It’s pleasing to the eye to see this beast from afar. "You little beast are quite interesting. Why don’t you call you Xiao San Ru?"

Small beast strange noise that the snake head suddenly spit out the letter and suddenly laughed. When the fish head suddenly attacked, it bit the finger suddenly and painfully. Ouch, a whole hand suddenly withdrew.
The little beast suddenly fell to the ground, covered in dust, but still turned and looked at the land.
At the same time, the erythema on the mouth of the fish head is faintly visible, which should be contaminated and landed from the blood.
When Lu Li andao relaxed himself, the three-headed monster flashed all kinds of extraordinary splendour all over the body, and then a wonderful couplet was formed from Lu Li this beast.
A drag on one’s finger from Lu Li unconsciously realized that this beast had produced a trace of telepathy, and it no longer rejected waving gently. The little beast actually looked very clever and returned to Lu Li’s palm again, but curled up his head again for fear of punishment from Lu Li.
Meditation for a long time, I can’t think of a good name, such as calling this little beast. I think about it for a while and finally get the way. "Thinking about it in vain. Since you are a master of illusion, it is better to ask you to change your name until you grow up in the future."
The low-pitched illusion beast seems to be quite happy. The three heads swing repeatedly. It seems that they are very satisfied with this master. In general, many animals will cultivate spiritual beasts or mounts with the cultivation of powerful masters.
Now this cub has recognized that it has great potential for growth, and it is a big bargain to be away from home.
The magic beast Lin and his party came to this end and killed a black guard. The magic beast was also a communication between glad you came and the magic beast. It was learned that there was a practitioner who broke through the snakes and came to the end of the magic beast Lin, but he was stunned by the illusion.
But Lu Li has a strong mental strength to see through the illusion and break the fog, which makes the magic beast minister
Just one person and one beast passed by the snake body on the way back. The magic beast was so scared that it didn’t move, especially when the snake head shrank more than two heads and dared not show it. It was smiling and laughing.
It’s not fierce to look at the phantom beast in the palm of your hand, but it’s not convenient to wander from the palm of your hand. It’s also quite easy for the phantom beast to shrink its body again and fall off its shoulders with a slight leap.
This beast is a combination of beast, feather and water, and can master the illusion of cloth, which makes people have a lot of illusions and strangeness, which is better than the ordinary monster beast’s illusion
The magic beast Lin and his party ended their aloofness, then buried the body of the black guard and returned to the ancient city. The magic beast was also strange and unexpectedly turned into a bluebird jumping around from the shoulder to attract the attention of people from all walks of life.
When you return to the ancient city, you will get up and hurry. Once a passer-by passes by, he will walk slowly and slowly. It is also very low-key to attract the attention of his practitioners. If you attract more black guards, the consequences will be unimaginable.
Looking up at the sky and looking back, I recall my own cultivation of immortality, and I have an indescribable feeling in my heart.
When he was five years old, he left Lu Yao and often went in and out of Heron Mountain, where ghosts and spirits accompanied him. Many aura constantly transformed his physique, and he shaped an excellent foundation imperceptibly.
Every full moon and night, a large number of yuehua forces are absorbed, which makes Lu Li’s strength continuously enhanced. Although she has not cultivated immortality, she is ready for everything.
When I was 12 years old, I left home for a long trip, and I met the Buddha who stayed at home and joined Taikoo Gate.
It is also the first person to become the peak of Cuixuanfeng in one fell swoop at the three-year investigation meeting of Cuixuanfeng.
In another year, Luo Xuanshan’s technical meeting, the ancestors of the secluded cliffs suddenly descended and attacked the land, and their fellow brothers joined forces to resist the enemy. In the end, they fell into the world of mortals.
Now Lu Li is sixteen years old, but after several wars, her views on many things have changed greatly.
It is getting closer and closer to the ancient city when the magic beast returns to the inn.
I wonder if the fairy has ever had a reunion with her parents?
Has Xiangyun made any progress in repairing now?
Is everything all right with the person who accompanied him at first in the bamboo house?
The binocular micro-closure and land-separation techniques are operated one by one, and then the true element is adjusted to an excellent state to practice and reverse the heart meridian again.
It is not difficult to cultivate from the realm of the practitioner to the realm of gathering spirits. The difficulty is the realm of Yuan Ying.
Reversing the Heart Sutra and practicing this method is the first difficulty for Yuan Ying and the second difficulty for Du Jie.
Those who cultivate immortals break through Yuan Ying from gathering spirits need to be spiritualized, and Yuan Ying will eventually form Yuan Ying to absorb the aura of heaven and earth at twice the speed.
Chapter sixty-five Mysterious shadows
However, the practice of reversing the heart meridian will produce corresponding restraint to prevent the formation of Yuan Ying, which will even stifle the body and make the practitioner die with him.
The corresponding solution is that the Chinese characters in the cultivation method are not
In Du Jie, it is unclear for the time being. According to his judgment, it belongs to the realm of immortals. At present, the understanding of cultivating immortals is limited to the triple return of immortals to immortals, frosting and xuanzhen.
Every division of immortals is also a little known. After all, there is still a hurdle for immortals.
The pursuit of cultivation speed is far away, and the fate of Yuan Ying will come sooner or later.
At that time, it’s best if you think of a way to deal with it, otherwise, soldiers will come to force the Yuan Ying card.
If you don’t accumulate a thousand miles, you won’t accumulate a small stream.
Cultivating immortals is also based on this principle, and I feel that every step of heaven is natural, and finally absorbs the aura of heaven and earth, and can move mountains and fill the sea in the meridians to pursue immortality.
Lu Li’s meridians and veins are now quite tough after being refined and shaped, and his endurance is about three times that of ordinary monks, which means that his body can accept three times his own strength.
Lonely is easy to break, but hard to destroy!
If several people join hands, they can succeed immediately. Now, the skill of uniting and reversing the Heart Sutra can triple, which is equivalent to the joint efforts of three refiners.
Practice at midnight, open your eyes and shake your head slightly.
It will take him half a year to get from refining to gathering spirit.
The reason is that the method of reversing the heart meridian is complicated, which requires not only the change of the running route of the true element, but also the different ways of absorbing aura.
The short-lived fashion has no purpose, and the five elements can barely be reversed. He can’t master the reversal of yin and yang, the reversal of reality, and even the reversal of the realm of the heart.
My mind turned sharply and I thought that it was a full moon night, so I light the door and my body floated like a shadow and soon came to the roof of the inn.
Looking at the moon and homesick, poets have broken their hearts since ancient times
Looking at the full moon in the sky, I sighed with emotion, "The full moon people are not reunited."
Sighing and falling, I suddenly realized that a surging force surged in my body, which was exactly what I felt in the past, absorbing the moonlight force.
The evening breeze gently blows the full moon west building.
At the top of the Lulisuo Inn is a small building, which has a unique view of the ancient city.
After all, although the night is shrouded in darkness, it does not matter to some monks.
Absorbing a certain amount of moonlight force is a special way to transform moonlight force into its own strength, but it is limited and cannot be relied on.
Just from the distance, a strange shadow suddenly jumped out of a person’s home and fled to the city gate.
Lu Li’s expression Zheng, the shadow is quite fast and with a thick eerie atmosphere, even the magic beast growls at two pairs of that atmosphere, which is quite repulsive.
Lu Li was surprised not by the speed or breath of the shadow, but by the fact that there was a child in the shadow’s hand.
The child is one or two years older, struggling physically, but unable to make a sound. It seems to be isolated by the shadow in some way and is fleeing towards the gate.
Lu Li was very angry at this kind of behavior. Suddenly, the real element was running lightly, and the tiles jumped vertically and horizontally on the roofs of houses by force, watching the shadow action and releasing a detection wave to lock the shadow breath.
After a pause, the black shadow suddenly looked back at the opposite landing, but it was a surprise again.