"yes! !”

The ninja should disappear with a black line.
Orochimaru felt that the body was being digested by him, and the ghost force in his heart andao "Is this the Chinese saying that it is a snake?"
Sure enough, it is more powerful than the serpent. When I integrate all the ghosts and gods into the middle, I will be able to turn into a snake that devours the world. "
Orochimaru assigned the ninja name root when he got all the ghosts and gods from the ninja.
A young man in a brocade robe appeared in front of him and threw a bag at him, saying, "This is a time to accumulate ghosts and gods."
Root beat the bag and saw that it was full of runes shining with divine light.
He also threw an identical bag in the past, which contained ghosts and gods.
These two bags are for each other to exchange ghosts and gods and ghosts.
The young man took it and left without looking at his figure.
Root quickly shouted, "Wait!"
The sound is hoarse and dumb, like I haven’t spoken for a long time.
The young man turned around and asked, "Anything else?"
"My adult hopes to change that kind of rune reward bag more often."
"Wait" youth said, turn around and disappear.
When he appeared again, he raised his hand and threw a pile of runes, which he quickly took.
After checking it, it was exactly the same as the second time he saw it, so he nodded and put it away.
When I looked up again, the young man was gone.
He is not surprised that he has seen this kind of shadowy behavior more than once.
That’s why he deal honestly.
Previously, there was a man who wanted to win more benefits from orochimaru, and not only did he lose his things, he didn’t say anything.
It was also solved by orochimaru’s adult himself and sent by him as a gift.
The largest mountain in Fuyue, Dongying is also a poisonous volcano linked to the underground.
There are nine tall green gates at the mountain pass full of snow.
There seems to be a hidden world in the imperial palace.
Qing Di Jiuchongque is not just a Jiuchongmen.
In other words, it is really a rare treasure after being refined for 11 million times.
However, this alone is not the magic weapon of the Jade Canon of Qing Emperor.
Jade Code of the Green Emperor, also known as Jade Code of the Nine Spirits Living in the Green Emperor.
There are nine in the Nine Ques, and one emperor in Qing Di prepares a door. Nine emperors bow to the Central Green Emperor, which is really a great gentleman.
Jiuque Central Qinghuang Tiandao Palace is Qing Di Jiuchong Quegen.
So when the nine doors are sacrificed and refined, it is necessary to sacrifice and refine a Taoist palace at the center.
He has already got it when he came to this practice.
At the beginning, it was he who brought out the cave of Lingfu and attached it to Qingque.
He also thought about whether or not to refine a paradise that has been blessed.
But after several attempts, it was just that.
The outside world is always good without a body.
Therefore, after he died, he was bent on offering sacrifices to refine the nine-fold green que and accumulating monarch.
Until now
Jiuchong Qingque has already sacrificed enough time. This time, I learned from Xu Fu that the root method of controlling a sub-world is the same.
He thought about either simply refining this sub-world into the nine-fold blue que.
After controlling all the sources, it will break the heavy heaven and earth in Jiuchong Qingque.
Those who can move the earth by themselves are called immortals, but they are called immortals because they are the ultimate among people.
By inspiring the earth’s fertility, we can exercise ourselves and understand the world at the same time.
When you can lead the universe by your own God, it is convenient to be called a fairy.
The leader is still the sky, so it is called the fairy.
Participate in one place, and gradually the world will be dominated by God.
A person who can jump out of the three realms and break away from the five elements when he can do whatever he wants is called a fairy.
Therefore, it is not difficult for a fairy to succeed. It is only necessary to have the qualification to break through the limit
The fairy is a little difficult, but if you can control a rule, it can come naturally.
Only this fairy difficulty meter
Controlling a rule can be called a fairy, and controlling a world rule can also be called a fairy.
It is conceivable that there is a big gap.
Of course, the world is different, and the fairy peak is also very different.
Lingqing had killed twelve resident Baoguang Wang Zun, which was also equivalent to the peak of the fairy.
But compared with their Xu Fu, one is heaven and the other is earth.