for instructions from the top level. One year after the EMP impact, the residents of the United States and France have spontaneously evacuated. Nowadays, the roads leading to the outside of the city are crowded with cars, and the rumor that "an EMP impact is about to erupt in Xihai City" is not only known all over the city, but even the country and the world.
After receiving the grade instruction, it used to be a two-way street to facilitate evacuation, but it turned into a one-way street to allow leaving the city. It was still very crowded, and the exit passage was much smoother because of this instruction.
A common pigeon is flying in Xihai City. You can clearly see the ground through the pigeon’s eyes. The official organization forms a long queue of mixed colors and rushes out of the city.
Pigeons flew around the city, lowered their height and flew to a local villa in Chiba, a mid-level mountain, to continue circling.